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  1. The small balls normally had about 125 yards of thread on them. So calculate from there. Add at least 25% more for the larger thread you wish to use and you should be fairly close.
  2. I quess I would have to class myself as an advanced crocheter. I have designed doilies, clothing, toys, and more. There isn't a stitch that scares me. If I don't know it, I know I can learn it. I love challenging myself.
  3. This have been fascinating reading for me. It is interesting to see how we all perceive ourselves and our abilities.
  4. This has been interesting reading. Funny how it seems like we have to be so humble about our abilities. I keep reading about Lilychin being an expert. Okay what sets her apart from some of our wonderful Crocheters here? I would really like to know.
  5. I seriously thought about a poll, but I want the why's not the numbers.
  6. Okay I added advanced. See that's part of the problem Just what are the levels? I would not say just because we are learning all the time that makes us a beginner, I would call you a student of crochet. I would hope even the experts are learning all the time. Heaven knows there is enough to learn to keep one busy for a lifetime.
  7. Out of curiousity, ( which I have an abundance of,) What level of ability do you consider yourself in your crochet? And now the tough part, how do you figure out what level you are? I am curious as I am never quite sure what level to assign a pattern. What makes you A beginner, An advanced beginer, A moderate, An intermediate, As advanced An expert. Or what other levels do you think there should be?
  8. Just remember that if you decide to crochet a saddle pad it should be done in either cotton or wool. You can burn the horses back using acrylic yarn. It holds the heat next to the horse's skin and can cause real problems. It needs to be done in at least 2 strands of yarn and very tight stitches so it doesn't shift around under the saddle. I bought a machine knit one once because it was pretty and regretted it. It bunched up under the saddle and never laid right. Good luck if you decide to try this. You can find the dimensions you need in any tack catalog.
  9. Hi Everyone, Well on a whim I submitted my snood to the Crochet a day Calendar and it has been Accepted. Makes me feel very proud. I know it is old hat to some of you but for me it is a FIRST I can't describe how I feel. Thanks for the encouragement.
  10. Well for all who have downloaded this pattern, You will want to do it again. I made a few corrections on the Original and redid the download. I learned my leasson and no pattern will go out with out being tested. I have to Thank Nuuriell for pointing out the problem. Sorry for any inconvience. Kathy
  11. I got my luster sheen at Joann's. But if yours doesn't carry it then ask what sport weight yarn they have. You could probably use perle cotton size 3 also and be very close the the right size. I am normally a thread person so I am not an expert on yarn sizes.
  12. I used the thread with the luster sheen to make the black a little less stark. It gives almost a tweed look to the thread without over whelming it. Just gives it a softer look. I used a number fifty crochet thread I had, But sewing thread should do the same thing. It is just to adds a smidge of color. I wore mine to the Bead Festival this weekend and got quite a few compliments on it. What was nice was I could bend over and look at the beads and my hair didn't get in my way. It made it very nice. I was rather pleased with the results of my experiment Glad to hear you like my pattern.
  13. Thank you for the interest. To be honest I am surprised at the response for my snood. Really thought it wasn't much, just something I made to be comfortable. Glad everyone seems to like it. Everyone that has gotten the pattern or gets the pattern, Please let me know how I did in writting it out. I am feeling a little insecure about my abilities to write a good pattern. But one never knows if one can do something unless you try, right. Thanks once again.
  14. Okay Here is a link to the pattern, Hope you find it readable, will appreciate any comments on the pattern, as I am not used to writting them stitch by stitch so to speak. http://www.crochetnbeads.com/files/Snood.pdf
  15. It is all one piece, that is what keeps it from sliding off. Working on writting the pattern up now, should have it ready to post by tomorrow. Just translating all my notes into a hopefully readable form.
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