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  1. Those are really cute towels. I like making towel toppers and gifting the towels. Thanks for sharing yours and your patterns.
  2. Hi Ladies, I won't be missing them water pills again until we go home. I can't take them and travel. Coming down was okay. I did talk to the doctor about that. Thanks for caring!!
  3. Hi Ladies, Joanne, Congratulations to DD on her success! Those babies sure do melt our hearts. We had very strong winds here yesterday (50mph). Cindy, How nice your family surprised you with a family birthday party. My mom gave it away when my kids wanted to surprise me for my 50th birthday. She said my son wanted one of my friends addresses. I saved the link to the afghan. Not sure if it will get made but it sure make a nice take along project. Mary, Glad DD is still getting better everyday. It takes us a while to bounce back to ourselves. A lot of people down here have been sick too. One said the doctor told her this year is the worse she has seen in 10 years. I'm hoping I don't get it. Judy, Not sure will end seeing Patriot Day at the movies or not. He hurt himself last week and it took him 3 days to finally go to urgent care. He was putting the skirting up on the trailer and some how lifted his arm and hit it on a steel bar (a piece of the frame ?). The doctor at urgent care couldn't believe it took him 3 days to come in (the Dr. was a male). He could barely lift his arm, but it was bruised really bad. LeeAnn, Yes we did the trailer moved. We will probably order the carport (it will cover the trailer) this week. It takes 2-4 weeks for them to come and set it up. It was a busy week last week. We had prepping to do for a breakfast burritos on friday. It was an all day job. We chopped and cook, onions, and sausage then we them up into bags that will do a pan that will make 12 burritos. Saturday we had the bake/garage sale. We sold almost 700 burritos. We made over 600.00 after expenses. The garage sale did over 600.00. All that money will go to the veterans and local 100 club. It was two long days for me. I slept 10 saturday night. Not taking my water pill for 2 days I was miserable yesterday. Last night I took a water pill after the ice cream social. Surprisingly it didn't keep me up, but I did stay up later than usual. I took off 8 1/2 pounds of fluid since yesterday morning. Hubby broke a tooth (a crown) so we are going to the VA early tomorrow morning. Then to Sam's Club to buy a battery for are golf cart. Almost $50.00 cheaper than the golf cart stores. We already replace one since we've been here. I've been crocheting on 2 different ponchos. I made the neckline of one and wasn't sure if it was big enough for Maya or not so I am making two of the same. One for Maya and Jocelyn I hope. My brother had some good news last week when he went to his lung doctor. He was told his lungs are getting better. He hasn't had any news like that ever. I hope everyone has a good week!
  4. Hi Ladies, Mary, My hubby likes the shirmp from down here the best of all, along with catfish. I don't care for either. We do have friends in here who share there fish with lots of people in the park. Glad to hear Sarah is doing better. Sorry to hear about your fire and hubby breaking his glasses. Cindy, I seen your beautiful sunset picture. I am wanting to try quilting. My MIL would like a light one so I'm thinking of making one for her. LeeAnn, We did get the trailer moved. A friend came with his truck and pulled it forward and moved it over a little bit and backed it right in. It went very smoothly and quickly. Joanne, Your blanket is beautiful! Have a nice visit with DD and Jali. Judy, DH wants to go see Patriot Day also. I have lots of cleaning to do when we get here. We set off a bomb when we leave and we have someone set one off when we are on are way here. That residue needs to be washed up. I use to have to wash all the dishes and silverware, but I found out some people put there dishes in garbage bags and storage bags for the silverware. Boy does that save a lot of work. There really is very little dust amazingly. Last year I put are clothes in these huge ziplock bags and they stayed fresh. Last week we had a silent auction and took in just over 1,000.00. We are donating that to are local men dressed in blue. They have a 100 club that it is going to. They will use it to help with purchases they need that they don't get enough money from the government. Every month we are going to be doing fundraising for a different local charity. We are doing an on going one for the local pet shelter. Two of the ladies have each made a quilt and are raffling them off. We had a hot pork sandwich lunch last friday. Boy was that good! It just melts in your mouth. This week we will be having a garage sale/bake sale/burrito sale. It will be two days for the kitchen. We make all the fixins up for the burritos and then we portion them out into bags to make so many, then we roll them up. I'm going to be whipped. I still tire easily. I just sit at the silent auction for the day, other than getting up and walking around and by the end of it I was wore out. Sunday will be a day of rest. Maya's daddy sent me to different videos. One of Gerimiah from birth up to last weekend and one of Maya from the last 5 years. It made me miss Gerimiah even more and I cried over Maya's. How much she has grown up and changed in 5 years is amazing. I started a poncho for Maya and I will make one for Jocelyn just like it. We are suppose to have rain here all week. The temps have been in the 70's except for three days. Loving this winter weather! I hope everyone has a good week.
