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  1. Hi everyone! I kind of hit a slump this week and just didn't crochet at all until today. So no yarn used, but no yarn bought either! WTD:0
  2. Wow we have some really great scores this week!!! Gold : Inkked0317 (+62) Silver : LegalWoman17 (+10) Bronze : TexasPurl (+7) Bustin' the Stash! Pineknott (+5) PBLKNP (+2) Holding Strong! Greyhoundgrandma (0) Shoot the Moon! Howieann (-26)
  3. Hi all!! I'm sorry I haven't been on since I posted my score last week...yes, it was a very fun shopping trip, especially because Hubs kept all the kids at home and I could just focus on all the pretty yarn without distraction lol. I just bought colors I liked that I didn't have in my stash, but I've already got two of the colors pulled out again to be used in a baby blanket at the request of a friend. She crochets, but it's a graph-ghan and she's really pressed for time so I offered to make it for her. I'll be working on that in the next week. This week, I made 3 Easter bunny peep cuddlers ( for kids at church. I used up 3 skeins of yarn (+6). I also reorganized my stash and finally made the call on a whole bunch of yarn I've had for years that I will most likely NEVER use it, so I pulled the whole group for donation. 28 full skeins (+56). I will be posting scores tomorrow, but not until mid-to-late afternoon. We've got church and then lunch with a family friend who's son just graduated Marine Corps boot camp this week and is home for a few days! WTD: +62 YTD: +96
  4. Hi everyone!! This week I got three stuffies mostly made, but nothing finished and no skeins finished on those. I did however, make one more jacket for the baby niece and used a skein (+2). And then I got the email from Michael's...and I went shopping..and brought home 25 skeins (-50)!!! WTD: -48 YTD: +34
  5. Hi everyone!! This week I was focused on making baby things for the new niece coming in the next little while! I made a dress, two blankets, a jacket, and most of a second jacket and used up 4 skeins with them. Pretty sure that's going to be enough for me to count the gift as done lol so next week I'll be going back to making stuffies for the kiddos at church. WTD: +8 YTD: +82
  6. I did finish my unicorn, just have to get a picture now. My girls have decided to name it Sprinkles because I gave it a rainbow colored mane. Now I'm on to making outfits and stuff for my soon to be born neice! Just realized that the baby shower is coming up and all I've done is make the baby Hogwarts blanket and I wanted to have some dresses and carseat sized blankets for her too. We did pass the inspection Wednesday morning, so that's a big YAY here, and Hubs has been feeling fine the past couple days so hopefully we're over that here's to having a totally normal, boring, nothing happening week next week so I can get back into the swing of things with my hook!!
  7. Hi everyone! After a week of being sick, I was ready to pick up my hook again but Hubs had other plans. We spent Monday and Tuesday mornings in the ER and eventually got confirmation that he's got kidney stones. The rest of the week was pretty much just playing nurse until he went back to work on Thursday and Friday. On those two nights I was able to finish the eyes for my unicorn (my girls have decided her name is Sprinkles because of her rainbow mane) as well as make a baby dress for my soon to be born neice and start a second dress for her. I used two balls (+2) on the dress I completed. I am really hoping this next week will be normal and boring and I'll just be sitting and crocheting at home every evening because I feel like I haven't really done much these past two weeks. WTD: +2 YTD: +74
  8. Hi everyone! You've all been posting such beautiful pieces! I'm sorry I've disappeared lately. Last week the ick invaded my house and hit all 5 females. So I was dealing with sick kids while being sick myself. Hubs somehow managed to avoid getting sick, but as soon as I was better (Sunday night) he started feeling poorly. Ended up in the ER both Monday morning and Tuesday morning before finally confirming that he's got a kidney stone that he's going to have to pass. So...between all the various ailments of everyone in the family, I actually haven't touched yarn or hook in a bit over a week. Today is the first day back to "normal", at least in theory as he hasn't passed the stone yet so there's always the chance of something coming up with that. We're also hoping to be able to add a mother-in-law suite to our house for my mom and the very first step in that is to have the county assess our existing septic system and see what it can handle, and the first part of the test is going to be happening this morning! So much happening lately! I'm really hoping that this evening, after all the day's craziness is done, I'll be able to sit and hook. I've made a unicorn and all she needs is her eyes, which I'd love to have done tonight, and then I'll post a pic here.
