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    I write a crafting column for the Fort Wayne, Indiana Journal Gazette
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    Crochet, knitting, reading, writing, beading, general crafting
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    Off and on for 20+
  1. Thanks Peggy. I hope she sees it too.
  2. I wasn't sure exactly where to post this, so forgive me if you've seen it already. I call this the flutter and bloom crochet quilt. It was designed with a co-worker and friend's baby in mind and published free in my bi-monthly craft column.
  3. Check out the flutter and bloom crochet quilt I designed with a friend's baby in mind. I am nearly done making this myself.
  4. Please PM me and I'll see what I can do between big projects. Thanks
  5. Lori I have some grannies daughters I started a while ago. If you want them (it's about a half of one of those bags that sheets sometimes come in) I can send them your way, just PM me. Thanks Joyce
  6. Hey C'villagers I haven't been on in a while because life and work and stuff just took over for me and I spend the bulk of my time on Facebook. I am back though to let you all know about a new source for information on crafting, including knitting and crochet. I am writing a column, with a co-worker, for the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. We also have a blog and podcast component to this column. Each Sunday, we have a column about a different craft, then we post a podcast the same day. The podcast is Math4Knitters (I know, this is crochet, but alot of us also knit). You can find us at www.journalgazette.net/craftyliving. Please understand, this is not just a crochet column, but we do currently have a crochet hat pattern posted with other crochet patterns in the works. The Math4Knitters podcast usually has a PDF of a knit "recipe" along with it. So, stop on by, check us out. We'd love if you left us feedback, whether it's about crochet, knitting, or other crafts. Amy and Donna, I apologize if this isn't appropriate. If it si not, please delete and let me know. Also, if anyone is interested in helping us out by supplying original patterns, let us know and we'll see how we can work that out. You can email craftyliving@jg.net Thanks Joyce
  7. Sissie, I've been away most of the summer because I"ve just not been crafting much, but wanted to stop by and say I'm sorry I didn't get more done for this charity. I'm glad you made the goal. Joyce
  8. The hook is making it's way to Deb. I PM'd her the DC number. Sorry for the delay in getting it out. Joyce
  9. The hook should go out this week. Sorry for the delays. My life's been crazy and I"ve not had a chance to pack it back up. Joyce
  10. Hey all Things have gotten crazy in my world and I've not been able to use the Traveling Hook. I'm waiting on an address and I can forward it on. Joyce
  11. I'm so sorry to hear of your sister in law's passing. My heart and sympathy go out to you and your family. Joyce
  12. This is a great project, will see what I can do! Thanks for the post. Joyce
  13. Thank you so much for understanding. I've already done quite the number on my nerves trying to get more and more done for the shower. Funny how we know it takes 9 months or so for a baby to get here and it's always last minute. I did some shopping for him today just in case lol. Thanks again for the understanding.:manyheart Joyce
  14. The hook is here. I got it out of my mailbox last night but I've had so much to do, I won't get to pick it up until after Sunday, sunday night at the hopefully earliest. Sorry I didn't post. Between work and prepping for a baby shower/Christening, I haven't had much time. Joyce
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