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  1. I was away from my home for 10 days and when I got back yesterday the hook was here. If you can give me a few days to get back into the swing of things, I will whip them up and send them off ok? The hook is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
  2. KnicKnac

    Sun Applique

    I am looking for a pattern for a sun applique. Ok, I know it sounds easy ... but I have fiddled and fiddled and I can't make it look like a "sun" - any one have any ideas?
  3. Gosh, I have been away a LONG time. I am glad to see this is still moseying along the countryside! Doing it's good deed. I intend on being active again here at the 'Ville! Looking forward to when I have my turn at the beautiful hook!
  4. KnicKnac

    C’Ville Sepetmber Mocha Swirl Tote XIV

    OMG! IT'S ME!!! IT'S ME!!! IT'S ME!!! I got this today and I am beside myself with JOY! Thank you SO MUCH MaryJo for your graciousness. I posted about it here: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=60446 I am at a loss...I have to come back when I am better composed and not in tears.
  5. KnicKnac

    Accessories Swap! ANGEL PKG NEEDED

    I am so glad you liked everything Helen! It was fun, but sorry I was so late!
  6. Good morning everyone! I have updated the post with the information that I have: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showpost.php?p=841489&postcount=3 Please let me know if I missed anything! Please check it for me today and let me know by PM or eMail if the information is wrong in anyway. THANKS! You gals have been wonderful and look at all those LOVELY toys!
  7. Good morning toy swappers! Thanks to all of you that helped me out this weekend as I had to whisk away to help out the inlaws! Please check this post to make sure I have everything listed correctly. The official deadline for the packages to be in the hands is the 31st - those of you that haven't sent your packages yet need to get them in the mail today or tomorrow!!! I need to know NOW if there are any issues with that request. Anyone that hasn't posted here or emailed or pm'd me that hasn't sent out by Wednesday morning will be getting a stern talking to by me on Wednesday! Looks like there were some awesome toys passed! I am so glad everyone had fun!
  8. KnicKnac

    Accessories Swap! ANGEL PKG NEEDED

    What can I say??? Helen, you truly outdid yourself with my package! OMG! Did I say that already?!?! Lets start with all the sweet smelling stuff! OMG - the spiced candles, divine! The spiced body lotion, body splash and shower gel! I can't wait to use them!!! All that different stationary books - and in all my favorite colors and scenes! You hit the spot! Speaking of hitting the spot, thanks for the Werthers! And let's not forget the little pig buttons and the beads, simply awesome! THE CROCHETED STUFF!!! What a gorgeous little accessory bag! WOW - TOO CUTE! I just love it, and in all my fave colors! Oh H, that shawl - in lilac - oh my - what can I say, I am at a loss for words. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST - I cannot believe you purchased the "AMAZING CROCHET LACE" - I have been oogling that book for eons! I can't believe it's MINE MINE MINE! You were such a good swap partner, putting up with my crazy summer and being so understanding of my limited communication. You made this swap the best ever! Thank you SO MUCH!!! I would take pics and post but my camera hasn't been sent back to me yet from my trip a couple of weeks ago. But as soon as I get it, I will post!
  9. KnicKnac

    Summer Cotton Yarn Swap. Wrappin up....

    I am so glad you got everything! WOO HOO!!! I am even more glad you LIKE everything!
  10. KnicKnac

    Wish List Thank Yous

    HEY YOU! I got one too! Imagine that?!? Someone is being very generous out there, those are some CUTIE PATOOTIE patterns! THANKS!
  11. KnicKnac

    Summer Cotton Yarn Swap. Wrappin up....

    Oh I love each and every inch of it!!! That PINK???? OMG!!!! I can't wait to use it, I am saving that for my daughter! WOOT! I will be posting pics, my BIL is sending my camera to me.
  12. KnicKnac

    Summer Cotton Yarn Swap. Wrappin up....

    OMG! I got my package from Mandi today! WOOHOO! I left my camera in Georgia today so I can't take pics, so it will have to wait, but I gotta tell you that she spoiled me rotten! Thank you Mandi! I will post more later, gotta get dinner going!
  13. Good evening folks, just wondering how everyone is doing? Is there any issues that need to be handled? Please contact me asap if you have anything that needs to be addressed!
  14. KnicKnac

    A First for me. So Proud

    Kathy, you deserve it, your designs are quite beautiful. I have loved every White Birches book I have ever gotten.
  15. I don't know about your kids, but my girl is satisfied with anything, small or big, multiple pieces or not, if it's NEW it's gonna get played with. Does that help a bit? I am kinda lost as to what you girls are asking?