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  1. Ok, that is it. That is the most incredible, amazing detailed, crochet I have ever seen. I too bow down to your crochet greatness. People think I have patience and creativity, they haven't seen anything!! Hope you don't mind, I am sharing your link with everyone. Incrediable and so very loving. I almost cried when I saw it, what a deeply loving gift to create and give.
  2. dragonfli

    Cate Blanchett's crocheted dress

    I know what you mean, I just keep finding myself coming back here to look at it. LOL!! Well it is definately an attention getter!! Hey maybe her granny made it for her and she wanted to show it off? If that is the case, then "you go girl"!!
  3. dragonfli

    Crochet On The Red Carpet

    That is a bit over the top! With so many beautiful Crochet Dresses and garments out there why in the world would she wear a grannyghan? What was she thinking? Well, maybe her granny made it for her and she wanted to wear it for her?
  4. dragonfli

    Christmas Throw Pattern

    I have made many afghans for my mom and she loves them all and uses them on the bed and couch. My sister said she made a comment the other day about wanting something she can just throw over her legs while sitting in her chair and watching TV, something smaller. So, I found a pattern for an everyday throw, but I thought it would be really nice to make her a Christmas throw for Christmas. I want a challenging pattern. If I get something that is to repeaticious I get bored and it becomes a WIP - FOREVER. Level of challenging would be liiiikkkkkeeee, I did the Stained Glass Window Afghan in the 50 Sensational Afghan's and Throws (loved it - - total challenge!!) and Lily Chin is always challenging, but I just finished two from her so want a little break. Any suggestions?
  5. dragonfli

    In September I will

    I will: 1. Finsh Baby Hexegon Afghan for BFF baby due Nov 24th, w/bb shower on 10/17; 2. Finish binding on zig zag bb afghan for same bff's bb; 3. Finish bb sweater, hat, socks n booties for (you guessed it!) same bff's bb; 5. Finish daughter's afghan to match her newly decorated room (we just moved to new house); 6. Start my mom's x-mas afghan; and HERES THE BIG ONE Try not to start any new projects that I know I can't possibly finish!!!!
  6. dragonfli

    I'm new and gonna need lots of help

    Well I'm old and sometimes I still need help!! This is the place!! Good luck with your project!!
  7. dragonfli

    Cate Blanchett's crocheted dress

    That is just a bit over the top I would say. Looks like a grannyghan trimmed in fun fur. I'm sorry that is soooo funny ! I mean there are so many classy crochet dresses out there, what was she thinking?
  8. dragonfli

    Two of my afghans -- just for ME

    Those are lovely, beautiful work
  9. Hello everyone, this is Amber, Dragonfli's daughter. I have been trying to post pictures of the comfortghan you all made for my mom, but haven't been able to get them to upload. My dad just figured out that as a new member, I don't have the privilege of loading pictures. I had to put them on my mom's old PC and log on as mom, so I can upload the pictures, because mom has been a member for a long time and she has lots of posts. Anyway, let me know if you all can see the pictures. I tried to get the comfortghan to lay flat and then take the pictures but for some reason each square puffs up like little marshmellows saying, "pick me, pick me" lol!! Anyway, while you can't get a good sense of the size, you can sure see all the pretty squares. I took some pictures of the squares that had tags, but you can't read the names on the tags, but I am sure you each know which one is yours. Mom loves it and says it is beautiful. She says it is fun to look over the tags and hasn't let me take them off yet. LOL!! Ok here goes: Ok, I guess the site is not going to let me post all fo the squares, but I got some of them on here. Hey I guess you can read some of those tags!! Hey I am a photographer!! Well, I know where to push the button anyway, but these are pretty good pictures!! This is kinda fun!! Amber
  10. dragonfli

    Flower Trellis Shawl

    Ooooohhhhhh, very pretty!
  11. dragonfli

    Caution To All Crocheters:

    Thanks for the advice!! Just wanted to give you a jump start on saving some new free Vinage Patterns, doilies, runners, baby clothes, afghans, handbags, etc., Check it out! http://*************************************
  12. dragonfli

    Felted Dance Bag

    Ok, I was so dazzled by the beautiful bag I didn't read it good enough, what is "punch needle embroidery"?
  13. dragonfli

    Felted Dance Bag

    What an awsome dance bag! My daughter is a Level 5 Ballet dancer and she is looking over my shoulder and whats you to know that she would "totally buy that bag -- it is mag" (her words - she's out the door, but I think mag means magnificent). Did you use a pattern? How did you make the "Dance" on the front? Is it a patch? It matches so perfectly.
  14. dragonfli


    Hello Nora! Welcome to the ville. I look forward to seeing some of your projects and hearing about your progress. I am sorry to hear about your mom. My grandmother taught me to crochet and knit and I find that carrying on her tradition of a handmade gifts brings me peace, happiness and wonderful memories of our time together and hope it does the same for you!!