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  1. I can't believe I'm making this commitment, but I think it might be fun to keep up with. And it just might be the thing that will catapult me into weight loss success once and for all. Who knows?
  2. I'll join you guys . I don't think I've done a stash-buster in a few years. In fact, my last one was here on the 'ville with the the triple strand ugly blanket and I made three of those. I emptied out two bins of yarn making those. My yarn count has climbed way up again since then. In between then and now I owned a yarn store and I have quite a bit of yarn inherited from that. lol Time to get some projects done, me thinks .
  3. Wow, Kylie Marie! Those turned out so great!! Thanks for the encouragement. I doubt myself too much. But, I'm so glad you liked the pattern and that it was easy enough to read!
  4. I know that I didn't officially join this CAL, but I hope you don't mind if I post the Babette's that I've done and am currently working on. I don't have the pattern. I used the square totals at the beginning of this thread as a start and after the first one figured out how many of each square I needed to do it my own way. The black and neon one turned out looking a little more 'symmetrical' because of the black border on all of the squares. My daughter's babette that I call the Punk Rock Rainbow. I am currently finishing the border on this. My son's babette I call the Sci-Fi Vortex. This one is done. Thanks for letting me share.
  5. That is awesome. I love the colors!
  6. Hey Theresa! No worries..I'm a great recycler of things in good shape. The kids love the game. As a matter of fact, my daughter was traveling with her granparents this weekend and took the game along so she'd have something to play in the hotel! Thanks again!
  7. That turned out AWESOME! I'm sooo glad you used the pattern! I left a comment at your blog! Thanks again!
  8. Theresa (Everyday Crochet), Thank you so much for the wonderful box of goodies! I love the new hotpads and those chickens are totally cute! Thanks so much for being my partner! List of goodies: 1- Square potholder 1- round potholder/trivet 1- scrubbie 2- chicken hotpads 4- suckers 1- notepad 1- towel 2- pencils 1- phase 10 dice game 3- cotton yarns in summer colors 1- teapot recipe/picture holder
  9. Hey Theresa, Your package is on its way to you! I emailed Julie already, but I will send you the DC # so you can track it if you want to! biz
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