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    Wanda Kay
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    I am a 52 yr old mother of 4 lovely daughters and 12 grandchildren.
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    Newville, PA
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    love crochet, but do most types of needlework
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    afghans, paradise doll dresses, doilies
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  1. My great aunt, who is 91 taught me almost 40 yrs ago. In fact she taught me all the different needleworks, but crochet is my fav.
  2. Darski, you have outdone yourself with this beautiful outfit, ty for sharing.
  3. Sorry your back is hurting you, feel better soon, maybe some icy hot patches would help.
  4. Too many to count. I was really making headway using my yarn, but then hubby bought me some more.
  5. What a loving hubby, I know you'll make something pretty with it.
  6. Jessie, the thank you was beautiful. The family here at the ville is so terrific, and you know we will be here in the trying months to come if you need to vent. :hug to you and the girls.
  7. This weekend will be a very trying to for her, the afghans arriving today will be sure to give her lots of comfort. Thanks again for the great job you did on the ghans.
  8. And here to present you, your royal crown and sceptor, you hadn't lost it, it just wasn't presented yet. You absolutely rule, the comfortghans are beautiful.
  9. Krystal, I think they look great the way you have them laid out. The girls will love them. Just a passing thought, but I know that both of them will have baby dolls, maybe with the extra squares, you could make them each a baby doll blanket, 4 squares would be the right size. I'd be happy to send you some yarn to do that for them.
  10. Krystal, I've been out of the loop lately, but finally had time to check the progress, you're doing a fabulous job. :hug to you.
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