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  1. WOW! That is a lot of work!! It turned out great!! I love the fleece backing, what a great idea! Now my head is spinning with all kinds of possibilities!! Thanks so much for sharing.
  2. I have not thought of using thread with the tunisian. I bet that works up really nice. I think I will make my mother a table runner!! Thanks for the great idea. Right now I am using a J Tunisian Hook, I bought the set which was H, I, J, and K. Does anyone know where I can get B or C Tunisian Hook? I haven't seen any in any of my LYS. Thanks everyone for all the great advice. I will post a pic of the Afghan/Blanket as soon as I am done with it. Jess315, I think you are right, the density of the stitch makes it more suitable as a blanket when worked up and a medium weight yarn like RHSS. But it
  3. I didn't realize I could get a "cable hook". I have only ever read about or seen the Tunisian Hooks. This is definately something I will have to look into. For now, I am going to try the pillows. Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone. Is there anyone out that that likes to Tunisian Crochet? I just started an afghan that is entirely Tunisian stitch and have discovered that not only does it take twice as long, but it is giving me a pain in my shoulders. Does anyone have any experience with this? Here I am thinking "Oh I love this stitch, won't it make a really great tight woven afghan?" So, I decide to make an entire afghan out of this stitch!! I wrote out a pattern and mapped out the color scheme on my Exel Macro and started right in. Well, all I can say is 4 hours later - - OUCH! My neck and shoulde
  5. Jess , thoughts and prayers coming to you and your girls, across these many miles, in the immediate days and all year through.
  6. Krystal those are absolutely wonderful! I don't know how you got them all done so fast!! You definitely deserve a gold medal! You are wonderful!
  7. Hey Krystal16, I checked out your blog and looked at all of your charity stuff. It is all beautiful, absolutly top of the line and I am sure your comfortghans bring smiles and comfort to each person/child that receives one. You sound like such a busy mom, I don't know how you do it all! After work and family at the end of the day I am lucky to grab an hour or two to myself and my hook!!
  8. Oh My Goodness, it is lovely! What a beautiful job you have done!! You have the biggest heart, what a lot of work!! I would use it as a bedspread, it is that wonderful!!!! Everyone sent such lovely squares too!! I am in awe of you! Keeping fingers and toes crossed for Poison Apple!!
  9. Hey, I want to see the pictures too. I went to the blog spot, but I didn't see anything. Am I doing this wrong. Well . . . . I am not very savy at the pictures thing and links, and so on. Can someone help me. Everyone keeps saying how lovely it looks, but I can't seeeeee!! Thank you!!
  10. Yaaaayyy, mine made it, I saw my zip, that was pretty fast too. I only mailed in on the 14th. Sounds, like they are going to have some nice big snuggly afghans. Try not to wear yourself out putting them together. You are an angel!
  11. Krystal16: Just mailed out three squares and postage. Colors: One Cream, One Victorian Rose, and One Chocolate. She says you should have them in 2-3 days. Laurine/Dragonfli
  12. I wish I was from CT, I love it there! My father-in-law Bill lives in Mystic and his sister Adele lives in Noank. I prefer the humid heat to the dry arid heat any day! In the summer time, breathing in this valley is like breathing in fire! My DH is from CT and I would love to move there!! I am so jealous!!
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