  5. Hi Ladies, LeeAnn, Congrats to your DD on getting her driving permit. You are one busy lady! A foot of snow at once doesn't sound good. Judy, Your purple granny afghan is lovely. Is it for anyone in particular? I will be making Maya a poncho. I sent her some pictures of ponchos and she picked one of them. Mary, I bet the boys loved playing in the snow. I use the alarm on my phone to remind me not to forget to take my pills. I also use the timer if I'm baking and will be out of the kitchen and may not here the microwave timer. How is Sarah doing? Cindy, Be careful out there on the roads. I seen somewhere on the internet this morning that www.attic24.typepad.com is having a cal. It's for an afghan and would be good for using up odd yarn. Joanne, Sorry the snow kept you and DH from joining your family. But it was probably the right choice. Did you decide on your next knitting project? Collette, Hi! What are you crocheting? Marisa, How fun of your mom to host you and your friends at her house for yarn night. Does your mom do crafts? I bet your parents are enjoying being so close to you and Steph as you guys are enjoying them being so close. Michelle, How are you doing? Did you get any of the snow from the storm that just blew through? The cable company came early and hooked up my internet (yesterday). I barely used it. Checked and deleted 300 emails from since we left home. Played around trying to get DH's playstation game set up. I had to change his password. I bought a new sewing machine since we got here. It's a brother sewing and quilting machine with an extended table. There is 7 ladies here that quilt. Two of them belong to a quilting guild down here. We are settled in as much as we can be. I do miss are shed. I am having to store the boxes in the trailer. I moved the chair out and put them there. We have to move are trailer about three feet and straighten it out. When Les put it in here he wasn't thinking about how far back it was and him being able to get through on the path between the two rows of trailers. Not sure when it will happen as he is very busy. Lots has to be before it can be moved. It sits up on blocks and is tied down. They all have to be taken down. Hubby doesn't really want to do it so we may hire it out. And are two drains have to unhooked. Then everything has to be redone. It will be lots of work. After this is done then we will order a cover/canopy for the trailer. I want it wide enough to have a patio under it. The cover is like those carports you see people use. Then hopefully we can decide on a shed. I seen a deer in the park the other night. I told someone about seeing it and was told they are a lot of them throughout the park. Someone across the park seen a buck during the day. Are neighbor has a fence around his flowers as the deer ate his flowers the year before. I told hubby were not planting any flowers this year. Maybe next year they will of moved on. They are clearing out some property across the street for a mobile home park. They are probably coming from there. Hope everyone has a great week!
  6. Hi Ladies, I came over to the sewing group and brought my computer with me. The girls have been working on a t-shirt quilt from our friend who passed away last spring from cancer. They were her cancer t-shirts. Her husband is giving it to there granddaughter for a wedding gift. She's getting married in the spring. Mary, Glad to hear things went well for Sarah after her surgery. It's cooling down here also. Judy, Both your gray throw and your granny square throw are lovely. Cindy, Happy Birthday to your DGS! Hi to everyone else in the house. Just a few more days until I get internet at my place. I hope everyone has a great week!
  7. Hi Ladies, we are at the clubhouse for a New Years Eve party so I connected to the internet. I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I won't have internet until the 10th. I'll be back when I can.
