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  1. Mona...Thank you for the compliment! It's the Anna's Tales CAL, except that I was running short on yarn so I skipped the last 3 rounds before the border. I was a really well written pattern and easy to work up!
  2. We had another good week!! Gold Inkked0317 +8 Silver greyhoundgrandma +4 Copper PBLKNP +2 Holding Steady MalisaMeesa! Fourth week in a row with no negative scores I'll do the scores next weekend! And remember next Saturday is the last Saturday in the month, so please post your monthly totals too!!
  3. I finished 1 skein with the Northern Diamond blanket and then 3 more skeins on my Anna's Tale CAL...both are finished now. Gave the Northern Diamond to my mom and storing Anna until there's a new little girl expected in our circle. WTD +8 YTD +70 I'll do the scoreboard tomorrow afternoon.
  4. Hi everyone!! This week's scoreboard is.... Gold Inkked0317 +39 Silver MalisaMeesa +12 Three way tie for Bronze! Ellie13, greyhoundgrandma & PBLKNP +2 And it's the third week in a row with no negative scores!!! I'm proud of all of us for not buying any yarn yet this year ūü§£ I'll post the scores again next week
  5. I've nearly finished my Northern Diamond blanket...two seams and a border is all that's left. This week I used up 37 balls and finished the Pound of Love skein I started last week on this project. WTD +39 YTD +62 I will tally the scores tomorrow afternoon, sometime after 1 pm.
  6. Happy Sunday everyone! This week's scoreboard has Inkked0317 +23 PBLKNP +2 and greyhoundgrandma and howieann holding steady! No Shoot the Moon winner this week! I'll do the scores again next week!
  7. I've been a hooking fiend this week, trying to get as much done before my next semester starts on Monday. I finished a baby blanket using squares from the Wrapped in Jaime CAL, I started the Anna's Tales CAL, started the Sophie's Universe pattern, and made a BUNCH of squares using the Northern Diamond design. I was gifted a Scheepjes stone wash/River wash color pack for Christmas, which is what I'm doing the Northern Diamonds with and I'm counting each 10 g color as a 1 point ball. This week I used 2 complete skeins between the Jaime, Sophie, and Anna patterns. I had to order 1 skein for my Sophie. And I've used up 21 balls with the Northern Diamond squares. WTD :+23 YTD :+23 I will post the groups scoreboard around 1 pm EST tomorrow ‚ô°
  8. Howieann...I updated the post to include your score! RandiB82...when you're on the page to edit your signature, check out all the little buttons along the top of the signature box...font size & color options are there somewhere ūüėÄ welcome back!!
  9. Ok so for the first score of 2021.... Howieann gets the first gold!! +4 PBLKNP has the first silver!!! +2 The rest of us are holding steady with 0 points at the moment ‚ô° I will do the scores until we get a shoot the moon winner lol
  10. If anyone wants to post their scores for this first weekend in 2021, I will do the scorecard.... I'll tally any scores reported by 8 pm tonight ‚ô°
  11. Oh no!!!!! Thank you for the update....
  12. Hi Mona!!! I definitely want to get back to tracking my yarn usage for 2021! I stopped keeping track and my stash has positively exploded!!!
  13. Oh Mona I'm so sorry to hear this!!!! I had covid back in August but my only symptom was pink eye....I'll be praying for you both!!!
  14. I was just gifted a Scheepjes color pack and picked this for my pattern!
  15. Merry Christmas everyone ‚̧ I completely dropped off this challenge in August but definitely would like to get back into it next year.... I decided 2021 will be the year of just doing projects for me, because I keep putting my wish list on pause for everyone else. For Christmas I was gifted the printed &bound pattern for Sophie's Universe and a Scheepjes Stone Wash/River Wash color pack....and today I ordered the yarn for my Sophie, as well as for the Anna's Tale CAL that kicks off on Sunday and some new colors for my stash.... Between having a majorly overgrown stash, and needing to get really really serious about cutting unnecessary spending, I plan on pulling for my projects from my stash as much as humanly possible next year!
  16. Hi everyone! So I know I completely disappeared for several months. I just wanted to check in, let you know I'm still alive. It's been an insane year. I had covid; missed my bonus daughter's baby shower because of it; got completely fried on doing project after project for everyone other than me; my firstborn turned 20, got married 2 weeks later and cut all ties with the entire family; my grandpa passed, and my bonus daughter literally JUST gave birth to her little girl a few hours ago...and we're currently quaranteened until we get my 16 yr old's covid test results back which probably won't be until Friday...and that's just the past few months. So... needless to say, my ability to keep track of ANYTHING has gone completely to crud. I will start anew in January. As of right now, I have finished ALL the projects for other people, and I've decided that 2021 will be a year where I prioritize the projects I want to make. I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving has a great time tomorrow ūü•į
  17. This week I've made a baby blanket, a car seat cover, a hat, and started a second blanket. Used up 4 skeins. WTD +8 YTD +99
  18. I started, frogged & restarted a blanket for my granddaughter last week, and then I haven't touched yarn at all since, so nothing used up. WTD 0 YTD +91 Now I'm going to pour some wine, get my shows playing, and get to work on this blanket!
  19. This week I finished a project for my church....10 lamb ragdolls to be given as a gift from the church for baby dedications ‚ô° took me 10 days to do and I used up 3 balls. Now I get to start working on things for my new granddaughter!!! Baby shower is in September, so I've got time but I want to get a jump on things. WTD +3
  20. Happy mother's day to all the mommas here ‚ô° I finisged my Sashiko Happy Coat (just have to find buttons) and used 4 balls on that. Then I made little pink baby sneakers for my bonus daughter's gender reveal and used 2 balls there. And then the yarn sale!! Ordered 19 skeins that are all for making baby stuff lol. WTD -32 YTD +88
  21. So....my bonus daughter is expecting ‚ô°‚ô° and today they did the gender reveal ‚ô°‚ô° and we officially have our first granddaughter on the way!!!!!! Obviously this requires me to buy yarn while it's on sale so I can get these hooks moving making stuff for her!!! Ordered 19 skeins hahaha not even sorry about the hit my score is taking this week!!
  22. Hi all! I've been working on my Sashiko Happy Coat this week I'm about 90% done and I've decided that..as much as I love the decorative stitching in the pattern....I just can't get it right so I'm going to do my own design instead lol. Hopefully I'll be finishing it this next week. I used up 8 skeins this week. WTD +16 YTD +120
  23. This week I've started the Sashiko Happy Coat MAL and used up 6 skeins, and I made a little lamb ragdoll for church and used a ball up. WTD: +13
  24. Hi everyone just checking in. Things have been crazy these past few weeks so I just kind of disappeared. I've bought some yarn but I used it all up, so I'm going to call it a net zero and just start tracking from today on. I hope everyone is doing well with all the new guidelines and safety measures going on ‚ô°
  25. So I don't have any points to add from the dragon, but I did make a little lamb lovie today and used up a skein! WTD +2 YTD +99 I got an email from a friend who is wanting to downsize her stash, so I know at some point I'm going to get a few boxes with an unknown amount of yarn in it...looking forward to that even if it means taking a hit on my points lol. I have several people who are asking me if I can make them a stuffie....but honestly after that dragon I just don't want to make ANYTHING stuffed for a while, so I'm going to try my hand at some wearables for myself. Should be interesting lol
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