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  1. Mona...that's a wonderful first month on WW! Way to go!! Holly..that's not an ugly week, that's a week full of possibility!!! This week I finished up the Lego blanket I had started last week, using up 3 skeins (+6). I've started a mermaid doll for my youngest, but haven't used anything up yet... This week has also seen 4 of the 6 of us sick (including me), and me really struggling with the Lego blanket because I always seem to forget how much I HATE edging and joining individual pieces into a larger project...I didn't touch yarn or hooks for two days straight because I already felt crummy and just didn't want to deal with edging and joining...and I only allow myself one WIP at a time so I didn't have the option of working on anything else... The mermaid I've started today is the very last project on my to-do list for 2017. After that, I'll be getting everything organized for 2018 projects and making up my to-do list! WTD: +6 YTD: +511
  2. Hi everyone! I finished the Lego blanket I was working on! I'll be taking pictures tomorrow sometime, so I'll post those later. Now my only remaining project on this year's to-do list is a mermaid doll for my youngest! I've already started making my project list for next year! Between a new baby niece on her way, to the handful of families at church I haven't made gifts for yet, to fandom CAL patterns just cause I want to make them, and then the holiday themed stuff I plan on making throughout the year...yeah I'm going to have a list to keep me busy all year I'm sure!!
  3. Oh I definitely want to continue the CAL! Hubs and my oldest both remind me each week about posting my score lol
  4. Happy Saturday everyone!! Mona, congradulations on your grandbaby!! This week I made the two mermaids for my little cousin's Christmas gifts, using 5 balls and 2 skeins (+9). I also started a Lego block blanket I'd mentioned last week. I need to make 90 pieces, and I've gotten about 70 of them done so far, used up a full skein on that (+2). I'm hoping to finish making the pieces, get a black edge put on them all, and join it all together this upcoming week. WTD: +11 YTD: +505 I've decided I liked starting the year with no WIPs, so I have the goal of finishing the Lego blanket, making one more mermaid (for my nearly 2 yr old), and then figuring out the projects I want to make starting in January and compiling the lists of yarns needed (to put together a shopping list cause I know I'll get Michael's gift cards for Christmas lol), and doing all the prep work so that I can get right into things on January 1st!
  5. Hi everyone!! I managed to make the two gift mermaids this week, and start on the last gift for one of the kids at church I wanted to get done this year. I've already made a Timothy the T Rex for his little brother, and a Hello Kitty for his little sister, and now I'm making him a Lego blanket. He's 11 so he's not too much into stuffed animals lol. Of the 90 Lego pieces I need to make, I've got somewhere around 70 done, so I'm hoping that this next week will see me adding a black edge to each piece and joining everything together. I'm aiming to be able to give this family the items I made for them before Christmas!
  6. Ellie...I have the baby gender reveal thing to go to after church tomorrow, but if no one else does the scores by the time I get home, I'll do them for this week! Probably won't be until sometime after 430 PM
  7. Hi All!!! I've had a busy week this week! I finished my Snuggle this Muggle baby blanket for our newest expected niece/nephew's Christmas gift, which took 5 balls all together (+5). We'll be finding out tomorrow afternoon the baby's gender, so I'm excited about that! I also finished a Hello Kitty doll for one of the kids at church and used a skein and a ball (+3) on that. Lastly, I made a mermaid which took 2 skeins and a ball (+5) and started a second one which I've already used a skein on (+2). The mermaid was supposed to be my little cousin's Christmas gift but I'd never made a doll with hair before and had no idea how heavy it would make the doll's head so she looks like she's got a broken neck and I'm just not giving that to my little cousin lol. So the first one has been given to my soon to be 4 yr old and I'm calling her my practice mermaid. I've got a new one started, and then I'll have one more to do after that. WTD: +15 YTD: +494 My aim for next week is to get the mermaids done, and get started on a lego blanket for one of the boys at church. I've already made for his younger sis & brother so once I get his blanket done, I'll be able to give all three to the intended kids and I'd LOVE to be able to get them done before Christmas. I also accidentally found out that Hubs bought me a 2 blanket kit that was a doorbuster at Michaels as my Christmas gift, so I know I'm going to get 30 skeins of yarn for Christmas...but I'm not putting that in my score until I actually am given the gift and add it into my stash lol. Needless to say, my last week of the year will have a negative score
  8. Anna those ornaments are beautiful!! I'm planning on making an advent calendar for use next year! Throughout the year I'm going to be working on various holiday decorations in an attempt to learn how to decorate lol... This week I made a mermaid. It was intended to be the first of two made for my little cousins to be Christmas gifts. However, I have never made a doll before that had hair and I had no idea how heavy the doll's head would be once I attached the hair and now it looks like she's got a broken neck lol. Obviously I cannot give that as a gift, so I'm calling her my practice mermaid and gave her to my soon to be 4 yr old who loves her and thinks she's awesome. In the upcoming week I'll be making the two gift mermaids and using straws filled with toothpicks (2 per mermaid, attached together) to stabilize the neck. I don't have a picture right this moment, and the munchkin is sleeping with her so I'll have to post a pic later!
