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  1. Hey girls, thanks for the welcome! As soon as my swap obligations are done for this month, I will be around. Until, then I will be watching and drooling!
  2. Hi Judy! Looks like lots of the COF bunch is here! I totally understand leaving me out of the loop on this one. You all wanted to keep this technique all to yourselves. I see how it is.
  3. OMG! I just stumbled on this CAL - I have to say to you folks doing these Lumberjack Flannelghan's that they are absolutely GORGEOUS! WOW! My sister just requested I make her a "lapghan" in her new motorhome colors and I am going to show her this thread! I will be joining the CAL soon!
  4. Just peeping in here to see if anyone can help me. I am making a RR using the Van Gogh technique that is another CAL here. I am having trouble with what to do with the edging. I did a two strand RR - with alternating colors, each 3 rows around. The last set of three rows is a double strand of two same color purples. I am ready to do the very last row but am unsure of what is an appropriate edging to do for this RR? The only other one I did I edged in HDC's all the way around. Should my very last row be two strands of hdc in purple? Just need some guidelines please!
  5. Absolutely wonderful work Krystal, thanks for taking the time to do these and for handling everything!
  6. I don't know what you see Krystal, it looks just awesome to me!
  7. WOW! Krystal, it's AWESOME! You truly have an eye for placement! Thank goodness I had my husband around when I was assembling mine, I have no idea about color! Before you do USPS, try DHL - I have sent NUMEROUS bigger packages using them and they deliver to door with siggy and it's usually WAY cheaper than USPS for something that big!
  8. I say a darker color matches better, but that is just me. WOW! That's alot of squares! How awesome that is!
  9. I sent out mine today Krystal, please let me know when you get them.
  10. Krystal, just for your info, if you get too many squares for all the ghans your making, it would be nice to make another ghan to give to a charity of Jessies choice in her husbands memory. If you need help organizing a ghan, or the money, I would be happy to lend a hand, as I have done both. Just throwing my name out in the mix. Another suggestion, Drews (the Crochet Dude) joining method I have found to be one of the easiest with comfortghans because it really doesn't matter if the squares are all exactly the same size, it really makes up for it. Your a saint to put this together.
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