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  1. Krystal, I'm glad you got enough donations to cover the shipping, because from the looks of it, it could cost a small fortune to ship! Great thinking whomever sent the stuffed animals and cards, stuff like that never even crossed my mind!
  2. It just struck me that we only show this much love and caring after tragedies. It would be nice if we did this type of thing "just 'cuz". I'll climb off of my soapbox now
  3. So you are my neighbor! Mine are the ones directly east and south of yours then
  4. Krystal, Did you try to keep all the squares submitted by one person together or is it just however they look best?
  5. I am really amazed at how fast your getting this done. I hope she likes it.
  6. I am just amazed at all the different designs and color combinations that were made. None of the stick out like they don't belong, they are blending beautifully!
  7. I'm glad to see mine got there on time. I can't wait to see the finished ghans.
  8. I can't wait to see the finished product. This is the first comfortghan I have participated in. Is this the largest one the 'ville has done?
  9. I just checked the list again. There are 75 names on there, and it looks like alot of people are doing multiple squares. If my squares don't match what other people are sending in and there are more than enough for the 3 blankets I volunteer mine to go to whatever charities she might participate in or hats & scarves for the girls.
  10. I sent my 4 squares out today. The lady said it was 2 day delivery so they should be there Thursday or Friday. I didn't get pics tho, I need new batteries in my camera.
  11. I would like to contribute a square or two also. I'll msg you to get specifics.
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