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  1. I updated with a personal issue, NOT crochet related just family troubles http://joanndillon.blogspot.com/2009/09/wow-wow-wow-wow-and-wow.html
  2. I updated mine to international crochet day! http://joanndillon.blogspot.com/2009/09/september-12th-are-all-you-hookers.html
  3. I updated my blog my sweet angel girl great neice Sammi came over, she just turned 4 got some pictures and if you look on you can see what I got for my anniversary present from hubby..but I dont got a picture yet..lol here is the link http://joanndillon.blogspot.com/2009/08/samaria-warrior-princess.html
  4. POOR blog was neglected........lol....this post my second of today, I chat about my Jimbo hook..nice read if I say so myself... http://joanndillon.blogspot.com/2009/07/and-my-friend-jimbo-has-two-new-hooks.html off to dialysis, hubby is here, time to go.......... have a blessed day friends! JoBug
  5. This link is to a business card (for items I give away) a member so KINDLY made me, so I posted it on my blog..here is the link to that post, http://joanndillon.blogspot.com/2009/05/ask-and-you-shall-recieve.html
  6. I have done a couple, and am now on one for ME ME ME ME mine will be the same as the greens one....I will post it when I am done...3 rows left!!! Here are the other two I did, I HAVE done more than that, but these are the pics I have..and by the way, you all are doing a WONDERFUL JOB!!
  7. Here is mine I been working on, it is Aggie Mays pattern, and goes along great! Now this is for a five year old girl, picture taken on my king sized bed..I dont know how far to keep going on it............ picts are clickable, and I think I will go till I run outta yarn, I am using LionBrand Pounds of love, one white one Pink..... and an H hook.
  8. F-A-T-E, no other way to explain it, I got one of these dolls at goodwill saterday, and being a nurse, I WILL be turning her into me!! Love it, printing RIGHT now!!! HUGS HUGS HUGS!! Just thought I would add, she was $3.00!!! Well, she had a hair cut, but this will hide PEFCETLY under her cap!!! OMG< I am on top of the world!!
  9. Hey dearheart, all I got to say is: YOUR LUCKY I HAVE TWO CPK'S!!! LOL!! So I don't have to go buy one, like Dora....hahahahaha, LOVE it!! I will be looking for more...is this the first one you did in the CPK? I will have to go look now...gosh darn it..lol
  10. You sure did a WONDERFUL job Krystal, thank you!! :hug :hug
  11. Krystal, I m glad you all made it home safe , maybe not sound, but safe, that is the important thing. I see my squares made it , I tell you, mail I SEND arrives timely mail I RECIEVE< takes forever...imagine that J. Dillon - what's your screen name? thats me JoBug!
  12. Hi Krystal, I will get mine out this morning, feeling good enough to venture out today. I hope they will get there in time. Hugs JoAnn
  13. Dear Krystal, I am sorry I wasn't able to get mine in todays mail, I couldn't get out of bed, a bad cold, but I will get there tommorow, I snet my husband to the post office to check the mail and didn't even think to have him mail it, sorry, but it will get there in time, I am sure of it. Have you heard from Jessie by e-mail or phone? I am just wondering how she is coping, and if she needs anything else. Okay off I go, to have a cup of tea and back to my sick bed. Thanks dear JoAnn
  14. Count me in, will dig out my stash bag of yarns right now, and work on them at work tonight and tommorow so I can mail out monday to you, thank you for doing this!! My heart breaks for her!!
  15. Toooooooooooooooo C-U-T-E!!! I hope I gots enough ink....
  16. Oh my GOODNESS Darski, now your going to MAKE me, FORCE me, BREAK MY ARM, to buy one of these dolls!! I will HAVE to...okay printer get ready.. I saw Target has a 18inch doll, on the order of American Girl dolls.....humpppppppp......... D-A-R-S-K-I.....here goes ALL my ink now, you KNOW I gotta make these too:yes
  17. I too ama lefty, south paw, as they call me..lol..BUT learning how to crochet, it was MANDITORY that I learned RIGHT handed, and I am so thankful for it now. I was very young, maybe 10 when I learned so it wasnt as hard as it would be at my age now..which is OLD as dirt..lol
  18. Oh Darski, another GREAT creation!! You AMAZE me!! I love it
  19. You are making me want to RUN right out and get a Dora doll....your clothes are AMAZING!!! Good thing we are snowed in here in Iowa this morning, OR I WOULD be out getting me a Dora doll..your a FABULOUS designer!!
  20. You are doing an ADORABLE JOB!! I suggested over on the pattern seeking board, we al pitch in to buy you an American Girl Doll, so you can design us patterns You are SOOOOOOOOOOO talented!!
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