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  1. Hi everyone! This week I finished off my Halloween Rozeta (wedding gift for a friend) AND I joined my Jewels and Pastels Rozetas and made a big floor pillow for my oldest's room. I am officially DONE with Rozetas for now! At some point in the future, I'll make one for myself but I cannot handle the idea of making another one just now ☺️ WTD +7 (2 skeins & 3 balls) YTD +89 I've only got 1 final WIP that I have to work on now....my Keifer the Dragon. I've got all his body parts (except the wings)done, so next up is attaching and stuffing before I move on to the wing directions. Momma would like to have him finished for her birthday at the end of April, but I'm hoping it will be well before that!
  2. Hi all!! This week I finished my Unicorn Rozeta ♡, made the first corner on my Halloween Rozeta, and made a few dish cloths for my mom. I used up 5 skeins and 2 balls! WTD +12 YTD +82 Note on the picture....I did a border of DC stitches in the grey, as per the first round of final section of the pattern but I forgot to get a picture before I gifted it lol
  3. Have you noticed that as you get to the end of a project you just don't want to work on it anymore? Seriously struggling with this right now on my Unicorn Rozeta. It's my mother's Christmas gift so I truly do need to get it done, but I'm working on the bottom panel and ugh!!! I just don't wanna....so I switched to making a dishcloth the momma requested instead lol. This week I tossed/donated 56 balls and 7 untouched skeins, then finished using 2 skeins on my Unicorn Rozeta and used a skein on the dishcloth already....and then was gifted 3 skeins as a late Christmas gift.... WTD +70 YTD +70 I am determined to make a BIG dent in my stash this year because I went really crazy last year. Once I've completed my Unicorn and the mondo-sized dragon I started last summer, I've got a handful of stuffies to make for friends, 3 babies to make for who are all due February or March, and I've just joined a group that collects pouches and cuddles and blankets for injured wildlife in Australia, so I'll be working on those too!
  4. Anyone else organizing and inventory-ing your stash so you know what you've got as we go into 2020?? I just did mine and binned a ton of balled & unlabeled stuff that I've been keeping for YEARS and have finally accepted that I'm never going to use them. 56 balls and 7 skeins! Now I've got my inventory done, my stash sorted, my WIPs all together and the yarn needed for my next 3 projects set up ♡ AND a nice jump start on my score!
  5. I am so totally in for 2020! I'm midway through 2 projects and already have a half dozen to-do's waiting in the wings ♡
  6. Hi everyone ♡ I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and I hope you all enjoy your New Year's celebration as well!! This week I made the Mackinac beanie as a last minute Christmas gift and used up a ball (+1), and I completed another portion on my Unicorn Rozeta and finished another skein there (+2). Unlike in years past, I took my cash gifts and used the money to sign up for virtual races for next year to help keep me motivated to be active instead of adding to my stash! WTD +3 YTD +40 I'm so happy I got back to the positives after my series of splurges earlier this year!!! I think we all did well in 2019 ♡ and I'm looking forward to seeing what we make I 2020!
  7. I believe in past years it's been set up after Christmas
  8. I'm working away at my Unicorn Rozeta ♡ finished off 2 skeins this week. WTD +4 YTD +37
  9. Hello everyone. My screen name has changed but it's me, Jessie. Shortly after I received the absolutely stunning gift you all created for my girls and me, I took a long break from Cville (and just about everything else) and tried to figure out what life was supposed to look like after losing Jeff. I've been back on Cville for about a year & a half now, but just came across this thread and I've read every single post....I never did that before. I thought maybe some of you might remember me and want an updated snapshot of our lives. My girls and I were destroyed by Jeff's passing, obviously. The ghans we received from the Cville family were so comforting and kind and loving....the girls used theirs every day for several years. As they've gotten older and their personal style has developed, the colors didn't "go" with their rooms, so they asked me to keep them safe for them, which I have done. We left CT after the end of the school year and moved to NC, close to my extended family. Bought a house, got a dog, settled in, found a family therapist, figured out how to put 1 foot in front of the other as a family of three. We've been here 12 & a half years now. I was very down for a really long time. Couldn't even work up the interest in crochet for several years, which is why I dropped out of sight here. When I did come back, I honestly couldn't remember my original screen name so I just made a new account. I was content with my girls and I honestly did not expect to ever find a new love, because I'd already had my fairytale. But, there were other plans in the works apparently because 8 years ago I met Bryan and he's amazing. Friends for a year before dating, then engaged and married fairly quickly. Tomorrow (12/21) is our 7th wedding anniversary. We've had 2 daughters together. My children are now 19, 15, 5 and 3. I've got one in each stage of crazy lol. My oldest has a promise ring from her sweetie and we're anticipating an official proposal sometime soon. #2 is in a special program that has her working on high school and college together, so when she graduates she'll have her HS diploma and an Associate's degree. #3 started kindergarten in August and she's loving school but is extremely excited that she gets 2 weeks of not having to get up so early lol. And the baby....we're hitting potty training while everyone is home and I'm not playing taxi non-stop. We are ok. There were some extremely dark days, but we stuck together and came out the other side. And when the darkness threatens, I still pull out my ghan from you wonderful folks and wrap myself in the love and support and strength you all imbued it with. ♡ I will never be able to thank you for the blessing you gave my girls and me. Just know that even after all this time, it's still being felt and still being used and still so, so appreciated!! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday (whichever one you celebrate!). And from the very bottom of my heart, thank you so much ♡
  10. Hi all!! I've been working exclusively on my Halloween Rozeta, trying to get caught up. This one is going to be a wedding gift for a friend and I've gotten all the way up to part 7. I think I might skip the bottom panel of the design, which turns the blanket from a square into a rectangle but also makes it asymmetrical and that kinda drives me nutty lol. I've used 5 skeins this week! WTD +10 YTD+ 33
  11. Hi everyone ♡ I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!! My bonus son (my nephew) surprised my girls with a week long visit, so I didn't get much hooking done this week. I am back working on my 4 Rozetas though and I'm really happy about that. This will be my sole yarn focus until I get them all finished. This week I finished a skein on the Unicorn Rozeta but everything else is still going. WTD: +2 YTD: +23 I'll update my signature next time I'm on my laptop.
  12. Sorry to post so late!! I finally finished all 14 of the angels I needed to make!! Used up 5 skeins. Last night I was able to get back to working on my 4 Rozeta CALs. I'm starting week 4, and week 8 will be released on Wednesday so I've got a lot of catching up to do lol WTD: +10
  13. Hi everyone! This week I made a mer-corn and used 3 skeins on that. I also finished off a skein on the dozen angels I'm working on. My friend who commissioned the mer-corn now wants to more, so I had to buy yarn for those, 2 skeins. WTD: +4 YTD: +11 This week I hope to finish this dozen angels and get started on the next pair of mercorns!
  14. Hi everyone ♡ I was commissioned to make a mer-unicorn for a friend, so I had to go buy yarn specifically for that project. 3 skeins. I've had to put my Rozetas on the back burner for this project and for a collection of angels for another friend. WTD -6
  15. Hi everyone! I got to that point in the CAL where you finally finish skeins!!!! I'm doing 4 of the Rozeta CAL simultaneously, so this week's score is great lol. Between the 4 blankets, I finished off 8 skeins!! WTD: +16 YTD: +13 I'm back in the YTD positives!!!! I'm going to be working on a bunch of angels that I've been commissioned to make this week as well as the next section of the CAL. Here are the pictures of my 4, completed through part 3. Part 4 is coming out on Wednesday. I'm calling them Jewels, Pastels, Unicorn, and Halloween. All being made with 100% stash yarn!
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