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    Fashion Merchandising major at VCU who is obsessed with crocheting!
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    Crocheting, Scrapbooking, anything crafty really
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    Student and Server
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    Still discovering new things...but I like baby blankets!
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    Since I was about 7 years old....but I took a break from it and picked it back up in 2006.
  1. Wow!! That is so pretty!! I'm going to get the yarn for my mom's this weekend...I just talked to her and she said she would like a combo of red/pink....i was going to do red, pink and white, but i really like these colors together. She wants a really soft yarn though so I'll have to see what I can find...I was thinking either Caron SS or Homespun....
  2. Yeh!! My roommate has 2 ferrets so this will make a great christmas gift!!
  3. Oh gosh!!! Mothers day!!! HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT MOTHER'S DAY!!??!! And the next time I am going home to see my family is on Mother's day.....well I'll just have to make one of these, huh?? What size is good for a throw blanket?
  4. Question for everyone: for an adult sized afghan, what size are you making yours (diameter across?)
  5. I'll join!! But I won't be able to start for a few weeks until after finals.....I'll be checking in on everyone's progress, though!!
  6. I'm so glad that they made it there safe and just remember that every time you wrap up in that it is hugs from all of us here!!:manyheart:manyheart
  7. they look GREAT!!! :clap thanks for doing this krystal, you're amazing!!
  8. Krystal---it looks amazing!!! Are you going to have enough squares for Jeff's mom or can we send extra this week?
  9. yay!! mine got there too!! i just sent it out on wednesday!!!
  10. Krystal, I'm hoping to have the package mailed out today. I'm in the middle of moving so things are kind of scattered right now. You should get it by Friday though!
  11. Krystal--I PMed you! Making some squares tonight and tomorrow and will hopefully put them in the mail Tuesday. Please PM me your addy!!
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