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    clothing for my kids!
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  1. If you stuff it more full...the turtle comes out a bit more round!
  2. It turned out adorable! Thank you so much for sharing your turtle!
  3. The turtle turned out fantastic! Thank you for the picture!
  4. Those are adorable! I love to see how others turn out using my patterns...thank you!!
  5. Kristin ..... It turned out adorable! Thank you so much for sharing.. I love to see how every ones turned out!
  6. Your turtle looks fantastic. Great job
  7. Your monkey looks great!
  8. I am flattered!! Unfortunately, I dont have a specific place to post pictures...however, if you start a thread, or just post in the pattern thread where the pattern is located, I will definitely see it!! Star Strong... I would LOVE to see their finished projects!! Kristen
  9. I hope to need testers by thursday!! I am going to snap a preview shortly, and post it on my blog. hopefully!!
  10. :lol:lol:lol:lol:lol:lol:lol I am nearly done with a pattern for the toy drive. it is called Bumble-Bunz. They are a cross between a bumble bee and a bunny. I hope to have it ready for testing later this week!
  11. I love the two colors of green! Great job!!
  12. Sorry!! I will have to clarify that! Whenever I say BLO... it is for that row only. I have started adding that into my newer patterns...now I just need to update my older patterns! I would love to see your finished projects!!! Kristen
  13. You are welcome! This is still one of my most popular patterns!
  14. WOW!! Mummynat!! You have been busy!! They all look fantastic!! You are correct, you will have one happy little girl!!
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