  8. Hi Ladies, we have stopped for the night in Blytheville, Arkansas. We started out with some fog and light rain. In Indiana the sun was shining. In Illinois we had rain off and on with light showers. We missed the storms. I had some anxiety through some big hills and some with deep drop offs. I knew I would and talked to the doctor about it. She said what I was describing is ptsd. A particular type. She said she could send me to someone to help me with it after we get back home. I'm going to do it. Hubby doesn't realize just how much the mountain ordeal effected me. No internet here so I'm on my phone. I'm off for the night. Take care and have a good week! It was 68 when we got here.
  9. Merry Christmas Everyone I hope everyone had a nice day. We are leaving in the morning. Should be at are Texas home wednesday or thursday. We will have rain tomorrow, but it is so much better than snow. If we have internet service I'll let you guys know where were at. It may be a few days before I get service at are place as we moved and no one had been living on that lot for two years so the service needs to be installed. Have a good week! I'll catch up later.
  10. Hi Ladies, Judy, Happy Belated Birthday Wishes! Sorry I missed it! Your day sounds like a great one. Enjoy your time with your friends. I had great news from the cardiac doctor today. He said I got a new heart for Christmas. I will be wearing a heart monitor for three weeks after I get to Texas. They want to be sure things are going like they are suppose to. Since I didn't know things were going on until I got hit hard with them the monitor will let them know. He said he will get daily reports and the company also. If anything is not right he will call me. If I don't hear from him then I can stop my blood thinner. DH didn't have as good of news as I did. He was suppose to have an injection in his back and the insurance didn't approve it. I was on the phone with both the insurance company and the pain clinic three different times. I rescheduled for this week, but it won't happen. The insurance company said they needed to talk to the doctor. They finally did but didn't agree according to the pain clinic. The pain clinic said the insurance companies have been denying people. I don't understand why he was denied because he was only there twice all year. I will be packing for Texas tomorrow for most of the day then we will go take Bob's mom out for dinner. We had 44 people for our Christmas dinner last sunday. I was whipped when I got home and I had lots of help. I may not be back until Christmas. Have a good rest of the week everyone and stay warm.
  11. Hi Ladies, Joanne, Glad your feeling better. Cindy, It's nice that you make yourself available for your mil. My mil loves it when we come and take her out to eat or just go have coffee. Bob's brother use to take her to coffee for many years everyday. But he got made at a couple of sisters and he is punishing his mom by rarely seeing her. She will be 92 in January. I will miss are times together one day when she is not here. Again yesterday she said she is not planning on being here much pass her birthday or she is hoping not to be. Her breathing is really bad and she won't get any oxygen to help her. Judy, Our daisy likes playing out in the snow. It surprises me as she don't like the cold. Mary, My siblings and mom just get together for Christmas dinner. We stopped gift buying many years ago. Are families is getting pretty large. I just counted up and we have 36 of us and have lost 3. LeeAnn, If you made those new ponytail hats and wore them to work I bet you would sell a bunch. Maybe after the holidays as you will still have several months for people to wear them. Marisa, Are things slowing down at your mom and dads? Maya and the baby started feeling better saturday. DD has a sore throat now though. We was coming home sunday but with up to 10" of snow predicted we stayed until tuesday as monday no one in Michigan had school. DD got at least 10" and we got about 8". We have more coming tonight. I've already had enough. My brother called me with some good news. He is going to see mine and DH's cardiac doctor. He goes in January. I had a dentist appt yesterday for my cleaning. I seen a different hygienist. I had to give her all the info with my heart. When I told her I had an ablation she asked by Dr. Rhine and I said yes and asked how did she know him. It turns out her DH has A-fib and is schedule in march for an ablation and so is his sister. We had lots to talk about. You would of thought we had been friends forever. DH was suppose to get another injection in his back, but the doctors office called and cancelled. The insurance has approved it. I called the insurance and doctors office each three times trying to get it fixed and couldn't. One blames the other one. I did reschedule for next thursday in hopes they will get it settled as next thursday we will go to DD's then leave for Texas the following monday. I hope everyone has a good rest of the week. Stay warm!
