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    I am a 30 year old SAHM with two beautiful boys.
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    DeRidder LA
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    tarot,paranormal studies, crochet, sewing.
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    Domestic goddess
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    I love making afgans and hats
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  1. The end is almost near! YOu have done wonderfully Krystal! Everything looks beautiful
  2. YOu know I never thought to call my post office, but I did yell at them when I sent out some squares to someone else today. LOL They looked at me weird when I assked for deliver confermation and insurence. I'll call them tomorrow with my fingers crossed.
  3. I pretty much expected that. Leave it to me to be the first person to have their squares lost in the mail I'll paypal some money for shipping tomorrow. PayDay yay! But really Krystal...everything looks so pretty. I can't wait to see the girls ghans also.
  4. Wow that is beyond beautiful! YOu did such a great job,everyone's squares look lovely!
  5. LOL..thanks guys for all the good thoughts!!!! Can't wait to see the aghan when it done.
  6. It was a light tan pink and cream square for Jess and a pink and purple veragated square plus a bit of money for shipping. It is really okay Krystal..The veragated square would stand out agaist the ones you have for the girls and I used more brown in the one for Jesses so I guess they won't match well with the other squares you got. I just hope you get it intime so I can at least help out with the shipping.
  7. Okay I give up! I am not mailing anytthing not first class anymore..
  8. I totally think it is lovely!!! I can't wait to see it all put together with the border! and the idea for a ghan for Jeff's mother is wonderful and works for me!
  9. nope I made sure to put it on my screen name on it. Mysti Kay would be the name on the enelope That is a lot of squares I am sure it is going to be beautiful.
  10. OH well tomorrow...she said she wan't going to work on them until tomorrow..so mine willbe there there. I mailed it on Tuesday. *starts to bite nails*
  11. okay I was hoping for today..I guess Mine will get there tomorrow. LOL..That is so awesome! These blankets are going to be huge!
  12. I just sent my squares out the door with my husband.
  13. HI! If there is still room I would love to help out with a few squares if I may? Thanks so much for getting this started!
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