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    I write a crafting column for the Fort Wayne, Indiana Journal Gazette
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    Crochet, knitting, reading, writing, beading, general crafting
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  1. Ann I have a some scarves that are just taking up space in my small apartment. Should I just use the mailing address on your web site? Joyce
  2. I find it expensive, mostly because I"m an impulse buyer. Monday night, I officially obtained "first name basis" with one of the women at Michaels Joyce
  3. Jess Your post gave me chills. So glad you will have something tangible to reach for on those nights you will be feeling alone and so glad to have been a part of this Joyce
  4. What a great idea Krystal! Always thinkin' aren't ya?!?! Joyce
  5. Absolutely. You did a great job putting this all together in a relatively short amount of time. The crown, and title that comes with it, is well deserved Joyce
  6. OH YAY Krystal. What an awesomely huge task you took on. Good for you being so near the finish line:hook Joyce
  7. Krystal The afghan looks fabulous. You really did a terrific job of putting it all together. Everyone the squares are beautiful. PA -- still thinking good thoughts that yours will make it to Krystal Joyce
  8. From the USPS web site: Weight cannot exceed 70 pounds. Length + girth (distance around the thickest part of the package) cannot exceed 108 inches. (Parcel Post cannot exceed 130 inches.) Hope that helps. You did a wonderful job laying those out. Joyce
  9. That's just great. Read the post earlier about the girls and Jess cuddling under on big hug and nearly cried. Joyce
  10. All great to know! Thanks Krystal. My squares went out today (noon pickup I believe) but I included a note that I wouldn't have any money until Friday, so I'll pop something in the mail Friday a.m. Joyce
  11. Oh Birdlady...you're so right and I had been wondering what those numbers meant Joyce
  12. Wow everyone here is so talented. I am loving the squares, the colors everything. That doll square is just gorgeous. Here are 4/6 squares I'll be sending out tomorrow. These are prior to blocking so forgive the apparent wonkiness The upper left corner one is not red, though it looks it. It's Caron SS brights in a pink, the darker purple is Caron SS too, the light pink is Baby Coordinates and the lavendar is RHSS Joyce
  13. I'm in! I'll make some kids' squares. This is so heartbreaking, but wow, what a terrific group of folks we have here to respond like this. No one but crocheters could appreciate it. Thank you all. You've made my night Joyce
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