  12. Hi Ladies, Cindy, Glad your feeling better and DH also. Good idea to have the grandsons decorate the tree. Judy, Glad your finger is healing quickly. I worry about cutting myself also. Those were some nice pictures you shared of you Alyson. Mary, Gracie has to be happy to have some freedom. Good news that DH may not need the surgery. Sorry DD will need the surgery. A good support team will help her in so many ways. Burr, it's cold in Texas. LeeAnn, Congratulations on becoming a consultant! It sounds quite cold where you live. Hi Marisa and Joanne and anyone else reading this. DD and I got her lights up outside last weekend and her and Maya put the tree up. We ended up staying until tuesday morning. My brother called and asked me to take him to his cardiac doctor appt on wednesday and I didn't want to drive an hour or so three days in a row. I had a dentist appt for thursday morning and confirmed it, when DD called me wednesday afternoon. Gerimiah had a double ear infection, a cold in his eye and running a high fever, and the school called Maya wasn't feeling well. Her daddy left work, picked her up and took her home. DD took to the doctor and she has streaph throat. When it rains it pours. She needed us to come back and stay with the kids today. Yesterday was her day off. DD ended up taking Gerimiah to er on tuesday night with a fever of 103. They only live 10 minutes from the hospital and his fever climbed to 103.9. She had a doctor in practice come in and tell her not to worry about his fever until it reaches 108. She told him not so nicely to leave he didn't know what he was talking about. Motrin his is friend now. Due to the snow that was coming we went home and got more clothes and came back wednesday night. Glad I did! This morning when I cleaned the car off then parked it in the garage there was 4" of snow. The neighbor came and plowed the driveway. We could get a foot or more. I hope I will have time to pack for Texas. Clothes take the longest as I take for two seasons. I need to get some crocheting in. Working on two more horse scarves. Gerimiah is down for his third nap. Everyone be stay warm and be safe!
  13. Hi Ladies, Judy, Love those Christmas tree bookmarks. What a great gift-a show on broadway. Have a fun time! Mary, DS and the kids did come for the day for baby G's birthday. Congrats on your esty orders. LeeAnn, Baby G isn't walking yet. DD got him some plastic walking cow that plays music and it has a handle to hold on to help you learn to walk. I'll try and post a picture of it. The cowl is beautiful. No surprise that it sold. Cindy, Hope your feeling better. My bil smoked a turkey one year for Christmas dinner and it was really good. Marisa, How exciting to have your parents be so close now. My ex mil plays the piano. She is wonderful at it. She is self taught. Joanne, Glad you were able to have all three of your girls home for Thanksgiving and DH's birthday. Well things have been crazy since I was here last. DD, Maya and I all caught the 24 hour flu bug. Baby G didn't feel to well on his birthday either, but he is popping teeth in right now. He got two last week while we were there. I have since came down with a cold/sinus/cough crap again. I picked up my c-pack machine yesterday and used it last night. It will take some getting use to as I am such a light sleeper. I could hear the air going through the tube. I clocked in just under 5 1/2 hours. I couldn't wait to get it off this morning. Maya facetimed with me sunday night. She was working on her plastic canvas hearts she wants to do for Christmas gifts. She told me her work was to tight so I told her to undo it and start over. She did. She threaded her needle then told me she has a tip for me. Tie a knot in your yarn next to the needle and your yarn won't come out. Then she says I don't like needles and yarn. She had a super long piece of yarn she said was longer than her reach and it knotted. I told her to cut her yarn up by the needle and see if she could untie the knot, which she did. She was a happy weaver again. I also told her to not use much yarn. When she runs out leave a long enough piece and I will show her how to take care of it when I see her next. I'm so happy she likes crafting. Her mom never cared to do any. I got one of my horse scarves done and delivered yesterday. I just remembered I didn't take a picture of it. Two more to go. I'm going to go make some soup. I hope everyone has a great day!
