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  1. Yes Paulette said it so so well. I too have tears flowing just reading Jess' note. Many :hug to you and the girls!
  2. They are truly beautiful Krystal! You really have an eye for assembling these squares!
  3. Krystal - you are amazing. I'm anal about these things too and I'll admit I've been thinking.. "How is she EVER going to make all these variations on rose/pink look nice?" YOU DID!! It looks absolutely lovely! 80" x 88" is awesome too! Great idea on more extra squares for Jeff's mom...
  4. Krystal your layout looks awesome so far. I think your iseas for brown for JEss and white for the girsl sounds beautiful. I know from the stash busting thread that you bought some yarn to assemble these. Please feel free to use the $ I sent to pay for the assembly yarn as well as for shipping etc. Thanks again for all your work.
  5. Squares went out in the mail this noon time, along with a bit of $. Here are the squares - the ones for Jess are a light dusty rose (the picture is a bit dark) - the girls are all pink & purples
  6. Born in Belmont, now in Pepperell (near Nashua, NH border)
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