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    I am a 52 yr old mother of 4 lovely daughters and 12 grandchildren.
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    love crochet, but do most types of needlework
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  1. Doing a variety of different projects but still getting some stash used. ​WTD +4
  2. My sister ordered a baby set from me so I did get on the plus side, below is a picture of the outfit. I sure am glad though that fabric isn't counted or I'd be up the creek, as my hubby bought me two boxes of material for quilting. ​WTD+8.
  3. My computer crashed so haven't been able to post for a few weeks. I know I'm a little late but still wanted to get my weeks score posted. WTD + 44
  4. Ok gals, I haven't forgotten about you, but over the last few weeks I've been working on this table runner, and also figured out my own pattern for these knitted gloves, with crocheted edging and freehand needlepoint, pictured both below I did get back to some crocheting this week though and wound up with WTD+4
  5. Made another large baby blanket this week. Used up 9 skeins of baby yarn. WTD+18
  6. Finished up the afghan I started with the boucle, it covers a double bed, started a baby blanket. WTD+16
  7. I was able to make a good dent in my stash this week. I had scads of the lion boucle that my dear hubby bought me a year ago, the problem was there wasn't enough of any one color, I solved that problem this week by making granny squares. I'm not finished putting them all together yet, but it sure will be a nice warm afghan. WTD+70
  8. I am a little late because I've been fighting with my laptop. Finished up a rug this week, an infant set and I have a baby blanket almost completed. WTD+18
  9. I didn't forget to post this week, hooray for me. I finished a baby blanket, and a childs hat and scarf set. wtd+14
  10. Got a little crocheting done this week. WTD +6
  11. Taking just a few minutes this morning to catch my breath. I will not have a score this weekend as my mother-in-law has passed. Please keep my family in your thoughts.
  12. Lots of late nights again this week, so have to keep myself busy so I stay awake. Hey at least my mind is occupied and working with 2 strands at same time really helps the stash. WTD+44/YTD+70
  13. Lot of late nights this week, so did some hat and scarf sets. Just in time for the snow, over 2 ft here and the wind is still howling. WTD+24
  14. Hey ladies, I didn't forget about the stashbusting, but as I told greyhoundgrandma it will be hit or miss with me for a while, as my mother-in-law has terminal cancer and is on hospice. Thankfully this week I managed to get some crafting done, which was a much need relaxation. Below is a picture, only the border is crocheted, but it is a pattern my cousin wanted, sorry I didn't block it. Took 1 skein of pound of love so I'm at WTD+2
  15. Updated mine tonight, been doing so much crafting I was way behind in my blog.
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