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  1. birdlady1

    Amazon Parrot

    Is the pattern still available? Did you ever design the African Grey pattern you promised? (Thinking about Christmas presents already ....) TIA, Ellen
  2. What a fabulous project! I can't imagine anyone not wanting to participate in something as moving as this. I'm going to contact all my creative friends as well. I was raised Jewish (I'm an aethiest now....even if I can't spell it) but my family came to the United States before the war.
  3. Wow, Krystal, I was surprised to see this thead "resurrected" but your tablecloth is a work of art! Gorgeous!
  4. I wouldn't buy them anything either. Ungrateful people, that's all they seem to be......
  5. Thought I'd refresh this thread as the Mother Bear Project is still around. Here's a link to a very worthwhile cause! http://www.motherbearproject.org/
  6. Some best selling authors started off as self-publishing their work! So I'm all in favor of it though I personally have not taken the leap (yet)!
  7. There was a thread about this very doily not too long ago. There is an artist who posts her finished products on eBay and she is claiming the design as her own. The pattern is not for sale.
  8. found this: http://huangfamily.com/craftingjapanese/archives/free_patterns/ I don't think you'll find too many as they're still very popular and people are willing to pay for them.....
  9. Wow, it's gorgeous. The detail makes my head spin! Wish I had your advanced skills.
  10. There are two ads on the Denver craigslist asking for crocheting help. Here are the ads and the link to craigslist if you're interested. Ad 1 (Aurora, Colroado): I crochet myself and i wanted to make my daughter a afghan that she saw and liked. I wanted to have it done for her birthday on March 17. Problem is I can't figure out the pattern. I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to make it for me. If so how much would you charge? I will supply the yarn. I have the pattern or you can go to coatsandclark.com and look it up also. It's called woodland Fern SB704-02 link: http://denver.craigslist.org/art/1050633895.html Ad 2 (Broomfield, Colorado): i am looking for someone to teach me how to crochet i am willing to pay a resonable price i have checked with the recreation centers and hobby stores in my area all the classes are in the early morning during the week and i work during thoses times if any one knows someone or is willing to teach me please e-mail or call me nolann81@msn.com 720-253-8663 http://denver.craigslist.org/wan/1048631869.html
  11. Agreed. There is a copyright (legal) issue about sharing this pattern with anyone. Don't do it! We don't want to have to visit you in jail. All's fair in love and war and in eBay auctions. Everyone will get over it and bid on it the next time it comes around.
  12. Beautiful! That's a pattern I hope to work up someday. Congrats on a job well done!
  13. Glad you enjoyed my post, Shuttlebuggy! People bond to all sorts of things, including inanimate objects. Sometimes we may go overboard with our bonding as witnessed by the chimpanzee situation in your home state. Yikes!:monkey So your "case" is a piece of cake:lol.
  14. I guess it depends on how "bonded" you are with it. Perhaps you could "chop" it up to make it into pillows or an afghan (backed with warm fabric)? Or give yourself a certain amount of time to repair it and, if you haven't reached your goal within that time, then consider its burial.
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