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  1. I love the Simply Soft Shadows yarn, but when I went to buy some recently, none of the large craft stores had it any longer. I've tried Michael's (they told me they 'can't get it' any longer), Joann's (I was told they don't carry it), and A.C. Moore. Walmart doesn't have it on their website at all. No Hobby Lobby anywhere near here. I finally ordered several skeins on eBay, but I just hate having to pay shipping. Has anyone seen this yarn recently? Thanks! Joan
  2. While the pom pom idea sounds like it would look cute, I'd be concerned about one coming loose somewhere down the line and becoming a choking hazard. I'd fill them in with something that is crocheted on so it would never pull loose. Joan
  3. Very pretty hat.... you did a great job. Which yarn/color did you use? Joan
  4. Thank you sooo much, ladies! I've been wanting to crochet some scarves for this cause, and have searched 2 Joann's, AC Moore and Michael's. None of them carried the Delft Blue color. I even called Coats & Clark Consumer Relations, and they were less than helpful or sympathetic. I don't usually shop at Walmart's but went there today after reading this thread. Yes! There it was! Delft Blue! I bought 3 skeins, and 3 of the white. Gonna get started right now! Joan
  5. The Michael's near me is fairly well stocked with yarn. I have a Joann's that is even closer, but there choice of colors in different brands is much more limited than Michael's. I also discovered that while both Joann's and Michael's sell Caron Simply Soft, Joann's is 6 oz and Michael's is 7 oz. ... for the same price! So guess where I go more often. Michael's seems to be cutting back on putting flyers in the paper, but they do accept both Joann's and A.C. Moore's coupons. Unfortunately, there is no Hobby Lobby anywhere near me. Joan
  6. I was at the fashion show in Manchester, and Christian really stole the show! We were hysterical when he jumped off the runway and kept right on modeling. He's totally adorable! JoanB
  7. For smaller items such as bags, baby items, etc., I use a piece of poster board as a background. I have the boards in white, black and gray and choose one depending on the color of the item. I try to use natural light... either in the shade by the side of my house, or just inside a glass door. I sometimes try also adding flash to the natural light. I try different exposures and then pick the best one when I upload to my computer. Good luck! Joan
  8. Green is in, so... Mr. Green, or Mr. Greenlegs, or Lean Mean Green Machine Joan
  9. I've made lots of scarves using Solomon's Knot... here's one: I've also done a Mobious Shawl and the triangular shawl from Garn Studio. YOu can control how lacy the look is somewhat by the size of yarn and by the length you make each stitch. Joan
  10. If you combine the 'fuzzy' yarn with a regular yarn, it is much easier to work with. Also, it helps if you use a very large hook. If you want that fuzzy look, you'll have to use an appropriate yarn. Joan
  11. That is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pattern source... got it saved! Joan
  12. Image not visible. Get this error message when I right click: Not Found The requested URL /_m6NPJSw48cg/SCb0hNnadMI/AAAAAAAAAJc/4pLiGI0rB7o/s1600/shopping%2Btotes.JPG was not found on this server.
  13. Precious! You did a great job! Joan
  14. That is just stunning. Love that yarn and really like the pattern. Joan
  15. I'll be there from Thursday through Sunday, taking a bunch of classes. Joan
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