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  1. WOW - very nice. Thanks for the pattern. I can't wait to give it a try.
  2. Thanks so much. The colors used are TLC Essentials Dark Thyme, Sandstone, Dark Brown and Barn Red. RRSS in Gold and Carrot. I Love This Yarn (Hobby Lobby) in Autumn Ombre. Gave it to her today and she was so surprised and very happy as she has been admiring the ones I made for her daughters all year long.
  3. Hi Everyone, I haven't posted here in a really long time - summer and life just got in the way. I just completed this RR for my friends mom - going to give it to her tomorrow. It is done in fall colors using ILTY, RRSS and TLC. Fits across a queen size bed.
  4. Well, because of your pic, I have now started one in a blue varigated thread using I think a size "C" hook. It is also the "do a few rows" when I feel like it project. Works best without my contacts or glasses in so I can see it.
  5. That is just going to be beautiful. I love how it swirls.
  6. Started this one last weekend. Will probably only work on it on the weekends until I get some other stuff done. Using up any purples that I have available. Fun fur in the middle. This will be for my aunt for xmas, she loves purple! Yes, I know I have 13 points. Found out after about 10 rounds when I looked at it and counted. It is laying flat and I like the number 13, so going to keep going. Probably did it some where in that fun fur that you can't see what you are doing!
  7. Haven't posted for a loooonnggg time - summer seemed to have gotten in the way. I have looked in now and then and everyone's RR's are looking great. Finished this a few weeks ago for my friend Therese's 50th Birthday. Made with Red Heart in fall colors. It is huge - each of the last 10 or so rounds took almost an hour each to do. [URL="http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w112/luckybmr_photos/P8160001.jpg"][IMG]http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w112/luckybmr_photos/th_P8160001.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  8. YIPPEE! I finished my mom's RR in time for Mother's Day. This is huge. That is a queen size bed it is on. Used an "H" hook and Caron Pounders. Almost a whole Red, White was about 1-1/3 and Blue was about 1-3/4. Mom will be real happy with it - maybe not today as she is still recovering from knee replacement surgery, but I will take it and give it to her and bring it back home. She can enjoy it fully when she gets home next week. Happy Mother's Day everyone!
  9. GRRRRRR! One and a half more points to do on my Red, White and Blue round ripple and I ran out of yarn! Guess a stop at JoAnn's is on for tomorrow after work! Everyones RR's are looking great - I so enjoy seeing them all.
  10. Well, I have been busily working on this RR for my mom for Mother's Day. I have severn rounds of the blue and then I might put two rounds of each color again and be done. Don't know if I am going to have enough of the white and blue, but will see. Everyone's RR's are looking great and so many nice color combinations.
  11. Mandy - your ripple looks great and probably will lay flatter as it gets bigger, however, that pattern does have an error in round 3. Did you know? The correction is posted here some where - I am at work right now and can't look for it - I am sure someone else can direct you to it.
  12. Everyones RR are looking great. I got to work on my red, white and blue one a lot yesterday at the hospital while waiting for my mom's kneed replacement surgery to be finished. It is taking me about 1/2 hour per round now. I guess I am crocheting slow as that seems like a long time. I did find more yarn for the fallish colors one I am also working on and that one is much further along. Off to work on them now.
  13. Finally had a minute to take pics of my slow progress on my RR's. I am not a good pic taker at all. This first pic is of one I am making for my mom. Caron Pounders with an H hook in red, white and blue. Making 3 rounds of each color, then 5 rounds, then 7 rounds, etc. until it is as big as I want. All pics should be clickable. This RR I am currently stopped on as I have run out of the yellow RRSS (looks orange in pic). I have one more store to check tomorrow and if I can't find it (seems to be a fallish color), then I will frog the last partial yellow round and continue on from t
  14. WOW! so much just since last night - lol. Everyone's work is looking great. I was able to do a few rounds on mine this evening - too tired to do more. I only get to crochet for a little bit in the evenings and a few hours each day on the weekends. I eventually get stuff done. Will post pics soon as mine look like something. I found I like the 1 round of small shell and 2 round of large shell the best - lays much better. My one hint to help those having trouble is that when making the point, be careful that you do not cover up the first stitch you need to go in after the point, t
  15. Hi everybody - your RR's are looking fantastic! I am back from my short vacation - had a great time. I managed to get a few more rounds down on my RR and also started another. The new one is in red, white and blue. Going to do three rounds of each color, then five rounds of each, then 7 rounds of each - will see after that if I need to do more. Will post pics when they look a little more like something - lol!
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