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  1. Happy Saturday!! This week I've made a Bavarian stitch baby blanket using 3 balls and 2 skeins (+7), a black lab puppy using a skein and a ball (+3), and set up my bobbins for a graph blanket that used up a ball (+1). I also made a preemie blanket using 2 skins and a ball (+5). WTD: +16 YTD: +461 Then I realized I'd messed up on my graph count, making each square 3 sc by 3 rows when I meant to do it 2 sc by 2 rows, so now I'm re-counting the whole thing before I'll let myself crochet anything because this is the only project on my to-do list that has a due date (Christmas gift). I want to get this done before I move on to anything else! So...back to counting for me...
  2. Happy Saturday everyone! This week I made a unicorn (I didn't like how the first one worked up last week, so I made a different pattern) and used 2 balls (+2). I also made a T Rex from 2 balls (+2), and a poncho for my youngest that used most but not quite all of a skein, which I balled the remainder up (+1). I also organized all my random bits & pieces of stash into my tubs (I'm down to 2 full but neatly packed and not overflowing tubs!!) and found 30 skeins of wool yarn I'd bought at the Spinrite tent sale a couple years ago but will never use as my hands don't react well to the yarn, so I gave all of it to my mother today (+60). WTD: +65 YTD: +445 In my organizing I discovered I already had everything I needed to make a lab puppy (ordered by a friend), a baby blanket for another friend, and my in-law's Christmas gift! So the only items left on my to-do list will not require me to do any shopping! I've already started on the puppy, and hope to get that finished in the next week and possibly start on the baby blanket, which will be a Bavarian stitch in cream & pink. I hope you all have a great week!
  3. Hi everyone!! Thankfully my truck will be getting fixed early next week, so the kids and I won't be stuck in the house I will be able to do stuff besides crochet lol... This week I finished my holiday exchage squares (6 balls, +6), I made a poncho for my 4 year old (1 skein, 1 ball, +3) I made a coat for a dog (2 balls, +2), I made a dog stuffie (3 balls, +3), and a unicorn stuffie (7 balls, +7), and I tried to make a poncho for my 19 month old but it didn't work up like I needed it to and frogging it was more frustrating than it was worth so I just tossed that ball (+1). WTD: +22 YTD: +380 Now I'm going to be looking for a different unicorn pattern (this one didn't come out looking very good, so I gave it to my little one to play with instead of gifting it like I originally intended) and a different jacket/poncho pattern for the little one...I hope everyone enjoys their week!!!
  4. This week I made a teddy bear for my soon to be born baby cousin, which took 4 balls of yarn (+4) and I finished a wedding gift for a,dear friend (a blanket that says Mr & Mrs) which took 7 balls (+7). I'm very happy to say that the rest of my have-to-do projects are smaller than these blankets I've been doing lately so I should be able to knock them out faster! WTD: +11 YTD: +358
  5. Hi everyone!! This week I made my third Josefina Elephant pillow. This one is going to the same family friend as the awareness ribbon blanket I finished last week. I think these pillows are really cute, but I swear I am so fried on making them! I never realized how many people I know who are crazy for elephants before I made this pillow the first time! Each time I've finished one of these, I've said out loud "I'm not making another one of these, ever. I'm over this pattern." and yet....I've made three in three months. Guess I just have to figure out how to either say no when asked to make one, or find something else to suggest when it's mentioned....ANYWAY....I used up 1 skien (+2) and 5 balls (+5) on this pillow. WTD: +7 YTD: +347 Currently working on a blanket that will be a gift for my high school bestie's wedding in's a graph blanket that says Mr & Mrs with a pair of love birds perched on top...just black & white with a touch of red (hearts on the birds) and I'm about 60% done with it, so I'm hoping to finish it this upcoming week.
  6. Hi everyone!!! I am very happy to report that the blanket from hell project I was working on, I've finished!!! So happy to be done with it and I'm attaching a picture just because lol! I used a total of 7 balls and 2 skeins with this (+11). I also completed a blanket for a member of my church that had been started by her grandmother who has since passed. She gave me the blanket with a skein of yarn attached to it, which I completely used up in finishing the blanket, so it's a wash with the points lol. I'm starting another Josefina elephant pillow for the same family friend the frustrating blanket was for, but I've just started it and haven't used anything up yet. WTD: +11 YTD: +340
  7. Did anyone else have trouble getting to the boards yesterday? So I have to say that I've never done so much crocheting and had nothing to report as far as points. I'm on the 3rd version of the blanket now. I actually had to frog 10 rows because the design was reversed. I'm now just shy of halfway done, but I'm using Pounders for the background color so it's taking forever to use a skein up. I sincerely hope you all had better crochet weeks than I did!!! On the upside, I gave a set of 4 siblings the stuffed animals I made for them just because they're awesome kids and they all loved them! WYD: 0
  8. So I got 5 rows done with the correct stitch count before I had a sudden realization. I'm making this blanket as a favor for my cousin for her friend who spends the majority of her life in hospitals. This blanket is huge. How big is a hospital bed? Google told me a standard hospital bed is 38 inches wide...the blanket was 100. This is not a practical size blanket if she's going to actually use it in the hospital....I'm going to have to frog it again and refigure my stitch counts! I frogged. I took my original counts and divided the numbers by 2. I also had to reverse every other row's count because I'd had it written from the right to left (going left to right was going to mirror the previous row originally) and now I needed the even rows to go left to right. Ok I got all that done and started attempt 3 on this blanket. It should work up to be a standard throw blanket size now. Got through 9 rows without a problem. ...and now on row 10, my count is off. I have to go back to the pattern and see what stitch I missed. I could scream right now. I actually feel like I would be better off just completely redoing my count again to ensure I didn't miscount or make a math goof...and then continue working on the blanket...I've used, frogged, used, frogged, and used the same yarn for the past 3 days. At this point I'd really like to just say screw it and drop the project but I know how important it is to my cousin and her friend....grrrrrr....sigh...sniffle sniffle. ....sob...
