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  1. KristieMN

    Hello From Chilly Fargo!

    Hey Becca!! WHO is your mom??? LOL Good to see you got on here. I need to make it more of a habit to visit!
  2. KristieMN

    Sock money hats and beardo

    I have managed to make up quite a few of these. I believe 10 so far, with one more pink one to complete! Addie wore hers to a snow mobile race....and came home with orders for quite a few! The kids in the high school dress up for snow week. Wednesday, was lumber jack day. Of course, what lumber jack would be complete without a beard?!?!? both the kids and teachers got a kick out of Libbys outfit oh..I forgot to add this hat in the original post! My sister asked me to make a baby girl hat,...saying her friend just had a girl. Instead, my sister had a baby girl yesterday. Baby #12 for her. Here is the hat on a Sugar Britches doll
  3. KristieMN

    Playing catch-up! Mario and angry birds

    Hi all!! I have been incredibly busy!! SINCE we have a snow day today..(10+ inches in my back yard!) I thought I would get on and post some of my projects! First, these are a mix of sewn toys and crocheted. Libbys middle school nurse makes a mission trip to Africa every year....this is what we donated so far for her trip this year! I had a request from my nephew for a mario set......then came another set for another nephew...and a few more sets for nieces...and finally a set (ahem.... or 4 complete sets) went to the elementary school I work at for their reading store Needless to say, I am tried of crochet Mario!! Not sure if anyone has heard of Angry Birds (rolling my eyes)... I made the mistake of making a set for my youngest....she made the mistake of taking them to school.....THEN.. I made the mistake of agreeing to make a few kids a bird!!! So far, I have whipped out 105 birds. They get a bird, with instructions to PIF. No money...just do something nice for someone else and tell me about it. The kids love them. I only have 132 left to make! Lastly, for toys.... my favorite. I have made 5 of these. They are scattered all over the US to family. I have a few more requests for these too. This is a pattern from the KISS series I belive.
  4. KristieMN

    Weighted Snake

    Bitofwhimsey has a free pattern that is 36 inches long. I am sure you can modify it to make it longer or wider if needed. Eddie earthworm pattern
  5. KristieMN

    Bigger Frog!

    It really depends on how tight you crochet also. If you stuff it full, it will be bigger also. Just dont overstuff it so the fiberfill shows through. I am sorry you are having problems!!
  6. KristieMN

    Toys Delivered... picture heavy!!

    You can send the toys any time you want! As a matter of fact, we are planning a December visit also. Any stray toys can be delivered then. On a more serious note, Princess Ireland...who we went to visit at Ronald McDonald house, is extremely sick. She needs our prayers desperately. Here is her site again http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/irelandkaymeyer Link is clickable. Thank you!
  7. KristieMN

    Toys Delivered... picture heavy!!

    Thank you!!! I would appreciate that!! Thank you all for the kind words. I know it was very emotional for the girls to go. The princesses had never done anything like that before. It opened their eyes. I have a feeling they will be wanting to go back and volunteer. The week between Christmas and New years is slow for volunteers. I think the entire family may just have to go down and volunteer to do something there!
  8. First of all, a BIG thank you too everyone that donated toys this year!! I cant tell you how happy it made me to be able to deliver 372 toys today. In addition to the pictures in the first thread, these are the additional toys we picked up yesterday with money donations that were given to us. My 2 youngest girls packed up the car last night. My girls, Addie and Libby, (My oldest Becca is now in college...) along with the Princeton MN princesses, Katie and Steph, arrived at the Ronald McDonald house around 11 am this morning. The girls unloading the car, as well as a lady Bernice who I have talked to many times in the phone now! There is a special child that is staying here, Ireland, also known as Princess Ireland! We brought her her very own crown. However, she was WAY more interested in the bag of goodies that was given to her! After playing the Ireland for a bit, Katie, Steph, and Libby went for a tour of the house. Due to the heavy immunosuppresant drugs some of the children are on, anyone under 14 is not allowed in the back of the house. The girls also met the resident dog Jerry as you can see in the pictures. The girls were told of alot of the history of the house, and about the pictures and murals on the walls. There is a wall of Positrations. Only positive thoughts can go on this wall. There is also a memorial wall for children who have passed on. It was a very emotional tour for the girls. While the girls were touring the house, Addie and I hung out with Ireland, her mom, and her adorable 6 year old brother. (Wes got a gift bag also!) The girls had a great time. I am so very thankful that Katie and Steph came with us. I dont think they realize how much that really means to me. I know they both have a greater appreciation of their own health, as well as those around them. I am so very thankful that time and time again, when I ask for toys, I am overwhelmed with the generosity of people of Crochetville. Being on both sides of these gifts... I MUCH prefer to be in the giving side! We will definitely be doing the toy drive next year. My goal is to surpass this years donation. I will have to come up with some awesome patterns to hand out!
  9. KristieMN

    Toy drive/ DATE SET!! update 8-21 toys pics!

    O.k.. updated on how many toys we have...who and when we are delivering! Thank you to everyone who donated! I have a few mystery boxes....no emails in them! Let me know if you sent one without an email. Thanks!
  10. KristieMN


    Wrong category!~ Sorry
  11. KristieMN

    Toy drive/ DATE SET!! update 8-21 toys pics!

    Thank you all for the toys received so far!! i am just waiting for a call back from the hospital to set up a date. I am thinking of setting it up for 2 weeks from now. I will let everyone know as soon as I hear from them, and set up a date!! I will post pictures soon of all the toys!~
  12. KristieMN

    Bunny Robot Tested

    thank YOU for testing! He looks great!
  13. KristieMN

    Testers found for pretty pretty princess

    Again, thank you too all who are testing! If you missed out on testing...consider donating to my toy drive this year! You will get this pattern, plus 2 others for free with any toy donation! Thank you to my testers!
  14. KristieMN

    Testers found for Bunny Robot

    Cant wait to see the finished product! Thank you to all who are are testing for me.
  15. Last of the patterns to be tested for the toy drive! If you have donated in the years past, you know there is bunny love, bunny lion, and bunny scarecrow...this is the last for that series...bunny robot. I am hoping to have testing completed by Saturday or so. I am looking for 4-5 testers. Pm me with your email if interested! Thank you!