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  1. Thank you 😊 the pattern for the Shawl is called "Alaskan Waffle Shawl" I used 2 Caron Big Cakes and it's a good size, although if I'd had a third cake I personally would have made it a bit bigger
  2. Hi everyone! This week I used up a skein on a shawl for myself and I'm ssooooooo close to finishing my Sophie!!! In this week, I've used up 4 skeins and 8 balls! I should finish it off tomorrow! WTD +20 YTD +113 I've started a new project that I'm going to be using all my Caron Cakes with...it's called Wintery Octagon Mandala. I've got the first one completed but haven't used up any yarn on it yet...I'll be using the dark grey on all the pieces with the Cakes as the background.
  3. Hi all! I've been a busy hooker this week! I used 3 balls to finish my Stardust Melodies blanket, I've used 3 balls on my Unity 2021 CAL, I've used 2 balls and a skein on my Sophie, and I used an entire Caron Anniversary Cake skein on a Flower Puddle Ripple baby blanket! Plus I gifted 7 full skeins and a ball to my friend's daughter. Pictures are below. Completed Stardust and Flower Puddle. Sophie is complete through the end of part 9, and I've nearly finished part 2 of the Unity 2021 CAL. WTD +27 YTD +93
  4. I just got blessed with the best conversation!!! A friend of mine messaged me to say that her extremely creative & talented 12 year old daughter was interested in learning crochet and could I suggest specific hooks or yarns or aim them in the right direction....I told her I've got tons of stuff, don't buy anything! Grabbed 3 colors out of my stash, a handful of good hooks that I just don't use anymore, a few darning needles, a tape measure and then wrote up a word doc listing some good very beginner YouTube videos & good sites for well written patterns. All she'll need is a pair of s
  5. Mona...my spreadsheet is my lifeline with this lol I jot notes at the bottom or along the edges of my print out when I pull from the stash or add back so I can update it as I go & then I redo the whole thing at least once a year. I'm very happy to help ☺ I've had the world drop out from under my feet too and this was one small thing I could do ♡
  6. Hello everyone and Happy Valentine's Day 🥰 This week's scoreboard is.... GOLD owlvamp and Inkked0317 +18 SILVER pineknott +8 BRONZE greyhoundgrandma +4 howieann, Ellie 13 and PBLKNP all are busting some stash +2 SHOOT THE MOON MalisaMeesa -14
  7. Pam...those are beautiful 🥰 Mona...I posted my stash collection on here because when I shared it on FB in a crochet group, the reaction I got was "oh that's nothing, I've got way more" but I knew this group would encourage me to stash bust, not buy more lol. I found stuff I'd completely forgotten I had....I somehow ended up accumulating 15 full skeins of the same brand & color, because I really like it and kept forgetting I already had some...so that's all now been pulled for my Unity 2021 CAL along with two lighter shades for the very center.
  8. I used up 2 skeins on my Stardust Melodies blanket, which is now in the joining-together stage. I also consolidated, organized & inventoried my entire stash (took me 2 hours!) and in the process culled out 7 skeins that I've gifted to a friend. WTD +18 Seeing my stash all together, I SERIOUSLY need to get busting! I'm attaching a picture...the 2 bins in front are holding the yarn for 2 WIPs (Sophie & Unity 2021 CAL). The top bin on the right contains hooks, eyes, stuffing, bobbins & stuff like that. The rest is ALL yarn and those bins are FULL. It's nuts!
  9. Happy Sunday everyone!!! This week's scoreboard is.... GOLD MalisaMeesa +16 SILVER greyhoundgrandma +4 HOLDING STEADY PBLKNP 0 SHOOT THE MOON Inkked0317 -14 I'll be posting scores again next week, but I swear I'm not buying any more yarn for a bit 😄
  10. Btw, I'll be posting scores tomorrow but between church and celebrating my youngest's 5th birthday it may not be until around 7 pm.
  11. So....I used up 2 skeins on Sophie and 3 skeins on my Stardust Melodies blocks....buuuuuut...I also ordered 12 new skeins 😆 WTD: -14 Looks like I'm getting the Shoot the Moon again lol
  12. The YTD scoreboard for the end of January is... Inkked0317 +62 Ellie13 +10 Tie between PBLKNP and greyhoundgrandma +8 and no negative YTD totals!!!
  13. The weekly scoreboard is... Ellie13 +8 greyhoundgrandma +2 PBLKNP holding steady with 0 SHOOT THE MOON Inkked0317 -8 This is the first Shoot the Moon score for the year!! I'll be doing the scores again next week 😄
  14. Actually I need to correct my score....because I just ordered 8 skeins...I am worried about running short of the colors I picked for my Sophie...so my actual scores for the week/month are.. WTD: -8 YTD: +62
  15. This week I finished off 3 skeins on my Sophie's Universe and I started making the Stardust Melodies CAL squares and used 1 skein up with those so far. WTD +8 YTD +78 I'll do the scores tomorrow between 1-3. Here's my Sophie so far (part 6 complete)
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