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    Married with 3 children: 2 boys and 1 girl
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    Post Falls, Idaho
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    crocheting, and more crocheting
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    since 1974
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    afghans, ponchos, dishcloths, gifts for others, hats
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  1. adorable flower:crocheting
  2. very cute, love the idea~
  3. very cute, thanks for sharing~
  4. simple beautiful!
  5. Looks the black!
  6. just stunning... love it!
  7. wonderful use of scraps... pretty flower
  8. very awesome pillow, looks very masculine
  9. beautiful... it is getting that time for the fairs to start. Ours isn't until August, but never to early to think about it.
  10. very fun and great that he liked it so much
  11. adorable and makes me think of spring:hook
  12. great thick coaster... perfect for those sweaty glasses or cans!
  13. perfect solution for the problem... very practical:clap
  14. beautiful and looks like well-loved:hook
  15. sweet little bunny!