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  1. I have niece that I made a 'grown-up' purse for Christmas for...but I think I'm going to make one of these too...its just too cute to pass up. Thanks so much for sharing!
  2. You deserve some :clap , Krystal! This has been quite the undertaking!
  3. Krystal- I've had a two day hiatus from the 'ville. Just had to put my two cents in ....It looks just great! I am excited for her to get it and thank you soooo much for being willing to do all of the assembly and mailing. It is truly appreciated. I just know Jess is going to love this afghan. Who wouldn't? biz
  4. I'm really excited to see what this thing looks like. 6'x6' is an AWESOME sized afghan!! Her AND the girls will be able to snuggle under that!
  5. Krystal- It's great the kids are getting involved. There is a great sense of community when they get to participate. My kids LOVE doing charity work. (Not that Jess is one) We are involved in several different charity functions and they truly enjoy each thing.
  6. I just looked at the first post and saw how many people are donating. This thing is going to be HUGE! Or make alot of blankets. That's cool!
  7. Krystal- Had a snafoo getting the squares out yesterday. They are in the mail today. Should get to you by Friday or Saturday. Coming from North Central Wisconsin. biz
  8. Excellent response. I can only pray that Jess will truly find this a comfort. Nothing can replace your life partner, but I hope she feels the prayers put into this project encompassing her. biz
  9. Krystal- Here are the squares I'm sending you on Monday. http://bizzycrochet.blogspot.com/2007/03/jessica-comfortghan-squares.html biz
  10. Ok. Thanks for the pic. Mine should fit in just fine. And thank you for clarifying the weaving of ends, I was wondering about that.
  11. Krystal- I just did a Light Raspberry for both squares. Is it ok that I didn't make them multi color? Patterns said they were 8", but I had to add an extra row. 8" ok for the girls' blankets, too? b
  12. Ok, I'm off to start some squares. The longer I sit here, the less I get done. biz
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