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  1. WOWOWOWOWOW! Well, I was going to do a filet horse for my niece (who LOVES horses) for Christmas. Guess I'm not going to do it now! This is absolutely adorable! You have really outdone yourself!! Thank you so much!
  2. Well, well, I just got the rest printed off yesterday - took about a whole ream of paper! Claire's birthday party is the 14th and I've got a few more items to finish before I can start on these adorable clothes! My goal is to do 2-3 and then a few for other holidays. And then a bag to put them all in, of course :-) Thanks Darski!
  3. Wow! Don't make me have to get an 18" doll too!! (By the way, saw Dora in our Target yesterday!)
  4. #1 - DARSKI YOU ROCK! #2 - I'm a beginning knitter so I have motivation to practice on that washcloth and towel! #3 - I've got 4 more projects I to start before I can start on these - and do as many as I can before Claire's birthday party on 4/14!
  5. Thank you thank you! (My soon-to-be 4 daughter Just NOW saw one of your posts and now she wants me to buy her the doll and make her some clothes. Hmmm do you know where I could get some patterns and what doll it is? JK - I already have the doll and as soooon as I finish my next commission items - I'm going to be making all of these fabo clothes - little does she know...hehehehe (picture evil crochet laugh!)) When I give it to her, we're going to write you a thank you note and send it to you with a picture (granted I remember to get your snail mail). We love you Darski!
  6. I got my doll yesterday - yea!! (She's bigger than I expected!) Now I have to decide if I can get these patterns done before my middle child's 4th birthday (4/18) or hold off until Christmas. UGH! (I'm also suffering withdrawal as a new pattern has not been posted in the last 20 minutes - hahahaha! :lol ) Thanks again Darski!
  7. I'm addicted to your patterns! Thanks so much! (I love the interesting names you come up with too!)
  8. Very nice! I love it! (My husband's always questioning my saving various plastic parts from food containers - I just know I'm going to need them for something!)
  9. Thank you! (I love the colorful names you come up with!)
  10. Wal-mart has for $15 - and shipping is like 97 cents! I feel a shopping spree coming on - and I don't blame you on the original clothes. I saw some of the extra ones you can buy and MAN! they're almost more than the DOLL!! I LOVE your creations - and I AM BUYING THIS DOLL! (Maybe even one for my niece as well as my daughters - they can share - Heck, I may just keep her for MYSELF!) THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU
  11. Was it this one: Dress-Up Adventure™ Dora http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=2697432
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