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    I am a married mom of two boys, love my dog, Mitli a Westie, and our callico cat.
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    Crochet, and spending time with my family
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    Nurse in Alzhiemers Unit
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    Doilies, afghans, table cloths
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    Since I was 10 years old

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  1. I updated with a personal issue, NOT crochet related just family troubles http://joanndillon.blogspot.com/2009/09/wow-wow-wow-wow-and-wow.html
  2. I updated mine to international crochet day! http://joanndillon.blogspot.com/2009/09/september-12th-are-all-you-hookers.html
  3. I updated my blog my sweet angel girl great neice Sammi came over, she just turned 4 got some pictures and if you look on you can see what I got for my anniversary present from hubby..but I dont got a picture yet..lol here is the link http://joanndillon.blogspot.com/2009/08/samaria-warrior-princess.html
  4. POOR blog was neglected........lol....this post my second of today, I chat about my Jimbo hook..nice read if I say so myself... http://joanndillon.blogspot.com/2009/07/and-my-friend-jimbo-has-two-new-hooks.html off to dialysis, hubby is here, time to go.......... have a blessed day friends! JoBug
  5. This link is to a business card (for items I give away) a member so KINDLY made me, so I posted it on my blog..here is the link to that post, http://joanndillon.blogspot.com/2009/05/ask-and-you-shall-recieve.html
  6. I have done a couple, and am now on one for ME ME ME ME mine will be the same as the greens one....I will post it when I am done...3 rows left!!! Here are the other two I did, I HAVE done more than that, but these are the pics I have..and by the way, you all are doing a WONDERFUL JOB!!
  7. Here is mine I been working on, it is Aggie Mays pattern, and goes along great! Now this is for a five year old girl, picture taken on my king sized bed..I dont know how far to keep going on it............ picts are clickable, and I think I will go till I run outta yarn, I am using LionBrand Pounds of love, one white one Pink..... and an H hook.
  8. F-A-T-E, no other way to explain it, I got one of these dolls at goodwill saterday, and being a nurse, I WILL be turning her into me!! Love it, printing RIGHT now!!! HUGS HUGS HUGS!! Just thought I would add, she was $3.00!!! Well, she had a hair cut, but this will hide PEFCETLY under her cap!!! OMG< I am on top of the world!!
  9. Hey dearheart, all I got to say is: YOUR LUCKY I HAVE TWO CPK'S!!! LOL!! So I don't have to go buy one, like Dora....hahahahaha, LOVE it!! I will be looking for more...is this the first one you did in the CPK? I will have to go look now...gosh darn it..lol
  10. You sure did a WONDERFUL job Krystal, thank you!! :hug :hug
  11. Krystal, I m glad you all made it home safe , maybe not sound, but safe, that is the important thing. I see my squares made it , I tell you, mail I SEND arrives timely mail I RECIEVE< takes forever...imagine that J. Dillon - what's your screen name? thats me JoBug!
  12. Hi Krystal, I will get mine out this morning, feeling good enough to venture out today. I hope they will get there in time. Hugs JoAnn
  13. Dear Krystal, I am sorry I wasn't able to get mine in todays mail, I couldn't get out of bed, a bad cold, but I will get there tommorow, I snet my husband to the post office to check the mail and didn't even think to have him mail it, sorry, but it will get there in time, I am sure of it. Have you heard from Jessie by e-mail or phone? I am just wondering how she is coping, and if she needs anything else. Okay off I go, to have a cup of tea and back to my sick bed. Thanks dear JoAnn
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