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    Almost an empty nester, mid fifties, married to a wonderful man!
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    Texas native, MO resident
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    Crochet, knitting, gardening, reading,crafting in general
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    Going back to college is my job right now!
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    Knitted sweaters, crochet afghans, anything with thread and beads
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    since 1991, knitting since 2009
  1. Happy Birthday to Crochetville! 8 years! WTG! The posts look like homecoming weekend to me!
  2. From my viewpoint, a mascot should be something that is integral to the site, some visual reference that has been there from the beginning that people associate with Crochetville. The hook has always been a unique identifier for this forum, and reflects the essence of the site better than additional logos or mascots could.
  3. I learned to knit from you tube. I started out with dishcloths and still love them for quick travel knits. But since the reason I learned to knit was to make sweaters, I jumped right in on a simple tank top. One thing I learned early on was to make use of life lines. In fact, mamaoso taught me that. Here are some: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#photo=yes&craft=knitting&weight=worsted&view=captioned_thumbs&query=tank%20top&difficulties=1&sort=best
  4. Very nice socks and I agree with the others on liking the lace. I am a convert to two at a time. I am working on some fingerless gloves using 2AAT and knowing I won't have to do the same project twice is a relief.
  5. Your afghan is beautiful! I think the tree of life is perfect for a baby blanket! It reflects on the continuity of life from one generation to the next. Love your project modifications and the result.
  6. Your mouse is really unique! Nice work! I think that would be a fun pattern.
  7. She has some beautiful patterns! Thanks for the link!
  8. To annmcc1976, imanurse55, teajaycee and tonyal: You are welcome!
  9. Are these your designs? If not where did you buy the patterns? I love them both!
  10. That is very creative! I was thinking about something similar for my cats! This would fit the bill and be more comfortable than a store bought harness.
  11. This is so cute! Great job on this project!
  12. Looks really good and I, too, love the star potholders!
  13. I am officially a North Carolina resident! My kids and I arrived about the middle of June. We live in Durham. It is beautiful here! We came I40 so we got to see some mountain terrain and during spring break we went to Wilmington. I know we will enjoy exploring the area.
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