  14. Hi Ladies, Judy, Love the coasters! Can't wait to see the Christmas trees. That poncho is a pretty. Your colors for the granny squares will be nice to. Maya has the poncho that a friend made for her mom. Of course it's to small for her now. She and I have been looking at patterns. The one a friend made her mom is done in granny squares. She liked the poncho you showed to. Decisions! I hope someone at the vet office or you let your vet you usually see know about the vet you had to deal with. She certainly isn't in the right profession. Joanne, You made a beautiful blanket. It will be cherished. Glad your brothers surgery went well. I hope his recovery goes as well. I'm with you on how we feel the difference between raising are kids and then the grandkids. But I compare now to ten years ago when Maya was a baby. LeeAnn, You certainly are the energizer bunny. Busy, busy, busy! Congratulations on the award! Wish you much success at your bazaar this weekend. Your shop sounds like a fun place to shop at. The poncho you made turned out great. It's beautiful! Mary, Glad to hear Gracie's surgery went well. How special that the boys school recognizes grandparents. Burr thirty degrees in Texas. Are highs will only be in the 40's next week. It was 66 on Thursday and 70 here at DD's yesterday. It's 33, snowing with a high of 37 today. Lucky for us we had such warm temps that the snow won't stick. Cindy, Glad your internet is up and running again. When we have had issues it's always been the modem. That's a cute bag pattern. The scarecrow sounds cute. And a mrs to go with it would be even cuter. My TEE was last Friday and my ablation was on Monday. Tomorrow is Gerimiah's first birthday. The year has really flown by fast. I was looking at the pictures on my phone a couple of days ago, how much he has grown. DD said since we would be here for his birthday and Thanksgiving Thursday we might as well stay all week. We would of had to come back on Tuesday anyways because Maya doesn't have school Wednesday and daycare is off Wednesday thru the rest of the week. Maya and I are going to a craft show when the guys get back. DD is working. I went Thursday and got a perm. I like it. I'm going to go get ready for the day. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  15. Hi Ladies, My procedure is done with. I was awake through most of it. I had the worse time ever them getting my iv started. The nurse couldn't do it, I asked for an iv nurse, she did it twice and it didn't work so she got another iv nurse. She did it with no problems. Talk about being stressed out. I have a bruise and swelling outling the area of one the spots the first iv nurse tried. My procedure took three hours. When I got to the surgery room there was 9 tv screens all showing something different when we got started. They gave me pain medicine a couple of times so for the most of it, it was pretty comfortable. I asked the doctor if I was going to feel like a different woman when this was over and he said your going to feel like a millon bucks. Right now I am to tired to tell. We got home about 5:15, I had hubby make me some soup. I ate and was in bed by 6:30. Hubby has an appt and I need to get ready so I will catch up later today or tomorrow.
  16. Hi Ladies, LeeAnn, We leave December 26th. I like being home for Christmas and being with the family. I grew up going to my grandparents and being with all my relatives. Maya is 10 and it won't be long that it matter to much if were not here for the holidays. We did go to Florida one year and wasn't home for Christmas and it was awful for me and DD. That was 13 years ago. Now that she has a family she says it's okay if we want to go to Texas early. That year her dad died so she needed her mom. Friends in Texas all facetime with there families back home so with technology now days you can almost be there. Hope your mom continues to improve daily. You are super busy! I hope you get some time for yourself real soon. Judy, The hats are super cute. I have a house that needs to be decluttered. Can't wait to see your poncho. Mary, Poor Gracie! Hope she heals quickly. Cindy, Glad you had such a nice vacation. That's a beautiful birch tree. Congratulations on being the new Bag Lady! I love mine! Marisa, I like french onion soup also. Your parents are so lucky to have you so close to be able to help with there new house. How fun! When I was working at the restaurant I had a customer that crocheted and she always gifted me with hanging towels. I love them! Can you share the link to the snowman towel holder? Joanne, I'm sure you have the blanket done in time for the shower. Have a fun weekend! Michelle, I hope all is well with you. It's been a very busy time since I was here last. I finally have dates for my procedures. I have the TEE on the 11th then on the 14th they will do the ablation. I can't wait to have this done and feel as good as everyone says I will. Hubby ended up going to the VA three different times in the last week. Only one was scheduled. He had an eye exam and will be getting new glasses. Then he woke up sunday morning and his hip was hurting. I took him to urgent care at the VA on tuesday for it. They told him it's part of getting old. Just what he needs to hear. They put him on an anti inflammatory medicine and it is helping. Then he went to see if they could do something with his left hearing aid. It has bothered his ear since day one. They cut a piece off it. He said it feels better but he needs to wait for the ear soarness to heal before he can wear it. I went trick or treating with DD, Maya and Gerimiah. After we checked Maya's candy over her mom let her have a piece. She chose a butterfinger cup (there like a resee's cup). The next morning she woke up with hives. She has eaten butterfinger candy bars before with no problems. I sent an email out to nestle to see if they can tell us what kind of peanuts they use. I hope they can help us. Her mom said when Maya was younger she had a chocolate kiss with an almond in it and had the same reaction. DD is going away with a couple of girlfriends from school for the weekend so we are going down to Maya's for the weekend. She asked if I would put up the blinds in the kids room. Doing laundry now. I hope everyone has a great weekend! It's cool out now, but he sun is shining.
