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    i like making pretty much everything
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    since i was 7, about 44 years ago
  1. annies attic has it on their web page hope that helps sweetie
  2. i will keep my eye open for it when im out and about, if i find it will give ya a holler hon sometimes we figure we will find it and then kick ourselves i have done that hope you can find it soon:hug:hug:hug
  3. i'm sure i have alot you could have for postage but right now is not a great time for me as am dealing with floods and fil's health but as soon as i can get into my stash i will see what i can find in baby yarn as long as you pay postage ahead of time i will send(will send you a pic of the yarn and tell you cost ,) unless your only looking for small balls, im talking about a few skeins of yarn :D:D
  4. welcome from washington state, you will love it here if i can be of any help give me a holler:):)
  5. me too me too i posted my poll and am ready to swap :lol:lol:lol
  6. i made my daughter a hat and scarf set which she loved and a quilt and a pair of lounging pants and she went absoulutley crazy over it all said was the best gift i ever gave her well besides the afghan i made her with tweety xs on it. she loved all the gifts i made which made me realize just how much she appreciates my work needless to say was very happy:manyheart:manyheart:manyheart:manyheart:manyheart:manyheart
  7. thats sooo cute i bet they loved them thanks for sharing:manyheart:manyheart and merry christmas
  8. very cute are those your own design? cute model too :lol:lol
  9. as some of you know this pattern came from the stitch and bitch book, i made my dd this hat and a matching scarf for christmas hope she likes it this year was so quick to come all i have is this for her but will be making her some other goodies hopefully tomorrow
  10. i also got a very pretty card from a elf in england all my cards have come from my friends here thank you elfie you sooo made my day :hug:hug:hug
  11. i recieved a very nice card from a elf in arizona , she also sent me a cute angel she made and i darling ice cicle too,thank you sooo much elf you made my day:hug:hug:hug
  12. my friend fran on here did for my nephew, maybe you could pm her and ask that question, is a very nice rug you will love it
  13. a great big hug and thank you to 2 special elves who are the best thank you elf from kentucky for the 2 ornaments and for the beautiful christmas card elfie in pa you both made my day hugs:manyheart:manyheart
  14. oh honey i feel for you yikessssssssss im glad your going with the im not cut out to teach kind of person, i tried that once but it didn't work cause they knew i taught crochet at joanns sigh i made them come and pay for my class though and neither could crochet with a darn but once they paid the 40.00 each i didn;t mind, yes it paid that well lol joannes got 25% which was 10.00 and i got 30 per student.
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