  9. I just finished this Snuggle this Muggle baby blanket for our newest niece/nephew...we'll be finding out gender this Sunday! This will be the baby's Christmas gift, given to my niece (the momma) who is a complete Potterhead lol. Last night I started making the first of two mermaids for my little cousins (also Christmas gifts) and I managed to make the full body and most of the tail. I'll post a pic once it's done but I still have to do the fins on the tail, the shell top, and the hair...I've never done hair on a doll before so that should be interesting lol
  10. I've been noticing that myself. I think it goes back to when the site changed hosts or whatever, several months back. There were issues getting on, like Mona said, and then things were just different once I did get on...I'm sticking around though because I know this is a wonderful place where people understand my crazy yarn stuff lol
  11. Denise lol I am a very prolific hooker apparently. I was listing my completed projects in my signature at the start of the year, but by May I'd run out of room in the allowed space so I just deleted it all. I do keep a written record of my projects though and I do plan on counting them up on December 31st, just to see what I did this year. The vast majority of my projects don't actually stay in my home, so I can't just pile it all up to see the end result of my efforts (althought that sounds kind of fun to do ) I had a chat with my triplet Momma today about getting ready for next year's donation stockpile for the local NICU where her trio made their arrival. She's having trouble tracking down the specific requirements for this hospital for next year, but as soon as she gets them, she'll copy me on it so that I can follow their guidelines with the items I make.
  12. Thank you for the welcome! I've already made several gift items throughout the year, but right now I'm working on Christmas gifts. I'm currently about 80% done with a "Snuggle this Muggle" baby blanket for our newest expected niece or nephew. We'll be finding out next Sunday which gender we've got on board but I know my niece (the expectant momma) is a huge Harry Potter fan, so I know she'll love the baby blanket. I'll post pictures once I've got it done. After that, I've got a pair of mermaid dolls to make for my baby cousins and then my Christmas crafts will be done!
  13. Thank you Darski! I've made items for several charities so far this year. I started in January, with the intention of making pieces for each one at the start of each month, and then stockpiling everything to be mailed out together. I made and donated a total of 90 preemie hats, 6 preemie sized blankets, and 10 berevement sets (1 hat, 1 blanket, a top, and 2 diapers for preemies who didn't make it) in different sizes. These were given to a friend of mine who was trying to donate 300 hats to the local NICU in honor of her triplet's 3rd birthday. The donation was made in August, so I haven't worked on preemie stuff since then but I plan on doing that again starting in January. I've made 15 scarves and 20 hats for Operation Gratitude. This is an organization that sends handmade items to our service members stationed overseas. My goal was a set (hat & scarf) per month, so I'm happy with my stockpile. I'll be mailing these out next week. And my last charity is Warm Up America. Between my mother and me, we've made 100 squares for WUA and I'll be mailing those out next week as well. Right now, I'm working on a few Christmas gifts but I am making stuffed animals for the kids at church, based on what each kid is into. I'm doing all the kids in a family, then giving them all at the same time. I started this in September. So far, I've made 3 T Rexes, a puppy, a unicorn, a cow, something from Pokemon, a baby doll w carrier & blanket, and a giraffe. I've started on a Hello Kitty but it's on hold while I knock out the Christmas gifts. I've got 10 more kids on the list, that I've already spoken with their parents and gotten ideas as to what each kid likes. They're always so surprised when I ask if I can make something for their kids and the kids are always extremely happy to get the stuffies. I don't know if that falls under the "charity" umbrella, but I feel like every kid should have something that was made just for them, even if they're not babies anymore. It makes them feel special and important and like they matter and I love being able to do that for these kids!
  14. Hi everyone! Is it too late in the year to join the group? I can wait for the 2018 group if need be...
  15. Hi all!! I'm really late to the party it too late to join in? I could wait for the 2018 thread if it is.....