  17. Hi Ladies, Mary, Happy Birthday to Zach! Boy the time has flown by fast. Can't believe he is 4 already. Good idea for DHS doctors try and avoid the surgery. The kids in Luke's class will love there new scarves. Judy, I love the Scooby blanket. I bet Larissa is super excited. Adding the ball is a cute idea, and so is personalizing it with a heart and her initial. I don't like trying clothes on either. LeeAnn, Sorry to hear DD had to experience a break up. Love the soaps you have made. Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary! Cindy, I hope the weekend visitors were just that weekenders. Good planning on bringing a couple of freezer meals with you. And picking up things to do inside. Joanne, Your such a good mom and grandma. Michelle, Hope all is well with you. I got my blood pressure medicine changed due to the awful cough I have. I have tried 5 different kinds of allergy meds and nothing helps. I changed my appt for the fitting for my sleep machine to next week due to this cough. My brother got good news on his heart cath. The bottom of his heart is working well, no clogged arteries, but he does have a weak heart muscle that is giving problems caused by a virus just like me. Talking with his wife yesterday about things he don't like to eat or do, or fears he and I have more in common than I knew. We had a good weekend with the kids. DS was there with Payton and Jocelyn. DD and I took them to the Pumpkin/Orchard. They have lots of fun things for kids to do. They expanded there activities. I didn't walk around the new area with everyone. I set and waited. We picked up donuts and the kids loved them. Still no call on my procedure. I'll call back again on friday if I don't hear from them before that. I have the world series on. Hope everyone has a great week!
  18. Hi Ladies, LeeAnn, The firefly poncho is a cute pattern. DD is beautiful! Such a pretty dress. Hope her and her date had a nice time. Cindy, Your knitted shawl pattern is pretty. I wish I was a better knitter. Hope your feeling better before your vacation starts. The greats DH built the shed to make storing things much easier. Were all getting older and putting things up in the attic takes a lot of work. In Texas we store all the decorations in totes, on hangers if they can't go in a tote (they are covered with garbage bags) in the attic of the dining hall. It is to the max. Hope you have a great time on your vacation. Judy, I love Scooby Do! You went pretty fast on this one. Your little neighbor girl is going to love it. Your lucky to have a chiro in the family. Mary, Hoping your hubby doesn't need surgery, but if he does it isn't to serious. Hope you get some me time in with your busy schedule this week. Joanne, It sounds like you had a nice celebration for your birthday with your family. Praying for your brother and your family. We went to Maya's last weekend. Saturday we went and they picked out there pumpkins. I watched both kids friday, picking Maya up at noon due to a half day of school. We went to Colby's football game saturday afternoon. I hope baby G wants to play football as his mommy already has him playing. Today I called doctors and the sleep study office. I'm schedule for next tuesday for the fitting for my mask (if I go that route). I don't remember if I said or not, but I did the sleep study at home. Insurance company realized they can save a lot of money by us doing them at home. I was glad to do it at home in my own bed. I called my cardiac doctor and asked for him to change one of my medicines. I have this cough that just won't stop. It wakes me often every night and I have it through out the day. He thought maybe it was allergy related when I seen him. I have tried 3 different allergy meds and 1 cold and cough medicine with no relief. Hubby took this medicine at one time and he developed a cough to. It stopped shortly after the medicine was changed. I asked for the doctor to let me know about his thoughts on my procedure. Wait and have it done or will it be okay to do it when I come home in the spring. Then I called the surgeons office and one lady (Julie) called the lady working on scheduling me and was told the doctor is on vacation this week so she is waiting for him to get back to work so she can find out how he wants to schedule me in. I asked before I go to Texas and she said yes. I hope it happens that way. My brother texted me and he is having a heart cath monday morning at 6:00am. I'm going to check with my sister and see what her schedule is for work sunday/monday as I may go and stay with her. If not it will be a very early morning for me. Please put him in your prayers. I am scared! I pray they find out what is exactly going on with his heart and can fix it. His heart problem is worse than mine. I have to pick Payton and Jocelyn up after school then we are heading to Maya's. She is going to do a cheerleading clinic thursday. On friday night they cheer the first half of the football game. We will be going to that. It's going to be pretty cold out to. It will be fun! I hope everyone has a great rest of the week! Baby G has another ear infection and the corner of one tooth peeking through. Poor little guy!
