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  1. I'm in again this year! I love crocheting blankets for the little babies.
  2. I love seeing all the blankets. I love the FB page too. Kathryn got me going on the fleece edging and I have been loving it. I bought fleece on sale and have enough for about 28 blankets. I'm having fun edging them all.
  3. I'm in again this year and even have a couple tiny afghans made!! I love crocheting for this cause!
  4. Glad they liked the stuff this year. Hope to make more for you next year too. Thanks of doing this each year!!
  5. YAY!! Let us know what they say about the delivery and can you give us a total for this year?? I've already got a few made for next year too!!
  6. Thank you for the suggestions Granny Square!!
  7. I've made BICO's with Lion Brand Homespun and would like to make a baby BICO using Bernat Baby Coordinates. Do I use the same amount of stitches? How do I make it the right size? It seems as though if I use a smaller yarn, that the sweater will be smaller. I plan on using a J hook and I did a sample and it looks ok. Can anyone help? Thanks!!
  8. I have a bunch to send. I am using my leftover balls of Homespun and making some preemie ones. I also made a couple of hats. I'll send my clown box when I am done with this batch!!
  9. Once you get the hang of a granny, it will be easy. For years I could NOT make a granny square. My aunt showed me, diagrammed it for me and I still couldn't do it. A few years ago, I sat down with a pattern and lo and behold I made my first ever granny square!! Look at the tutorials posted here and stick with it. Then let us know when you have done it!!
  10. I have several afghans made. I am not crochetting as much as normal since I am going to school, but I hope to get a full box to you this summer!!
  11. I mostly crochet for charity. I make baby afghans (full size and preemie) and I make a lot of prayer shawls. I like to make cotton dish/wash cloths too.
  12. I'm in again this year! I even have a couple afghans made already!!
  13. 120 seems like a light count for this year. I know I didn't send as many as I usually do....
  14. Joann's just had a 25% off sale and I bought some yarn. Also, I have made afghans for people and felt so used. People that don't crochet do not realize how much yarn costs, plus the time and effort we put in to a project. I think non crocheters think we can just whip something up in no time at all. I started charging people the cost of the yarn, or I ask them to purchase the yarn for the project and tell them what to buy and how much to buy.
  15. Kathryn, I've been praying for your dad too. And for you!! Can't wait to see the pics and totals! Take care of your foot.
  16. I use hot pads and pot holders interchangeably. The very first cotton dishcloths I made, I made so tightly, with an "F" hook I think, the most of the people I gave them to used them for hot pads! lol
  17. I made six of them and sent them off this morning!! Washcloths are so easy, you can take them anywhere to work on them~!
  18. Could any of you ladies explain to me what the difference is with these two tools?? Do they both do the same job or what?? I think I would like to put edges on flannel or fleece and want to know the best way to makes holes in the edges. Thanks for your help!!
  19. This is a perfect project for me right now!!
  20. And I love it!! It makes all my leftover yarn into neat little balls. Now I don't have yarn ends laying around everywhere!! I bought the one from Knit picks!!! Great price and it works well.
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