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  1. I don't get to post things often here. But this one I can share. While going through some of my pictures of Irish Crochet I found a picture of my Midge in her dress. It was a terrible picture so I got her out of her display case and took another shot. This one is much better. The dress I did for her years ago when I was first playing with Irish Crochet. Done in size 100 thread with a size 14 hook. It was a self challenge to see what I could do. Just thought it would be nice to share her with you.
  2. I haven't had much of a chance to check things out. My internet has been down for a few days. GRRRRR..... But was wondering if it was possible to read the threads from last post made to first post made. Not 1st post made to last. I like to check on several threads that have been around for a while and read the last comments made. It's faster and easier to do that if I can set it up to read from the last post like we had in the old site. I know I need to spend some time figuring things out here, I do miss being able to see categories at a glance when browsing through the new posts. Such as Doilies and Runners. It is harder to read the way it is now. Can you highlight the forum titles or something to make them more visiable?
  3. I always hand wash mine. I put too much time and effort into creating a thread piece not to take the little extra to protect it.
  4. Only if you let it! Like anything in life, it is up to you how you perceive it.
  5. If you want to be paid for crocheting, and your work is superb, then you might consider becoming a contract crocheter. I have never used one but many designers do. Check out the CGOA for ideas on how to become one. You must be a superb crocheter with nice even stitches. Able to obtain the gauge called for in a pattern so the piece ends up size required. Be able to read patterns and catch errors. Willing to do almost everytype of crocheting from thread to afghans. I know a few contract crocheters and they seem to enjoy the work. I have never paid a tester. They normally are happy to have the chance to get my pattern for nothing, and my help if they should need it. For my regular testers I do allow them to ask for any of the patterns I have self published as a perk for a job well done. But that is only for the testers who have proven themselves reliable and thorough.
  6. Not my favorite shade of green. I like the richer darker greens. Like forest or pine. Emerald doesn't really fit me or my decor. But I do like it better than some of the colors they have chosen to promote.
  7. My niche I would have to say is Thread Crochet designer. I love designing items in thread or fine yarn. I have designed over 100 doilies, numerous shawls, runners, and more. I love the feel and look of the stitches done in thread.
  8. Thank you everyone, you always make me blush.
  9. I wash my doilies first, to remove all body oils from the thread and any dirt that it has picked up while being worked, then pin out on the board while wet. After pinning I spray with spray starch and let dry.
  10. Glad to help. Don't feel bad I have known this sort of thing to stump seasoned crocheters. But, No not all patterns are this tricky. But if you find one that stumps you, Someone here is sure to help you out.
  11. Lets see if I can make this clearer. Row 1: You chain 4, work 4 dc in the 4th ch from the hook, ch 3, sl st into the same ch st. Row 2: ch 3, turn, now you will work 4 dc in the last ch 3 sp of previous row, ch 3, and sl st into the same sp, ( This will actually be working into the side of row 1. ) I know this can be confusing as it's not linear. But it truly does work. I sat down and tried it to be sure.
  12. Thank you everyone for your kind remarks. I do love when I can actually share with all of you.
  13. I don't get to share as often as I would wish these days. So since I have the opportunity I am taking advantage of it. This is my Tradewinds doily design. I used the bullion stitch in the doily to make a pineapple doily something special. Done in 3 colors of size 10 thread, using as size 7/1.65 hook. It measures 14 and 3/4 inches across. Hope you like seeing this doily as much as I am enjoying being able to share it with you. This one is in my Beautiful Bullions book.
  14. Anyone who knows me, knows I love doilies. I use them in the traditional manner. I have many antiques and use them to protect them from scratches. Plus, put them on the back a chair in a color/ or color combination that accents the chair. I have them draped over my good towels in my bathroom on the rod. On the back of my toilet instead of fuzzy cover. Sun catchers in my windows. Draped so part of the doily hangs down on my library shelves. As others have said color can make a big difference. I love my white doilies in certain places, but love using a colorful doily to pull the colors in a room together. I like doilies as pillow fronts also. I use one on a pedastal cake plate for special occasions. In my bread basket. RoseRed was correct there are so many styles these days that you should be able to find something to fit your needs and decor.
  15. Hi and welcome from another warm spot in AZ.
  16. You aren't all that far away then. I live in Apache Junction now.
  17. Hello, and Welcome. What part of Arizona are you in?
  18. I too vote for tolerance! There is room for every type of crocheter out there. I welcome Seraffa and her ideas. It gives us something to think about and I love examining new ideas. It's what keeps the flavor in life. I have always thought that it would be a horrible world if we all did things exactly the same, or thought exactly alike! How boring would that be?
  19. I have seen many examples of crochet as sculpture and art. Some not to my taste, ohers take my breath away. but that is like all art. It has to touch you some how. both are art as they both make me react. And I have seen some Lovely pieces of Irish crochet in museums. As a designer I try not to follow the crowd or crochet for the sake of profit. I design a lot of doilies and try to think of each as a small piece of lace art. I love working with finer threads and yarns and that is definitely not what most of the crocheting public wants. But I won't change to fit the mold. I love what I do and why I do it. There are many people who want to crochet for the relaxation that crochet brings into their lives. They do not feel the need to see crochet as an art form. But I truly believe that there are also others out there that use crochet as their medium to create art. But there is room in this world for all and I don't begrudge anyone their outlook on joy. Me I love to challenge myself on what I can make crochet do. So I do not look on Crochet over all as a craft. Just some aspects of it are and that is fine. And some of it truly is Art. Which is why I crochet.
  20. I always block. I don't always starch. Depends on what I want to do with the piece. I don't starch if it is a garment, such as a shawl as I want the drape. I only lightly starch my doilies. I do this by pinning them out wet, then lightly spraying with spray starch. For heavy starching I like epson salts. I do this when an item has to hold it's shape independantly. This means it isn't supported by say a table like a doily is. If it's hanging in you garland it really needa a heavy starch or it will crumple in on it's self. Ornaments the same thing. So a lot depends on what you are using the peice for. But no matter what I do block everything.
  21. Sorry I missed seeing this. Though Saturdays wouldn't work for me anyways. But it would of been interesting I am sure.
  22. HSK = Half Solomon Knot st. Sk = Solomon knot st. This stitch is also known as the Lovers knot. Lk = Lovers Knot stitch: done in this manner. draw up a lp with hook of suggested length, yo, draw thread or yarn through lp just made, sc between the lp and the single strand of thread or yarn. This will lock your stitch. Try to be consistent in the length of yarn you draw up. This is a half lk st or HSK You will then make another lk st and sc in specified st to form the 1st inverted V. This makes a full lk or Sk Normally on the next row or rnd you will do a lk st and sc into the sc at the top of the inverted V. Make lks and sc in the sc at the top of the next peak Hope this helps. This is a lovely stitch and fast and easy once you know how to make it.
  23. I always wash my doilies, pin them out when wet, then spray them with spray starch. Normally I just do a light spray as I really only want them to have some body to hold their shape well. I don't want them stiff and rigid. That is what I would do on your book marker.
  24. Thank you everyone. This was a special moment for me. To be on a cover was pretty thrilling.
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