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  1. Nght, can I be your new best friend??
  2. 200++ FULL cones of cotton thread 300++ Cakes of cotton thread/yarn (wound from the cones) (are we seeing a pattern here......I loove cotton! 30 skeins of acrylic yarn 40 lbs of various cotton/other yarns on those huge 4-5 lb cones Plus another 30 lbs in WIP's stashed all over the house That's a whole lot of stash that I am trying to use up by making a lot of wearables for me and the girls (doubling and tripling the threads make it get used up faster) To keep my stash from getting bigger I am on the Stashbusting CAL. Now if you want to see a mountain (or mountains) of stash go
  3. Right now all's I can do is to send prayers for Jess and her girls. I wish I can something more, but right now things are kinda tight. When things clear up I would probably like to send a couple of wearables for the girls and a comfort shawl for Jess. Thanks for doing this Krystal!!
  4. I am right handed but should attempt to be left I hold my hook like a knife so it should be easier....
  5. In terms of degrees, I guess I consider myself as having a "Master's" in crochet, between advanced and expert? But I am always learning (I am waay behind in the crochet times) new trends and techniques constantly. You can't learn everything there is about crochet right?
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