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    anything with thread (doilies, clothing, accessories, flowers)
  1. Crochet Pattern Central was moved to a new server this week. If you cannot access it, it is due to temporary DNS issues that will resolve themselves shortly. So, check back!
  2. Very elegant!
  3. Congratulations! It looks very nice!
  4. They're gorgeous! I vote both. Some with crystals and some without. That way you can make several pairs.
  5. Those are fun! I've not tried the crocodile stitch but I love the look of it.
  6. You're right, that shawl is GORGEOUS!!
  7. You're just being honest. And I agree 100%.
  8. It's very roomy...I had six or so things of thread and some skeins of lustersheen below all the thread that is easily visible!
  9. Don't tempt me! :P:P:P
  10. Let me see if I can get these photos posted of the new bag filled with the pretty threads I want to get around to using some day! Oh, and I threw in a photo of what I believe to be my one-and-only-wip (it's the edging of a shrug I started maybe five or six years ago...)
  11. Pretty!
  12. They're both gorgeous!
  13. Thanks again!!!!