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  1. What a fabulous project! I can't imagine anyone not wanting to participate in something as moving as this. I'm going to contact all my creative friends as well. I was raised Jewish (I'm an aethiest now....even if I can't spell it) but my family came to the United States before the war.
  2. I wouldn't buy them anything either. Ungrateful people, that's all they seem to be......
  3. Some best selling authors started off as self-publishing their work! So I'm all in favor of it though I personally have not taken the leap (yet)!
  4. There was a thread about this very doily not too long ago. There is an artist who posts her finished products on eBay and she is claiming the design as her own. The pattern is not for sale.
  5. found this: http://huangfamily.com/craftingjapanese/archives/free_patterns/ I don't think you'll find too many as they're still very popular and people are willing to pay for them.....
  6. Wow, it's gorgeous. The detail makes my head spin! Wish I had your advanced skills.
  7. My first thought was that it would take forever to dry after even one use. You'd have to toss it in the dryer every time. Not very practical and certainly an energy hog.
  8. Welcome from Colorado! Crocheting can be as expensive or as INexpensive as you want. Unfortunately most of us tend to go overboard and buy pattern after pattern after pattern and enough yarn to last a lifetime! If you buy just what you need for a particular pattern, your expenses should be: crochet hook(s) pattern(s) yarn The yarn is what gets expensive of course. You can buy Red Heart acrylic for $3 a skein, which is at the low end or you can spend $30 or more for the same amount of yarn but is top quality. Always look for coupons for Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Joann's. Th
  9. I don't remember who it was, but I thought it was someone outside of the United States who had access to thread but not yarn.....
  10. Wow, I wish I had thought of using Homespun for this project! I love Homespun! Instead I went with Paton's Canadiana acrylic. It's nice but nothing to write home about. Somewhere in this thread (or another?) someone was actually going to make this piece in crochet thread! Obviously it would be a lot smaller but it would be incredible to see. I wonder if she lost interest in finishing it.....
  11. You and me both. Last week I spread it out on my bed. It's probably close to 48" already. I don't know why I just stopped working on it.
  12. You'll just have to go into "the" City to stock up a couple of times every year!
  13. Congrats! You had it easier than the rest of us. So was that the Hudson River??!!
  14. That's exactly right. It's easy enough to pick out the dark variegated yarn. But finding the complementary yarn took me several weeks!
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