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  1. Welcome from another West Texan.
  2. I am not sure where to put this, so feel free to move it if I picked the wrong spot. MSNBC has an article up about college age guys teaching Ugandan women to crochet. Its a pretty good article. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20780105/
  3. The other day there was a season 3 marathon and while the girls were getted whittled down to the final 14 from 20something who do we see crocheting? Eva-diva herself! Its quick but she is doing it, something bright pink.
  4. I crochet for about an hour before I go to sleep. Any other time is rare with my 1 yr old.
  5. I talked to the manager today and told him what happened and he didn't sound like he cared so I pulled out the big guns - Anymore calls on my cell and I will start scheduling classes. I think the customer service at this location just blows. The first time I called today they just answered "hello" and when I asked if it was Hobby Lobby the reply I got was "Yeah but you will have to hang on" and I was immediatly thrown on hold. Then I hung up and called back and someone else answered and I asked for the manager. He sounded more bored than concerned until I made my threat. Then he asked for my name & number, but only after my threat. Its rediculous.
  6. Its 9pm and I just had the 2nd call of the night from someone Hobby Lobby gave my name and cell number to for cake decorating classes. I do not teach cake decorating, I did call and ask if they had any classes about 6 weeks ago. The lady I spoke with complained the entire time and finaly after 10 minutes decided to take my name and number. I don't know what incompetent moron decided to hand out my number but they will regret it! The manager has no idea that we have an appointment tomorrow- a long one. I am taking my lawyer's card with me in case they want to get nasty. I am in shock and furious! Does anyone know the number to corporate hq?
  7. Hola and welcome from El Paso! Glad to have you here.
  8. Depends on the yarn - G if we are talking worsted weight or smaller, N for Bulky sizes.
  9. I'm not really sure where to put this so feel free to move the thread if I picked wrong. I have held off on making myself any wearables other than scarves, shawls and ponchos because of modesty. Crochet seems to be so open that even if I make a pretty tank I would need to wear another one under it (defeats the purpose of a tank ) or have everyone stare at my bra all day . Is there a stitch I am just not aware of that is not so "showy" when its worked up? Any other suggestions?
  10. I have only followed a pattern to the letter once and it came out just like in the picture. It was a infant sweater for my daughter.
  11. Wow, very cute! If you are looking for charities Project Linus can always use donations. http://www.projectlinus.org/index.shtml
  12. That bag is sooo cool! I love it!
  13. I love Albuquerque and I did have a good time. Husband had a bowling tournament there and he has relatives there so he knows the area really well, but for some odd reason he isn't to well versed on the LYS there
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