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  1. Hi, here's another flower design that I made up. This flower can be attached to a button on your clothes or accessories. The center hole is oval-shaped so the flower doesn't easily slip-off. http://mycrochetstuff.blogspot.com/2011/08/crochet-flower-accent-free-pattern.html Thanks for looking
  2. Summer Crochet Band design by Mimi Alelis (this pattern is also posted on my Facebook page) This band can be used as a sporty or casual bracelet or hair accessory. This can also be used for a cell phone strap, mini bag strap, dog collar, etc. Embroidery floss normally used in cross-stitch projects was used here because it is easily available, it has a nice sheen and comes in more attractive colors. Cotton threads will work nicely too. Materials: 6-strand Anchor embroidery floss, solid color (A), 1 skein 6-strand Anchor embroidery floss, multicolor (B), 1 skein crochet hook size 2
  3. Here's my latest free pattern Mini Booties Souvenir I made 30 pairs for my niece's baby christening.
  4. Congrats Gene, gorgeous hats!
  5. mimicat


    Hi Fe, that would make a nice gift! I like the colors. What pattern are you using?
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