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  1. Thank you. Although, it's not that impressive when you realize there are many years' worth of work there... I didn't just do all of that in a short time!
  2. Barbara - I did Patricia Kristofferson's "Momentous Occasion" in an afghan. I used a G hook and Red Heart Soft in white, and toward the outside when it wanted to cup, I did edc (extended double crochets) instead of regular ones.... http://www.ravelry.com/projects/krystal16 You can look on here for more details and a picture - it will be way down towards the bottom because I did it two years ago.
  3. Donna - it was just about all the time the last couple of days. I'm not sure if it was just in the SKY thread or not - is it possible we're just due for another archive?
  4. Thanks. The 'Ville has been quirky the last few days, not wanting to load. I'm not sure if it was the video links or not, it will be interesting to see if this solves the issue!
  5. I didn't realize there was a post here about this. I am also always logged in, and I have had the image ads as well. Only, they're not just IMAGES, they're video as well.
  6. I understand the need for advertising revenue, but these "Video" Google ads are taking FOREVER for my pages to load. I'm on dial-up and the delay is obnoxious! Is there some way to block the "video" ads and go back to just text ads?
  7. What pattern are yuo looking for? Sometimes the patterns are repeated in other publications. Ravelry is good for finding out that info as well.
  8. i got mine from a friend in the UK. You might want to find someone there and ask if it's still on the shelves?
  9. I just checked my ravelry stash and I have none of that kind. If you have the kind that stripes, maybe you can clip out just the blue section and finish up what you need?
  10. I just finished a pounder on my Aran afghan! That brings me up to +4 WTD/+5 YTD...
  11. I finished off a pounder, so add +2 for me, bringing me up to +3 for the month. (+2 for the week)
  12. OK, since today is the first of the month, I'm going to jump in at the end of the week anyway. I bought a pounder to work on my Aran -2 I finished a skein of sport on my cardigan +2 I finished another ball of sport that I had from the last cardigan +1 Net total MTD is +1 You don't have to count me in the week, but you can....
  13. I am considering joining in for August... just as added incentive to my stashbusting using my ravelry database!
  14. I didn't really sit and count it. I inventoried it in Ravelry, with the help of my 4 slaves children. Ravelry allows you to export it to excel, where I added up the column for number of skeins. Now I know exactly what I have. I love ravelry a bizillion gazillion (as my son would say)
  15. Here's an eye-opener... I just put all my yarn into ravelry. (After taking it out and petting it, organizing it, admiring it, dreaming about what it wanted to be when it grew up...) When all is said and done, I have 478.5 skeins of yarn right now. (And to think, I sold several hundred skeins of yarn earlier this year!)
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