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  1. I've got that pattern too but have never tried it! Yours looks great - and I love the personalization on the towel. Too cute!
  2. Wow....that is a deal! and when you print, it brings them up as pdf - so you can save the pdf as well. That way you can view when you want and print off what pages you want as well...I'm going to have to think on that one!
  3. That's awesome (I just want to tickle those toes!)
  4. tiggerhale

    Chess set

    That's totally cool! My 8-year-old said "Mom, you gotta make that for me!" Uh, maybe. Not sure I'm as talented in design as you are. That looks great! What a blessed little man you've got there!
  5. Those look great! (Now, if you could get the cat to cover it's eyes, that'd be something!)
  6. Hey! She got her pkg and sent me an email. Luckily, she still loves pigs and she loved the pkg! :cheerYipee:cheer:cheer Thanks for all your comments!
  7. I'm hunting for a particular pattern and came across this page: http://crochetalong.wordpress.com/links/ :drool:drool Thought some of the MANY Ami fans here could use some of the links! (The bag of chips cracks me up!) Enjoy!
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