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  1. Mona....speaking from my experience when my first husband passed...."it's time" only applies when your heart is ready. Do not force yourself to take steps before it is right for you ♡
  2. Happy Saturday 😊 I used up 2 skeins this week on my sweater and have my first completed item of the year! Then I hauled my entire stash into the house (from the garage) and organized it....and I purged at the same time. What is it about having stuff in the stash that makes me feel like I HAVE to keep it??? I got rid of a TON of stuff I will never use. If it was a usable amount, it was donated to my kid's elementary school for art classes. If it wasn't enough for that, I tossed it. There were some full skeins and some balls but I'm just counting everything as balls because I didn't keep
  3. Happy New Year everyone!! My only project currently on-the-hook is a cardigan for myself that I started back in September, worked on once and then haven't touched because I've been working on stuff for others lol. Today I finished the first skein on that, so I'm on the scoreboard for 2022! WTD +2 YTD +2 Now to update my signature for the first time since the summer lol I'm going to list my resolution for the year...to GREATLY reduce my stash!
  4. I'm sorry to post late!! Merry Christmas everyone! I used 1 skein and 1 ball on a baby blanket and octopus stuffy for my niece, who is expecting a little boy soon. WTD +3 YTD +321 I am hoping to finish this blanket I've got on my hook before the actual end of the year...am I the only one here who gets twitchy about carrying projects over to a new year? Lol
  5. I'm definitely joining again next year!! I'm working on a baby blanket because I suddenly realized this baby shower that I've been saying "I've got time yet" is the first week of December lol should have yarn to count on that in the next few days, but nothing yet.
  6. Hi everyone! I just finished these Golden Girls and I knew if I didn't post right this moment, I'd forget lol. These 4 ladies took 1 skein and 15 balls of cotton yarn and they're all done except for the pearl earrings I need to glue on lol. As mentioned last week, I made a shawl as a commission for a Christmas gift and that took 3 skeins and 3 balls that I haven't actually counted here yet. WTD +26 YTD +318 I don't have a picture of the shawl, bit here's the Girls lol
  7. Hello my friends!!! I'm sorry I've disappeared lately. It's just been insane here these past few weeks....adjusting to Hubs being away, helping the littles adjust, a few colds in the household, a trip to celebrate my youngest grandlovie's first birthday, and having so many WIPs that I'm working on stuff whenever I can but not finishing any skeins! I will be doing better with reporting my scores for the remainder of the year though!!! I did make a shawl start-to-finish which I'll be counting on this week's score. I'm on the 4th Golden Girl for my Grandma so I'll figure out what iveuse
  8. This week was a blur of packing, prepping, last minute honey-do's, and intentional & focused family time. Didn't touch yarn once. But Hubs has now arrived safely at his new home for the next year and the kids & I are figuring out life at home without him until this deployment is over.
  9. I'm bouncing between 3 WIPS but not making much headway because we got the word that Hubs is deploying (staying in the US thankfully) and will be gone for a long time...I've got just a few days left to get a ton of stuff handled so I figured I'd post while it was on my mind or I'd forget again...I have used 1 skein up over the past few weeks. WTD +2
  10. Hi everyone ♡ This week I used up 2 skeins and finished a double-strand pocket shawl for my daughter. I also continued working on the Faith CAL and used a skein on that. I'll post pics later. WTD +6 YTD +296
  11. Hi everyone!!! It's been 3 weeks since I've been on! In that time, I made the first 3 parts of the Celestia CAL and decided to just put those pieces together into a baby blanket, which I then gifted without taking a picture of. I also made a small Adipose stuffy (Doctor Who) for a friend and mailed THAT off without a picture. A friend of mine (who is pregnant) told me her sister (that I also know) was pregnant but miscarried right after they found out she was carrying a little girl and picked her name....so I made a baby blanket for a memorial/keepsake.....and I'm currently working on a doubl
  12. Everyone who is in the path of thos hurricane, I pray you stay safe ♡♡
  13. Hi all! I'm sooooo close to finishing several skeins but the pieces I'm making are getting smaller & smaller so I'm still not finishing lol. I made 3 Jen Taylor patterns (DeRust, Peace at Heart, and Moonlight Owl) and finished 1 skein. I've also done part 6 of the Charlotte's Universe CAL but haven't finished any skeins there yet. WTD +2 YTD +265
  14. Hi everyone! Worked on more Jen Tyler designs this week....completed Arcadia, True North, My African Valentini, and Arbour Day. Also completed part 5 of the Charlotte's Universe. I used a total of 5 skeins between these pieces. WTD +10 YTD +263 I have several skeins that are sooooo close to finishing, plus my two youngest start school on Monday (eeekkkk!!!) so I'm hoping for some really good yarn numbers next week lol
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