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  1. The Pietra Shrug, my newest free pattern is up on my blog, Wolf Crochet here. This design is worked as a simple rectangle. The sides are then seamed to create armholes. The border and cuffs are worked in the round. Don't be afraid to try this. The "vines" are simply slip stitch rows. On the next row, the slip stitch row is pushed to the right side of the fabric by working into a loop behind the row. Very easy. The rest is all single crochet and double crochet.
  2. Thank you for all your very kind and complimentary comments. I had hoped that my photos of the scarf would reflect the very airy nature of the stitch but they ended up looking a bit muddy. In reality, this scarf is light-weight and has a bit of texture. Much nicer than on the photos.
  3. Hi friends! It's been a while since I have had a free pattern to share but this morning I posted the Richelieu Scarf on my blog, Wolf Crochet. This is an easy pattern and takes only one ball of Knitting Fever Painted Desert yarn (about 437 yds). The entire pattern is comprised of single crochet, double crochet and chains. What a great gift this would make! It looks so complicated but it really isn't. he pattern can be found here.
  4. This easy side-to-side vest pattern is now up on my blog. The available size is 46" bust and hips but if you are familiar with modular crochet you can easily modify this for your own size. The pattern is here.
  5. Thank you everyone! I am working on the iPad pattern and have had to re-configure the whole thing. It seems that the little e-reader pillow does not translate well to a larger size. Laceangel has a good idea about the plastic canvas but I am going to try to avoid that with this design. We'll see how it works out...
  6. I love that idea LA but I think I am geometrically challenged! It would be difficult for me to figure out how to then incorporate the tiangular base into the square pillow! But why don't you take a shot at it?
  7. I'm sorry but I just realized that I forgot to indicate the hook size for the pattern. Begin your project with H and use it unless stated otherwise. A correction to the pattern is coming.
  8. Thank you one and all for your comments. I had a request for an ipad holder so I am going back to the drawing board to see if I can make this a bit bigger. I also believe that if I work it in 2 pieces I can avoid that awkward sewing section when joining the top to the bottom. Stay tuned...
  9. Comfy it is Jimbo! Although the 2 X 4 idea might work for your flat-screen TV!
  10. One of the main problems with my Nook has been that my hands get cramped from holding it upright while I am reading in bed. So this was a very nice little object and it was pretty to boot. A little pyramid rises from a flat pillow that has a channel to hold your book or Nook. The pyramid props it up and an attached bookmark can keep your place if you are reading a book. The pattern is intermediate difficulty and uses one skein of Red Heart Super Saver. Find it on my blog here.
  11. I am sure that Caron Simply Soft will be just perfect. It tends to be a bit lighter than regular worsted weight yarn too.
  12. Thank you for your kind comments and for looking at my pattern dear friends!
  13. I decided to gather all the tiny leftover balls of yarn that I had used for the 20 pair of mitts I had made over the holidays. Using a slightly different order of colors, I finished this new scarf project in two evenings! Of course, you can use any color order that you prefer and make it as long and as wide as you want it. Just remember that your puff stitch row must always be worked on the wrong side of your fabric. The pattern is available here.
  14. This super-easy neckwarmer is worked side-to side in worsted weight yarn. The bottom ribs will expand to lie over the shoulders when the neckwarmer is buttoned. It took 2 skeins of Martha Stewart Crafts yarn but I had enough left over to make the cute fingerless gloves by Cult of Crochet. The neckwarmer pattern is here. The glove pattern is here.
  15. Thank you for looking everyone! Please help me to keep my patterns accurate by letting me know if you find an error. I don't have testers and even though I read, read, read, and re-read the patterns, it seems that some little thing always creeps in.
  16. Hi fellow villagers! I have a new free pattern up on my blog Wolf Crochet. It uses three skeins of Vanna's Choice Yarn and that will get you a scarf and a beret! Easy pattern and a nice idea for Christmas gifting. The pattern is here.
  17. The link for my pattern was not working so I had to make a new version. This one has diagrams and a paper model of the jacket. This pattern is available as a pdf at Wolf Crochet.
  18. Thank you for looking at my pattern!
  19. That's exactly right! And to make it shorter or cropped you just make the strips shorter. But the key here is to use very thin yarn or a very big hook or both. Otherwise you just won't get the nice drape. You can use any stitch you like.
  20. Thanks to the sharp eyes of all my friends here at the 'ville and on Ravelry, I've identified a few errors that needed correction. My blog has the up-dated pattern and it has been corrected on Ravelry also. The new link is: https://wolfcrochet.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/palm-beach-shrug-d.pdf Sorry about that!
  21. Actually Dottie, I would consider that size to be an extra large but since this shrug is over-sized and drapey, it can be worn by just about anyone.
  22. I was vacationing in Palm Beach when I made this shrug. It is very similar to my Up-Tempo Vest pattern but this time I added a collar and incorporated the ribbing into the body as I worked. The size is a 48" bust and you need an L hook. The whole thing is worked in half-double crochet and is simply two strips that are then sewn together. You can find the pattern here.
  23. Thanks everyone for looking at my pattern. You can really use any yarn for this. Just make sure that you use a large enough hook to get a nice drape. I think that worsted weight yarn may not glide over the shoulders well unless it is crocheted very loosely.
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