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    sahm momma, 2 children
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    Reading, crochet, needlepoint, church, bird watching, my children
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    Baby blankets
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  1. I made six of them and sent them off this morning!! Washcloths are so easy, you can take them anywhere to work on them~!
  2. This is a perfect project for me right now!!
  3. A teacher, Mrs. Travis. She was old, had blue hair and always wore dresses. I took an elective Home Ec course and learned to crochet and needlepoint. We could have learned knitting but I had no interest. I still have the sampler I made in high school from that class!!!
  4. Mrs. Travis. Home ec teacher. In high school. It was an elective course. I chose crochet and needlepoint. I loved that class and got an A in it. I still have my needlepoint sampler too. I was 16 yrs old. Mrs Travis is long gone now. She was very old and had blue hair when she taught me in that class.
  5. Oh good!! you had me worried for a minute and I went and rechecked the link!! I just got home and I bought some cotton thread to do this project with!!
  6. Did you check the link in post 15?? That's where I went and I saw no indication that they didn't need them anymore!!!
  7. Wow. I worked at a clinic and we had one woman with Hansens!! This is a project I think I would like to participate in. Thanks for the info.
  8. I saw your RR!!! I thought--there's a RR!!! It sure is pretty in person!
  9. I used a K hook I think. I am giving it to the Uganda children (it's posted in the charity forum) I will not be adding to it. I frogged and frogged and frogged about 4 or 5 times I think. THEN I finally got the hang of it.
  10. Here is my Round Ripple. It is 29 inches across and 17 rows. It was left over yarn and that's all I had of it.
  11. Wow--they all look great. You have done a wonderful job of putting them together.
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