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  1. Hi everyone! This week I made a shawl as a gift for my friend's daughter who has just found out she's expecting a baby girl. I remember it was always cold during those 2 am feeding times and using a shawl helped me keep my upper half warm while feeding the baby lol. I used 2 skeins and a ball (+5) on this. I've also started a blanket using Mandala yarn and a pattern called As Time Goes By...haven't used up a skein yet on that though. WTD: +5 YTD: +178 I'll update my signature the next time I'm on my laptop ♡
  2. Hi everyone! This week I used up a skein and a ball finishing a drawstring bag with a logo on one side from an xbox game. I've got a few projects planned now so hopefully I'll start hooking more soon! WTD:+3
  3. Hi all! I never posted this past weekend, but I'd used up a skein on a Logo graph bag, so I'll just update my signature with that. Today I used a skein and a ball finishing the Logo bag, so I'll have something to report on Saturday lol I need to get back into the habit of posting each Saturday....
  4. Hi everyone!! I actually got some hooking done this week! First, I pulled a bunch of yarn for my niece, who is making kid's scarves for charity. I mailed off 13 skeins and 15 balls to her (+41). I also made my first Kawaii cuddler from 3amgrace, the mermaid, and used 4 balls (+4) on that. Then today I got a really good start on a graph project for one of the kids at church. He really likes some Xbox game and I found a graph for the logo, so I'm making him a drawstring bag for him. I've used 3 balls (+3) so far. WTD: +48 YTD: +168 It feels so good to be working on my projects again! I've been so distracted with all these big things going on that my crafting has fallen by the wayside.
  5. Hi everyone! I feel like I've been MIA for a while Little funny to daughter's boyfriend was helping at the house a couple days ago. He apparently came across the multiple storage bins of yarn...he said "Wow Jess, I know you'd said you had a bunch of yarn, but you should just be banned from yarn shopping!!! That's SO MUCH YARN!!" lol and then I got to see him eyes bug out when I told him about this challenge group and how well I did last year....he couldn't imagine that my stash used to be even bigger Tonight my plan is to head out to the garage (where all my stash is currently housed) and pull yarn to ship off to my neice. She's making charity scarves so I figured I'd save her some money on the materials. I'm also going to pull yarn for a project. I haven't worked on an actual project since my surgery two months ago. I need to get back into making things! I miss my cro-jo there's just been so much going on lately!
  6. I am loing all these projects everyone has posted!!! So, bad news, I haven't touched yarn in a while so no score for me this week. Good news, we were approved for the loan! Closing date is 7/2 and then we should be able to start on the build! I'm so excited!!!
  7. The past week and a half has been insane and I never posted last Saturday, so I'm just going to update my signature to reflect the two balls I used up on a scrap blanket. I've been sick this week and finishing up the work here at the house before we go to apply for the loan on Friday, so I haven't touched yarn or hook at all. Going through fiber withdrawals lol. And Hubs is prepparing to head out with the Army for the next 3 weeks, so all in all it's been a stressful week... Please send prayers/good vibes/positive energy my way Friday morning. Getting this loan would mean my mom could come live with us and we all REALLY want that to happen, ASAP. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi all!! This week I made my first Drop in the Pond blanket! It is lapghan sized but I'm going to be giving it as a baby shower gift. Used 2 skeins and 3 balls of yarn up (+7) and I'm thinking I may make a bigger version in green, brown & cream for my living room soon. Then I spent the rest of the week reading so I didn't get any more yarn used up lol WTD: +7 YTD: +118
  9. Good morning and happy Sunday! We'v had a busy week here but I did manage to finish the circular blanket I was working on and used up 1 more skein on that! WTD: +2 YTD: +111 I hope everyone enjoys their week!
  10. Hi everyone! Happy Mother's Day to all the stash usting momma's lol. Welcome back Darksi! I'v also noticed that I am much more careful of adding to my stash now that I started with this challenge. Last week was the annual Spinrite tent sale here in NC, and it's about 25 minutes from my house. I haven't missed a year. This year though, I realized I've got 4 big bins of yarn and I honestly don't need any more, regardless of how great the deals are, so I skipped the sale. Hubs was worried that I was sick or something when I told him I wasn't going lol. This week I made a baby blanket for a church friend and used 3 skeins and 2 balls (+8). I also am working on a big circular blanket that I've already put 3 skeins into (+6). I'm just going to make it as big as I can with the yarn that I have for it. All of my patterns are packed up right now so I'm kind of just doing this circle blanket to keep my hands busy. Hopefully we'll finish up the work around the house and get into the actual loan application soon. WTD:+ 14 YTD: +109 I'll update my signature when I get on my laptop. Enjoy your Sunday ♡
  11. Lea...congratulations on your new baby!! She's just precious <3 I haven't been on in quite a while. We've been fixing up the house (LOTS of painting & cleaning & sorting stuff), and I was going through the process of getting approved for gastric bypass surgery, so things were really insane around here for a while. The house stuff is nearly done, and I had my surgery on 4/20. Had my 2 week follow ups at the end of this week and I'm healing up really well. I wasn't actually interested in working on anything during my recovery until 2 nights ago, and I pulled out yarn for at least 2 projects. I got a start on a baby blanket for one of the young ladies at church. Hopefully I'll have that done in the next week and move on to something else!! Sorry for the radio silence!
  12. Hi everyone!! my recovery was a very odd mix of feeling ok but not actually wanting to do anything lol. I actually didn't touch yarn at all until two days ago, and then I pulled yarn out for at least two projects. Got started on a baby blanket, but haven't finished a skein or anything yet. I am feeling really good, have gone to my 2 week post op appointments and am doing well. Hopefully the next week sees a lot more hooking in my future! WTD: 0 YTD: 84
  13. Hi! Just wanted to check in and let you all know my surgery went wonderfully and I'm back home. Thank you for all the well wishes!
  14. Hi! I'm through the surgery and in my room. Thank you for the well wishes and prayers!
  15. Hi all!!! I actually managed to finish this wolf blanket before I go for surgery tomorrow! This week I used 3 skeins and 2 balls (+8). WTD: +8