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  1. Posting for last week and this week. I finished the Cognac blanket and used a skein and a ball. Just have to finish all the weaving in of ends... also finished the Labrynth blanket and finished off 4 balls on that. WTD +7 YTD +138 Now I've got yarn & patterns pulled for 2 stuffies and 4 blankets ... and I also went through my stash and pulled all the small quantities of various 4 weight yarn and I'll be making hexis from that & eventually joining them to the scrap blanket I've started. Sorry my pictures aren't the best...I'm still tender when bending and Hubs
  2. I'm still working on these same 2 blankets, only finished off 1 skein this week WTD +2 YTD +131
  3. I'm recovering from my skin removal surgery, so I got a lot of crochet time in this week! I finished all the colored parts of my Cognac blanket, so all that's left are the white portions that include the join-as-you-go seeming. I've also completed a couple more mandalas for my Labrynth blanket. Used up a total of 4 skeins and rolled 2 down to balls. WTD +10 YTD +129 I really need to come on here on my laptop and update my signature info hahaha
  4. Ellie it's called the Cognac Matelasse Afghan. It's written as all 1 color, but I am doing really 1& 2 in green, rds 3-7 in the flower color, and rds 8-11 in white to really make the flowers pop.
  5. Last week was a blur of finals, graduating college, celebrating my mother in law's bday, and Mother's Day. This week was tying up loose ends and then I had my first skin removal surgery on Thursday. I did use up 1 skein on my Labrynth blanket and another on my Cognac Matelasse blanket. WTD: +4 YTD: +119
  6. This week I finished my Radiance blanket, using up 5 skeins and rolling 6 more into balls. I then pulled yarn for my next 2 projects and got started on the Labyrinth blanket. I've got 1 of the 9 mandala pieces done, but it's going to be a while before I finish a skein because the skeins are huge lol. I'm using WW yarn & an I hook and this mandala is exactly 18 inches across. WTD +16 YTD +115
  7. Yes!!! I'm working through the patterns I've been wanting to make and then figuring out what to do with them later lol. These are actually going to a lady in Alaska who is a single momma...she adopted her daughter several years ago and in about a month, will be adopting her daughter's two older sisters! So, the pink/green blanket I did of Polly Plum's Starlight Melodies is joining these 2 Helen Shrimpton designs for the 3 girls ♡
  8. Hi everyone! This week I finished up my Lost Garden, which I completed through round 70 of the pattern. I finished a skein and rolled 4 into balls on that. I've also gotten about a third of the way through Radience, which is a pattern by the same designer (Helen Shrimpton) and have used up 2 skeins on that so far. WTD +10 YTS +99
  9. Hi everyone! I didn't post last week, so this is a combination of last week and this week. I donated 10 skeins that I finally admitted I was never going to use myself. I also have used up 4 skeins on The Lost Garden pattern, which I am about 2/3 done with. WTD +28 YTD +89 We are traveling to Virginia tomorrow, because my father in law is finally being interred at Arlington. He passed in October 2019, but covid caused a delay of over a year. No yarn time until mid-week most likely.
  10. Hi everyone! This week I made 2 baby blanket graphghans and used up 5 skeins and 2 balls on them. I also finished my moss stitch blanket and used up 3 skeins there. WTD +18 YTD +61
  11. This week I used up one skein on my Moss Stitch blanket, and then switched over to the first of two baby graphghans, so I haven't finished anything else off. WTD +2 YTD +43
  12. Hello everyone 💖 This week's scores!! GOLD Inkked0317 +18 SILVER pineknott +12 BRONZE Ellie13 +8 Holding Steady PBLKNP and sinema!! SHOOT THE MOON greyhoundgrandma -20 I hope you all enjoy your Sunday! I'm off to get more grandbaby snuggles💖
  13. Hi everyone!!! This week I finished another baby blanket and used 2 skeins and 4 balls on that, and then I have been working on a moss stitch blanket from the middle and have used up 5 skeins on that so far. WTD +18 YTD: +41 I'll be posting scores around noon tomorrow! My daughter & son-in-love suprised me by bringing my youngest grandbaby to visit this weekend so I'm going to get the scores done early and then go back to getting all the baby cuddles I can!
  14. This week's scores!!!! With our only positive score this week....greyhoundgrandma gets GOLD +20 Holding steady are Ellie13, PBLKNP, and pineknott Adding to the stash is howieann -4 And shooting the moon is Inkked0317 -74 🤣 I'll be posting scores again next week
  15. Sooooo....Hubs decided that I should get a second gift because one was for graduation and one will be for my bday....and just like that, 25 more skeins are on their way....plus the 16 Momma got me for my bday.....at least it's all in the same week hahaha I DID use some yarn this week. 3 Caron Cakes plus a ball on the Octagon Mandala blanket, which I finished. Also, 1 ball on the Dream Weaver blanket I've started.... WTD -74 YTD +23 I'll post this week's scores between 1-3 pm EST tomorrow....and I'm willing to bet I'll be posting them again next week 😉
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