  19. Hi Ladies, Mary, Glad you weren't hurt any more than you were in your fall. Judy, Your moving right along on the scooby do graph ghan. The little girl is going to love it. Glad the pups are doing better. LeeAnn, Congratulations on joining the bag lady club. I love mine! Your mini vacation pics are great pics of mother nature. I couldn't do those steps up or down. Heights is not my friend. We don't leave until December 26th for Texas. Hubby would like to leave sooner. I still want to be here for Christmas. Michelle, Your fall decoration is lovely. I've never been to a painting party. I can't wait for Gerimiah to be 2 or 3. I really do enjoy this stage. It's hard to believe he's already 10 1/2 months. Joanne, Happy Belated Birthday! No better way to spend your birthday than at a baseball game. I bet DD was happy to share it with you. How exciting for your other DD's career. Marisa, You are so busy! It's great your able to help your mom and dad out. I haven't heard anything on my procedure. It's been 2 1/2 weeks tomorrow since my appt. I did talk to a second person last friday. She said they are booking into January. I said I will be Texas. Of course I will have to talk to my cardiac doctor and make sure it is okay to wait until I come back from Texas to have this done. He already knows were going. I'm not scheduled to see him until May. My brother hasn't heard anything on his test yet. I had him get a copy of the results sent to him as he will get them before he goes to the doctor at the end of the month. I watched Payton and Jocelyn sunday while DS reffed. Monday I went to Maya's to stay with them while her mom went to her yearly meeting in Chicago. I took Maya to school and baby G to daycare. Maya had a fundraiser at Culver's last night so I took her and baby G to it. I took some baby food for him and fed him. He did really well. The teachers all loved him. I came home today but will be going back tomorrow afternoon. Maya has a half day and daycare wants friday off. DH was at his daughters today so I called him and he met me at my favorite mexican restaurant. She always cooks a meal when he goes to visit, so he never wants supper that evening. We had temps up to 72 today then a storm blew in and it dropped down to 63. Tomorrow won't be that warm. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!
  20. Hi Ladies, Michelle, I hope your doing better with your flare up. We winter in Texas a few days of December to mid April. We leave December 26th. My procedure is going to be a TEE-transesophagel echocardiogram and abalation. Judy, Beautiful baby blanket! You are going to make the 4 year old day. She will love her police dog. I have the type of hair as you. I wear layers and it seems to have a mind of its own sometimes. Cindy, A cleaning schedule sounds like a good idea. I'm hoping after my heart procedure I will bounce back to normal. My house really needs attention. When do you go to the Smokey Mountains? Mary, Hope your getting rested up between all the doctor appts. LeeAnn, Happy Anniversary! The comfortghans turned out great. They will be much appreciated. The falls look like a nice place to visit for a mini vacation. We went to Maya's house thursday and spent the weekend. Her mom and daddy wanted to go away for the weekend. They went to Chicago. They took the commuter train and she said that's the way to go if I ever wanted to go to Chicago. She picked me up a bag of Garrett's caramel corn. DS buys me a bag for Christmas. It is the best! We stayed with the kids. Boy Gerimiah wore me out. I was thinking I'm glad were going home today so I can rest. I did three loads of laundry which involves going up and down stairs. Maybe if I hadn't Gerimiah wouldn't of wore me out. But I like to help out. Maya is going to camp today until wednesday. I helped her pack her things. She is so excited! I called the doctors office friday as I still hadn't heard when I would have my procedure and I still don't. She said it's taking longer because the doctor is going to be out part of the week for the next two weeks. To me it's pretty simple book starting the third week of October. She was glad I told her I go to Texas in December. Which makes me think the doctor should of put some info in his notes about scheduling me. Wednesday and Thursday I will be at the hospital with my brother. He is having a Thalium test done. We have to be there at 7:30am both days. I will stay with my sister wednesday night. DS reffed a soccer game last week. I was able to watch the game online. I had a few issues with buffering so I need to see if I can find out why. Maybe a certain drive needs to be updated. I love soccer so it was exciting to watch the game and him ref. I hope everyone has a good week!
