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  1. it depends. now me the queen of clutter yes it is expensive for me i probably have over 10,000.00 worth of patterns and yarns and i still buy more . is a bad bad habit being a pattern junkie and yarnaholic on the other hand i have been crocheting for over 44 years now and i have all i need ever . i have a variety of hooks some costing as little as 2.00 some as high as 70.00 for a special one made just for me. but for the average person it can be fairly reasonable. i mean yarn is almost always on sale and if you stick to the acrylics or blends it is not to bad getting into the cashmere and alp
  2. im sorry your hurting honey, more than likely it was not the crocheting that did it but lifting your child, 40 pounds is alot for a person to lift and if you do it like everyone else stoop down and snatch him up then thats probably your problem. i suffer from severe back pain and i can tell you what helps me is i stretch alot, and also move around, i lay on the love seat with my legs up under a pillow and then i crochet until i feel it getting tense then i stretch, you can do stretches without even getting up ya know. just lay back and stretch those arms and legs,. also have you tried the ice
  3. krystal, what a wonderful job your doing, thanks for the idea about the sheet under the squares, i will be putting a ghan together for another member here and i was wondering how i could not finish it at once and l love your idea, do you need anymore squares honey/ if so let me know and i can whip you some more of the colors you need. i thank you also for doing this for jessie and her girls how very hard to lose someone so thank you for doing this, :manyheart:manyheart
  4. i see my zip code but don't know if it is my squares, i guess will wait and see if it was, if it was it was darn quick shoot 3 days and there lol how bout that po :D:D
  5. i have 5 ready to go out tomorrow will send priority so they get there fast:manyheart:manyheart
  6. please count me in for 5 squares, if i can make more i will, but i can do at least 5, please pm me your addy krystal and i will get them to you as soon as possible. i think someone told me her favorite color was teal. maybe we could use that color too or go multi colored?:think and you said that if you have enough your going to make one for each of the children? is that right? i will try hard to make some for them also please let me know what colors for sure alright? thanks:manyheart:manyheart i feel so bad for her, sooo young and to lose him like that has to be heartbreaking. sending lots of
  7. i have made a angel like that, is not that hard to stiffen the thread. i used a product called stiffy, works really good. you can also use starch as it will also work. but you should not be afraid to try it. i bet you could make it:manyheart
  8. i think they have reached their quota for this year though you can always try though. thanks for letting us all know.
  9. you did a great job on them. the reason some of you have had the problem with phoo's leg, is that the pattern was off, leisure arts put a different one out later because of the discovery. if you have the old pattern(the one which is messed up) maybe you can e-mail them and they can give you the correct pattern. i need to make some of those too, i love phoo and piglet and eyeore, but tigger is my favorite. ti double grrrrrrr LOL graetjob again vicki
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