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  1. I keep looking back through this thread myself. I hadn't been here much lately, either, with a Monster-Child, my time seems to become more and more limited.
  2. http://katybug.covenspace.com/
  3. I finished mine today!!!! Oh,,,,,it's posted elsewhere here, and on my blog.
  4. OK, my connection was down all day yesterday, so I have my blog updated now with my round ripple progress.
  5. Way kool! I started my ripple yesterday, and just now saw this thread! I have been keeping daily updates on the progress of my round ripple,,,check it out!
  6. That is beautiful! It is the clothes like that that make me wish I had a doll.
  7. Wow,,,,many thanks, slicer!!!!
  8. I am still trying to find one!
  9. AAwww,,,you have made the most adorable doll clothes!
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