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  1. Very nice!! Looks so warm!
  2. I'm finally getting around to finishing my flannelghan. One of my new year's resoutons was to finish my wips before starting any new projects. On the 3rd row of the edging.
  3. Here she is. My mom's favourite color is green.
  4. I made the dress, crinoline and sweater for a doll I gave my mom for Christmas. She loved it. Will have to get some pictures. Thanks so much for the patterns!!
  5. I'm working on one of these for my DH. Navy blue and oatmeal. Have 1 strip finished already.
  6. My bff taught me to crochet years ago, and then I started crocheting again a few years ago.
  7. You are amazing! I want to go out and buy a Dora for myself just so that I can crochet all these outfits you've been designing!!
  8. All of these patterns are amazing Darlene!! I must check with my sis to see if my niece has this Dora. She loves Dora and would love all these outfits.
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