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  1. Those are really pretty - I am sure your daughter just loves them.
  2. Mary Jo - she is adorable. I just love the little dolls.....still have one you sent me years ago. I have my childhood dolls that one of these days I am going to dig out and give them clothes. So many crafts......so little time.
  3. Very nice! I love filet crochet - just never seem to have time to make anything.
  4. I liked Crochet Today a lot - seems the crochet magazines are disappearing again. I enjoy the UK version of Mollie Makes - it comes with a small craft kit. However, to subscribe it is over $100. The new US Edition was okay, but not as good as the UK version in my opinion. Mollie Makes really should include more crochet as that is what the people who purchased Crochet Today were purchasing it for or at least less advertisement and articles and more craft projects.
  5. A "J" hook would have made the squares bigger and more open. My friend wanted an afghan for warmth and without big holes. So, I went with the "H" as I had used it on this square before and my friend was happy with the size of the squares and the open parts of the squares.
  6. Thanks everyone! I have two more afghans in the works that are getting close to completion. Both are going to be 96 squares each (I think). One uses the same pattern except the centers are all Simply Soft bright colors with the outside being white. It is for an 8 year old girl. The other is just a more solid granny square using up my scraps of yarn and will be for a 9 year old boy. My cousins kids. My aunt (grandmother) will keep them and decide when the kids are old enough to be responsible with them. Hoping to get them done in the next few weeks. Then I will only have two afghans st
  7. Thank you everyone. Surprisingly, I didn't get sick of the colors - I really enjoy making this particular square, it goes quickly and the pattern is easy to memorize. I just made stacks of them up to a certain point, then weaved in ends, then finished the next part and weaved in those ends. I did, however, dislike sewing the whole thing together - way to big.
  8. Back in April when I was first unemployed, my friend said "this would be a good time to ask you to make me an afghan for our bed". She took advantage of me. Caught me when my mind was befuddled. I was unemployed, depressed, down, probably medicated. She took advantage. Yes, she did. That's my story and I am sticking to it. Just joking, I was happy to make it and really enjoyed the entire project. I started this near the end of May and finished it today. I didn't work on it constantly, but it was my main project. Used 154 snowflake squares from one of my granny square books. It co
  9. So adorable. It would take me all year to make those.
  10. WOW it does look knitted. Ceramic? Very pretty.
  11. Yep, it was me. I just love Floyd.....I think Flora is a little jealous, but I told her don't worry. Mary Jo will be posting the pic soon I am sure. Thanks again Mary Jo - the surprise really brightened my day.
  12. Thanks for the pattern! I would love to use the same yarn - need to start looking for it - but seems it is out of stock everywhere. Well, I do have a hank of alpaca yarn that would probably work just as well. Soon as I get my swap package done, going to start on this.
  13. Look under the group for Attic 24 - it is usually at the bottom of some of the threads. I haven't been there for awhile, so don't know for sure. I have ordered from Deramores several times and they are wonderful. Stylecraft Special DK is a great yarn - I love working with it - no splitting, holds up nicely and there are something like 51 different colors. Deramores usually has most of them in stock - when there is a sale, you have to keep checking to see when they have the most colors you are looking for. Be careful that you look for exactly Stylecraft Special DK as they have several
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