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  1. Hmm... I might have to jump in this one a little bit later. I have a cousin in my Xmas exchange that loves hearts and roses, also the colors mauve and maroon... I think I see this project in my future.... I have the mag, so I'll just have to get teh yarn when I'm ready! In the meantime, I'll be here to drool over everyone else's projects!
  2. OK, I have finally earned myself the right to work on a motif of my afghan.... I worked out yesterday! My eating has been sloppy, but I'm trying to rein it in yet again. Slow and steady wins the race, right?
  3. I can't use any artificial sweeteners, but Stevia and Agave Nectar are both low-or-no calorie natural sweeteners.
  4. Oh, yes, they do get that big if they like the conditions! I have one that came with my house 12 years ago that we call "Jabba"... It's a good 12 feet now. Every couple of years I go in there with my loppers and cut off the underside branches so that it grows upright more in a teardrop shape instead of a big fat blob. The look really attractive when you can see the bow of the underside branches and the trunk... I can find a pic somewhere if you'd like to see?
  5. Jessica - you need to find a better chart for body fat percentage. 21% BF is in a very fit category. Female professional athletes are in the 15-20% range. You are certainly not in any BF category that requires modification. I'd say that either your measurement method was inaccurate or you really don't need to lose 15-20 pounds. If you were truly that overweight, you wouldn't have that percentage to lose.
  6. OK, I finally got back on the wagon. Went to my weigh-in for the first time in WEEKS and managed to ONLY gain .6 pounds through the holidays. I'm encouraged and back to points and exercise. Yay, me! I still haven't done any motifs, but I was scary close to not trying at all.
  7. Our leader say you don't "own" a weight loss until you've weighed in at that level for two weeks in a row. She's not trying to discount our efforts, but she says if you hit that number (or lower) for two weeks in a row, then you can count on it not just being a fluke. On-again-off-again good is still enough for a loss as long as your overall total stay lower. Congratulations!
  8. Gina - I would definitely NOT worry about losing weight AND quitting smoking at the same time. Reward yourself for not smoking, but just be conscious of what you are substituting for that "oral fix"... I wouldn't worry about weight loss/gain at this point. What you're doing is much too important to get tangled in weight loss as well. JMO, though.
  9. Gina - I've never been a smoker, but I have read that you're supposed to replace your old smoking times and habits with non-calorie things, etc. Also, they have shown that the MORE stopping methods you use (patch, hypnosis, gums, etc.) the better your success rate. Cold turkey only has like a 4% success rate. Each thing you add on to help you increases your likelihood of success.
  10. Tia, I think I'm going to do something just a bit different. I'm doing WW, but having a hard time lately actually caring about tracking my points. So, I am going to change mine to doing one motif each day that I stay on track with counting and following my points guidelines. I want to reward myself for changing my eating habits, not the end result. I've got to do the first to get to teh last!
  11. Diane - I think that is a good idea, to keep on going on your afghan if you are maintaining... If I ever get to my goal weight, (or even lose for that matter), I think I will use that idea and have another afghan that is my "maintenance" afghan - as long as I am maintaining, I can do a round/row a week.... A very good idea, indeed!
  12. Mary - that is just beautiful! Congratulations on your weight loss. Working on something that pretty as a reward must be extra gratifying!
  13. I tried the Stevia, but if you use it in things that are naturally bitter (like Coffee), it accentuates the bitterness. I couldn't get it sweet enough for my liking. It is supposed to be good in other sweetened things, but honestly I don't really sweeten much else.
  14. ding ding ding ding ding ding!!! We have our first WINNER! Congrats, KT!!!
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