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    I am a married mom of two boys, love my dog, Mitli a Westie, and our callico cat.
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    Crochet, and spending time with my family
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    Nurse in Alzhiemers Unit
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    Doilies, afghans, table cloths
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    Since I was 10 years old

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  1. Oh my goodness, IS IT YOU?? MY friend Samina??? I have been so curious about you, I wondered if you went back home, got married, got yhour doctorate...wow, I am so happy to see you!!!!!!!! I still think of you everyday when I make my tea from the tea room, I had to order more, you got me kooked, PLEASE keep in contact, I have TRULEY missed you, and have been though alot myself.. my e-mail is JoAnnDillon at MCHSI dot com PLEASE get ahold of me!!! I have missed you soooooo very much!!! Much Love JoAnn AKA JoBug...my PM is turned off right now because of my health problems, but you can get ah
  2. I have done MANY family name doilies, too many to count in fact...here is what I do, I run through ALL the thrift stores, and go through their picture department, look for a frame that would be suitible, i HAVE FOUND lovely ONES for a couple bucks, THEN if you want it with just ONE mat color underneath, you can do it yourself, do NOT glue it, it will ruin your doily. ,you just need to place it right, and then find a ppeice of cardboard, I have been known to use pop cases, lol, to add to the strength of the seal when you put the back on. now then if you want more than the one traditional mat, I
  3. I ADORE your patterns, and have one on the hook now...the daisey baby one, its lovely too!!
  4. I am so jeleous, I have YET to be able to accomplish one of her doilies, they are AMAZING!!!!!!
  5. Very Nice work Vonnie!! As USUAL!!
  6. She will love it I am sure!!
  7. That is LOVELY!!!! Have a home for it...lol....
  8. wow! Just what I been working on with the and for the kids, fantastic, keeps me going here!!!!! HUGS JoAnn
  9. WOMAN you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO talented I swear!! I wish I had a 1/100th of your talent!!! Hugs and Love JoAnn
  10. me too!! I had the little red ridding hood and big bad wolf as a child!! I would LOVE it if someone would write up a pattern!!! Mine was sewn by my granny too....such fond memories, thank you ANd LOVELY WORK!! THE DOLL IS FABULOUS!!!
  11. Thank you! That is the one I wanted the Mary Maxim one, hummmmm now gotta get moeny to order it..lol..
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