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    Bethania (Near Gold Coast)QLD Australia
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    Crochet, cross stitch and knitting
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    mum to abbie
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    baby clothes and blankets
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    badly 1988 ok since 2006
  1. Chanti

    Skirt pattern

    Doris Chan has some great patterns for going over tops of skirts and leggings, I think they are funky. http://www.interweavecrochet.com/issue/2008/toc-fall-2008.asp its called Lara's Dance Skirt (I am a large size and I would make this for me) then there is this one http://doriseverydaycrochet.blogspot.com/2008/07/chrysanthemum-tea-skirt.html but you do need to have access to Amazing Crochet lace as this is and adjustment from the tea shawl Hope you find something you and your friend like. Chantelle.
  2. I am in the process of making this cardi, and I think you will find there are no seams, which is one of the reasons why I LOVE Doris Chan, once you finish stiching and weaving in ends THATS IT. And also she has instructions for bigger sizes too, I made the soft serve 50 in bust in just under 1 week and was wearing it on the weekend.
  3. Thats Wonderful Drew! I hope that you have a great (if not draining) time at your launch and that you sell 40 bazillion books - better get started on the next one LOL. Oh by the way, please let us know when it goes international, that way I can get one too!
  4. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!happy international crochet day!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Ok Update everyone, I still have 10 seats to fill, any others interested? Cheers Chantelle
  6. I am getting a group of crocheters together at the Beenleigh Bowls Club on Friday 12th September from 7pm to celebrate International Crochet Day. They have a great little cafe area and my goal is to fill it. I need around 15 people to do this. I know not a huge goal, but as I personally know only 2 crocheters, that is another 12 seats to fill. The bowls club is crochet friendly as I go there every Friday night to crochet, I get a break from DD3, buy some raffle tickets and take home the occasional meat tray. Please let me know if you would like to come join us! I hope that I get to meet some of you lovely people! Cheers Chantelle.
  7. go the uhaul for next year. And I think it is wonderful btw, so many toys, so many happy kids!!!!
  8. I agree with everyone! I wash blankets before gifting, as you can check the ends, get rid of pet fur and any other little bits, and they do come up so much nicer when washed. Also the giftee can go home and put it straight on the bed or chair.
  9. I have a fairy Godmother! Thank you so much, it was so nice receiving your parcel today. I love the cotton you sent. It really has made my day!
  10. I think it looks great, the things that turn out lovely when we read the patterns wrong heh.
  11. I made one, it is so fun to make. I will post pics as soon as I sort out my camera!
  12. Chanti


    I love it, you are very clever!
  13. I would really love to make that set up for a friend of mine, could you tell me, is there a pattern somewhere?
  14. They are adorable, I am glad my DD3 is having a nap, lately she has taken to asking for me to make her things, I am sure this would be added to my ever expanding list LOL.
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