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  1. I just finished a pair of Minicluster Lace socks... clickable pattern info and pattern modifications can be found at this blogpost
  2. Thanks everyone - (and thank Lauren for designing such a beautiful bag with a well written easy to follow pattern) FYI - About felting the lacy flap... I sent the bag through my top loading machine 3 times on hot wash. I only felted the flap once. Thanks again!!
  3. Here's my latest project... Lauren Irving's Felted purse I made over the past weekend. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2100/2364889148_0fc56b4541.jpg More information including pattern links, pattern changes and more photos are at these blog posts showing the bag as a WIP , pre and post felting, and then as an FO . Enjoy!
  4. Anyone want to join me in making Miniclustered Lace Socks? It's a pattern in the Crocheted Socks! book by Janet Rehfeldt & Mary Jane Wood. CGOA is hosting a sock help-a-long (essentially a CAL) for this pattern beginning March 1st and I thought I'd see if more people wanted to join in by posting about it here! Come on in and join the fun!
  5. I used Patons Kroy Sock yarn for this pair. Yes we wear crocheted socks in shoes! I always use sock yarn.
  6. After getting sidetracked with baby items, I finally finished the socks I was doing as a CAL at Yahoo crochet socks and on Ravelry... so Bob received his 2nd annual "socks for valentine's day" , just a bit late... clickable!! This pattern is a little confusing at the gussett and heel. As written, IMHO, the heel would not be centered so one has to modify the pattern a little to make it work. I detailed the changes I made at this blogpost. Photos and pattern links (Ultimate Crocheted Socks) are there as well!
  7. I agree! I'm always looking for good men's patterns. My guy got socks! Beautiful job on the sweater:clap
  8. At my daughter's insistence, the Baby Hoodie & Hat set I made needed a blanket to go with it, so I made this sort of matching blanket... it's currently blocking... clickable More info on pattern and yarns etc can be found at this blogpost: First Love blanket
  9. OK the baby stuff is done! So no more having babies! I finished the stuff for our friends having their first baby this month. clickable and modeled by my dd's "Big Baby" clickable More info on pattern, yarns etc on my blog at this post: Baby Hoodie and Hat set
  10. Thanks for all the compliments! hope my niece and her dh like the set as much!
  11. Here's my latest FO... clickable modeled here by my dd's "big Baby" clickable More details including pattern and yarn info are available at this blog post
  12. For my grand-nephew due in May! CLICKABLE!! There's more info and pattern links on this blogpost. I'm trying to finish a matching baby sweater (navy) before my Feb CALs start!
  13. Yes after making it for my dh I'm going to whip off a few for my kids for sledding! Enjoy
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