  9. We've been dealing with the ick in my house. Got sick myself Wednesday and haven't touched yarn or hook since. However, before I got sick I made a unicorn stuffie w a rainbow mane. I used a skein and a ball onthe unicorn (+3) but didn't use enough of any of the other colors to count here. Hopefully tonight I'll feel up for making the eyes and then she'll be done. WTD: +3 I'll update my signature once I'm on my laptop
  10. Hi everyone!!! I hope you all had a great week! I have been running crazy between doctor appointments, setting up for a triple bday party, and just life in general this week. This week I added a white ruffle border to the baby Hogwarts blanket, which took a full skein and a small ball (+3). I also made yet another Timothy the T Rex for a boy at church (they all love this dino!) and used up two balls (+2). Tonight I got to work on a unicorn pattern that looks like it's based on the My Little Pony horses, so I'm excited to see how it turns out, and I've used a full skein on that already (+2). WTD: +7 YTD: +69 Tomorrow is church, then the triple bday party for my two youngest and my nephew. Once that craziness is done, I'm going to kick back with some wine and not accomplish a whole lot . In the next week, I'm hoping to knock out a few more stuffies for the munchkins at church. I'm coming to the end of my list of families that I haven't made for yet, so this project of mine may be drawing to a close. I'm kind of sad about that, but then I think all these kids (15 given, 7 in the works) that all have something I made just for them, based on what they like, and it makes me smile . I've started working on a Harry Potter graph ghan for myself, but I just can't bring myself to work on it. I think I might need a break from graphs for a bit after that baby Hogwarts blanket lol. I hope you all have an awesome week!!
  11. I love seeing all these projects!!! I just finished the graph portion of my big project. I've still got to add a white ruffle border, but I finished the graph tonight. I'm pretty sure this is the largest one piece project I've done so far...and I'm so happy with it!! 91 hours and 40 minutes of work, started on 12/31/17, all tails woven in tonight. Will be a baby shower gift for my newest expected neice who is due in April BTW the dark spot on the bottom right is a brown owl and it's too dark for the camera to pick up.
  12. I finished my baby Hogwarts blanket!!! I finished the graph section, at least. I've still got to do a white ruffle border, but the body of the blanket is finished finally!! I used a total of 5 balls and 6 skeins (+17) this week on this project. WTD: +17 YTD: +62 BTW the dark spot on the bottom right is a brown owl, but it's too dark for the camera to pick up lol
  13. Hi everyone!! This week I've gotten a few small projects done during the daytime hours and have continued working on my Baby Hogwarts blanket at night. I had bought 19 skeins (-38) for a pair of owl baskets for our church secretary. I did actually use 18 of those skeins in making the baskets (=36)! I'll be delivering them to her tomorrow at church. I also finished off a Timothy T Rex, using a ball (+1). And now that I'm on the top half of the Baby Hogwarts blanket, there are colors I've finished with so I can count up what I've used..they total up to 4 skeins and 3 balls (+11). I've got a little less than 100 rows left so I should be totally done, including a border within the next two weeks. I'll post a pic when I'm done. WTD: +10 YTD: +45 I hope everyone has a great week!!!!
  14. Oh yes my hands have been aching this week making these owl baskets! But I finished both of them so it's done and I don't have to do it any more lol
  15. I love that the people in my life now see pictures of crochet items they like and send them to me! Today the secretary at my church set me a picture of a crochet basket that looks like an owl. It says it's big enough to hold 3 rolled towels. I just got back from a run to Michael's (sale plus coupon! ) where I got enough yarn to make 2 baskets for her....but of course there's a hidden surprise because it's made with 4 strands of bulky yarn held I bought 10 skeins of Loops & Threads Charisma for the first basket and 9 for the second (they only had 9). I'm down 19 skeins at this point. I'm going to order the pattern and get out my big hooks and see how much of this I can make into baskets this week!