  9. I need to share this with folks who will get cousin has asked me to make a special blanket for a very good friend of hers who has several chronic health issues and is in the hosptial more than she's out. I've got the pattern, (an awareness ribbon with 4 words scattered around it), I've figured out what parts I'm doing in what color, I've done the stitch count. It's going to be 300 sc x 400 rows. Saturday I started making the blanket, and it was close to queen size width. I worked on it for a bit over 5 hours on Saturday. Sunday, I picked it up again. I'd reached the first row that had a bunch of color changes (for a word) and did them all without a problem...then I realized my count for the background color on the left side was 10 sc short. I recounted and recounted and realized that when I started the blanket, I'd made it 290 sc instead of 300. I considered leaving it, because my cousin and her friend would never know, but realized there's a word on that side further up and I actually do need those 10 sc. took me 35 minutes to frog the whole 15 rows I'd done, and wrap up all that yarn neatly. I did add the 10 chains to the starting chain, which is the only part I didn't frog. I put my project down and didn't touch anything crochet related for the rest of the day. I was just too frustrated. I'll be re-starting the project today.
  10. Happy Saturday everyone!! This week I finished up the stuffed cat & used one more ball on it (+1). I also make a Pokemon Eevee stuffy & used 4 balls on that (+4), I made a play sized granny blanket for my littles that took 2 balls (+2), and made some exchange squares that took 5 balls (+5). I started on a blanket project of awareness ribbons that has already used one ball (+1)....and I stopped at Michael's buy 1 get 1 half off sale for supplies for a few projects and brought home 12 skeins (-24)....these sales always get me!! WTD: -11 YTD: +329
  11. Hi everyone!! I have a bunch of projects made this week so I'm a happy hooker!! I made three Timothy the T Rex stuffies for a set of triplets we know who are turning three. Their bday party is going to be dinosaur themed, so it seemed appropriate. The three stuffies used a skein each (+6). I was asked to make a pair of baby shoes that used up 3 balls (+3). I also made a graph baby blanket for a baby cousin who is due to arrive in October (I have to mail it so I got it done early) and that took 5 balls (+5). And I'm about 90% done with a large stuffed cat I'm making for the daughter of a friend at church which has taken two balls so far (+2) and will probably finish off another tomorrow when I complete the project. WTD: +17 YTD: +340
  12. Hi everyone!! This week I made my third sea turtle blanket (for a friend) and I will be very happy not to make another one for a while! I had to buy one skein for this project (-2), but I used a total of 3 skeins (+6) and 5 balls (+5). WTD: +9 YTD: +323 This week I'm making a trio of T-Rex stuffies for a set of triplets who are turning three (dino themed bday party gave me the direction for their gifts). I'm also hoping to finish my exchange squares and get them mailed off. I hope you all have an amazing week!!!
  13. Happy Saturday everyone! After I posted a picture of the Sea Turtle Blanket I made last week, I was asked to make two more, and I also needed specific colors for a baby gift for my cousin, so Monday I went to Michael's and bought 8 skeins (-16). The rest of the yarn needed for these three items I got from my stash, so it's not as bad as it could have been. I thought I'd be in the negatives this week but I actually managed to be very productive! I made one Sea Turtle blanket completely, started the second, and started work on some squares for an exchange I'm part of. All told, I used up 6 skeins (+12) and 9 balls (+9)! I did run out of one of the colors for the Sea Turtles though, so I'll be stopping at the store again tomorrow before I can continue working on that... WTD: +5 YTD: +314 This week, I hope to finish the second Sea Turtle blanket and my exchange squares. If I manage that, I'll be moving on to the baby gift for my cousin!
  14. Happy Saturday everyone! I just finished the Sea Turtle Blanket my friend commissioned for her daughter's Christmas gift! That's all I worked on this week, as I've been feeling really badly about the delay with my relatives visiting. When I told my friend I'd be done this week, she was surprised it was so fast lol so I guess I've been stressing myself out for nothing! Anyway, I used up 2 skeins and 5 balls (+9) on this blanket this week. WTD: +9 YTD: +309 Next week I'm aiming at making some exchange squares, finishing a gift project I started a few months ago, and preemie hats & blankets!
  15. I'm working on a sea turtle blanket but have family in visiting from out of state and we moved my mom down yesterday from PA, so I haven't actually finished anything off this week! WTD 0 YTD 300