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  1. Congrats! Welcome to the club! Another beautiful bag.
  2. I have that issue. PM me your address -
  3. Those are really pretty - I am sure your daughter just loves them.
  4. Please add my name to the list. The booklets are ones I have never seen and love xmas ornaments.
  5. Hey gepgelmik - I'm in Garfield Hts too! There is a nice knit/crochet group that meets at the Nordonia Hills Library. The Stitch Clique meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 6-8pm. Really nice group of ladies and we have a blast. Come join us. PM me or email if you need to know where the library is.
  6. Mary Jo - she is adorable. I just love the little dolls.....still have one you sent me years ago. I have my childhood dolls that one of these days I am going to dig out and give them clothes. So many crafts......so little time.
  7. Another beautiful bag. Congrats! and welcome to the club.
  8. Congrats and welcome to the club!
  9. Welcome to the club - enjoy!
  10. My foot hurts from tapping it while waiting.
  11. The bag is just beautiful. Love the color - reminds me of the sky after a snow storm also. Wish we would get a snow storm - haven't had much in Ohio yet.
  12. Congrats and welcome to the club! Beautiful bag.
  13. Beautiful bag. Congrats! and welcome to the club.
  14. Congratulations and welcome to the club!
  15. Another beautiful tote. 100 already seems like yesterday they started. Can't wait to see who the 100th bag lady is.
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