  21. Hi Ladies, Kiyo, Welcome back! Good for you going back to school. Wow your daughter is 15 already. Cindy, Great news for DD on the sale of your home. Hope all works for her. My BIL has a dodge pickup and it has over 200,000 mile on it still going strong. I'm not sure what year it is but he's had it for many years. Judy, Glad Lucy is better! Did you get a haircut or color? LeeAnn, Just in case you haven't looked at the calendar its three months before the holidays are over. That's a long time without a break. Don't forget to take care of you too. I'm making horse scarves. Joanne, Hope your having a fairly easy week at work this week. Mary, Hope you have an easy week this week. I went to the doctor yesterday. I have to wait for them to call me with a date for my procedure. It's turned cool here. A high of 61 and very windy. Hubby got up from his nap and I told him if he got the shop vac and cleaned out the ducts I would turn on the furnace. I didn't want any dust flying around. He jumped right on it. I normally would do this with the vacuum sweeper but bending over doesn't help my breathing. My sister and I went to our great aunts memorial. She was 96. Some of the things the minister described about my aunt sounds like my sister and I. I told her its in our genes. We giggled. Then we came home and picked up hubby and went to the races. It was a fun day. My nephew won three out of four races. Next year we will have to go more often. Hope everyone has a nice week!
  22. Hi Ladies, Mary, Two hours in traffic would be awful. I hope you had your crocheting with you. Hope your implant goes as planned. Have fun with the boys tomorrow. LeeAnn, You will do great with your esty class. I'm glad are fall is just beginning. It's to early for us to have those kind of temps, for me at least. We are actually above normal for are fall temps. But it is suppose to cool down to the 60's next week. I think you should charge more for a rush order. Joanne, Love your scarf and shawl. Have a fun time the grandsons tomorrow. Judy, Maya being the oldest she feels the same way "getting individual attention". She is so independent and doesn't want me to help her. But she still wants her and grammy time. She asked me once this summer how come you hold Gerimiah so much. I told her he's a baby and he needs me and that when she was that size she got all the attention he gets. That made her happy. She was such a big help with Gerimiah and helping me. I told her over and over. When we shopping I rewarded her with something. She not knowing I was going to buy it ahead of time. Love your shawl. I like the way those Caron cakes are turning out. I like your fall table setting too. I hope Lucy is doing better. Cindy, Your DD's house sounds like a mansion. To have that much room with a big family is wonderful. The wedding was a beautiful event. It rained the day before and a little bit in the morning, but the sun came out and everything was great. My girlfriends daughter sent me a message thanking me for coming and how nice it was to see me. Are families grew up together. I was hoping I wouldn't have to miss it. Yesterday hubby had a VA appt so we went early so we could go to my dads cemetery. Years ago we planted iris's behind his stone, but you couldn't see them, so moved them up in front of his stone. Then you couldn't read the stone. So we moved them to the back of the stone again. I will just plant some smaller plants in front. We also went to my ex's grave and picked up the urn off his grave. There is a big pine tree next to his stone marked to cut down so I took pictures of the stone and the tree with his stone in it just in case there is any damage. Tomorrow is my great aunts memorial service. In the afternoon/evening we are going to the racetrack. My nephew and a friend will be running there cars. It going to be sunny and 70 a perfect day to go to the races. I go to the specialist on monday, so I will let you know how that goes. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.
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