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Comfortghan for JessC031778 - Enough squares, Thanks!


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Hello to all you completely wonderful people!!


I am sorry that I didn't get to write this to y'all on Friday, but things were crazed with family arriving from NC and preparing for the trip to NJ yesterday...


I picked up this HUGE box Friday morning...brought it home and opened it...Rory was at school, but Lori was there, wanting to know what was in the box...I lifted out the cute bear & unicorn and let Lori pick which one she wanted..she grabbed the bear and the unicorn went onto Rory's bed to await her return. Then I read the card with this AMAZING list of all you warmhearted folks who helped create this wonderful gift for us...and then I got to the blankets.


The girls' blankets are just beautiful...again, I let Lori pick the one she wanted and laid out the second for Rory...and the baby blankets...both girls have already taken to carrying around different "buddies" wrapped up in the blankets....Lori immediately curled up on the couch with her blanket, with her new bear wrapped up in the baby blanket underneath there with her...and then I opened my blanket...


I'm speachless....it's gorgeous! Words simply cannot begin to express my feelings....


Lori was upset when I took her blanket to remove the name tags from the squares and didn't calm down until I'd returned it to her...but by then she'd figured out what I was doing and tried to help me with the tags on Rory and my blankets...


The blankets are now on each of our beds and kept us all warm & cozy Friday night....


We had Jeff's sumbel (a traditional Viking send-off...somewhat similar to an Irish wake...food, drink & tales of the life of the one who's passed) was Saturday and we stayed in NJ until this afternoon. Now we're back home and both girls immediately grabbed their new buddies and baby blankets..and Lori is right now tucked in under her blanket...


I cannot begin to thank you all enough...for your time, for your skill, for your thoughts & prayers...and for all the donations that I will be adding to the girls' college funds...when I saw that this thread had been started, I was surprised...it just didn't occur to me that y'all would do this for me...but I am so very thankful that you did...in the days & nights ahead I know there will be times I will feel alone and now I have something tangable to prove to me that I'm not....the gift of friendship & support is truly priceless and I hope you all know how very much this means to my girls and I.


Thank you all!!


Jessie Cummings


*** this soo made me cry!!!

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Tissue please. Jessie you are truly a remarkable person who will always have all of us at Crochetville, as well as, your family and friends.

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Okay. I'm crying.


Jess, you are a remarkable and insightful woman whom I am honored to know - even through an internet message board - and as well I am proud to be associated with the wonderful people here.


Yes Paulette said it so so well. I too have tears flowing just reading Jess' note. Many :hug :hug to you and the girls!

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Your post gave me chills. So glad you will have something tangible to reach for on those nights you will be feeling alone and so glad to have been a part of this



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Jess :ghug, thoughts and prayers coming to you and your girls, across these many miles, in the immediate days and all year through.

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It took me a while to get out Jess' mother's afghan, but she just sent me this note card:




The afghan is beautiful. Please thank everyone for their kindness and concern.


The afghan arrived as I was ill with bronchitis. The timing could not have been more perfect as it brought me comfort when I really needed it....


Thank you all again for the amazing gift of love and comfort."

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Hello everyone.  My screen name has changed but it's me, Jessie. Shortly after I received the absolutely stunning gift you all created for my girls and me, I took a long break from Cville (and just about everything else) and tried to figure out what life was supposed to look like after losing Jeff. I've been back on Cville for about a year & a half now, but just came across this thread and I've read every single post....I never did that before. I thought maybe some of you might remember me and want an updated snapshot of our lives.

My girls and I were destroyed by Jeff's passing, obviously.  The ghans we received from the Cville family were so comforting and kind and loving....the girls used theirs every day for several years. As they've gotten older and their personal style has developed,  the colors didn't "go" with their rooms, so they asked me to keep them safe for them, which I have done. 

We left CT after the end of the school year and moved to NC, close to my extended family.  Bought a house, got a dog, settled in, found a family therapist, figured out how to put 1 foot in front of the other as a family of three. We've been here 12 & a half years now.

I was very down for a really long time.  Couldn't even work up the interest in crochet for several years, which is why I dropped out of sight here. When I did come back,  I honestly couldn't remember my original screen name so I just made a new account. 

I was content with my girls and I honestly did not expect to ever find a new love, because I'd already had my fairytale. But, there were other plans in the works apparently because 8 years ago I met Bryan and he's amazing.  Friends for a year before dating,  then engaged and married fairly quickly.  Tomorrow (12/21) is our 7th wedding anniversary. We've had 2 daughters together.

My children are now 19, 15, 5 and 3. I've got one in each stage of crazy lol. My oldest has a promise ring from her sweetie and we're anticipating an official proposal sometime soon. #2 is in a special program that has her working on high school and college together, so when she graduates she'll have her HS diploma and an Associate's degree.  #3 started kindergarten in August and she's loving school but is extremely excited that she gets 2 weeks of not having to get up so early lol. And the baby....we're hitting potty training while everyone is home and I'm not playing taxi non-stop.

We are ok. There were some extremely dark days, but we stuck together and came out the other side. And when the darkness threatens, I still pull out my ghan from you wonderful folks and wrap myself in the love and support and strength you all imbued it with.  ♡ 

I will never be able to thank you for the blessing you gave my girls and me. Just know that even after all this time,  it's still being felt and still being used and still so, so appreciated!!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday (whichever one you celebrate!). And from the very bottom of my heart,  thank you so much ♡

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