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  1. I just discovered 14 skeins of this yarn in my garage but they're only 102 yards per skein. I hope to find a few more so I can make a long-sleeved sweater for myself. There's no dye lot thank goodness. Anyone have Yarn Bee Boucle Traditions in grapetone #165? My skeins originally were purchased at Hobby Lobby. Willing to pay a reasonable price plus shipping. Thanks!
  2. These magazines have been sold. Thank you for your interest. I have 23 of these half-sized magazines: 12 Hooked on Crochet 5 Crochet Home 1 Coats and Clark's Afghans (Knit and Crochet) 1 Red Heart Easy Afghans (Knit and Crochet) 1 Knitting Made Easy 1 Red Heart Aran Classics (crochet) 1 Coasts & Clark More Toys (knit and crochet) 1 Coats & Clark More Granny Squares (crochet) All in reasonably good condition with no missing pages (though two have small items clipped from them...does not appear to affect the pattern) Selling as a bundle for $15 including shipping in the U.S. Paypal preferred but will take checks and cash. Thanks for looking and email with any questions.
  3. birdlady1

    Amazon Parrot

    Is the pattern still available? Did you ever design the African Grey pattern you promised? (Thinking about Christmas presents already ....) TIA, Ellen
  4. What a fabulous project! I can't imagine anyone not wanting to participate in something as moving as this. I'm going to contact all my creative friends as well. I was raised Jewish (I'm an aethiest now....even if I can't spell it) but my family came to the United States before the war.
  5. Wow, Krystal, I was surprised to see this thead "resurrected" but your tablecloth is a work of art! Gorgeous!
  6. PMd you back...the Ride a painted pony pattern is incomplete:( but the rest are marked for you!
  7. Glad to read that! :)In the next few weeks, I'm going to sell a TON of patterns. They're eating me out of house and home and I'll never get to even half of them!
  8. It'll be worth the wait! Thanks again, Ellen
  9. Gottcha! Thanks. I"ll mark these are pending. Sent you a PM. Ellen
  10. Haven't looked at these patterns in years so I figured it's time to get rid of them. Besides, I could use the money (g). Link to photos is at the end of this list. (If the link doesn't work, please let me know and I'll fix it when I get home later this afternoon.) Everything is $1 each plus shipping! Checks or cash preferred, but will take Paypal for sales of $5 or more. Please PM with your zipcode so I can calculate shipping. Thanks. Afghans Hairpin Lace Afghans by Nancy Nehring (ASN book), 5 hairpin lace designs SALE PENDING Bandanna Afghan by Sandra J. Smith (pages from unknown magazine) Old Glory Afghan (from Annie’s Afghan Club) Little Quacker Afghan by Darlene Torkkola (pages from Annie’s Crochet Newsletter May/June 1984) Crochet ‘n’ Weave Mile-a-Minute Afghans (Annie’s Attic, 6 afghans) SALE PENDING Amish Afghan, pages from Country Handcrafts unknown date Pack-aghans by Red Heart, directions for 7 afghans SALE PENDING Gallery of Afghans, 6 designs to knit or crochet SOLD Variegated in Vogue, 12 crocheted afghans SALE PENDING 63 Easy-to-Crochet Pattern Stitches (combine to make an heirloom afghan) LA leaflet SOLD Color Happy Afghans, 6 designs SOLD Afghans by the Dozen: Grannies (LA leaflet) SALE PENDING Distinguished Diamonds, 8 afghans SALE PENDING Hearth Warmers, 10 afghans to knit or crochet SALE PENDING Patriot’s Pride Granny Square Afghans (Annie’s Attic), 6 designs SALE PENDING Lattice-Weave Afghan (Annie’s Attic Afghan Club) Mossy Stones Afghan, pages from unknown source Clothing Paton’s easy crochet (7 women’s and men’s sweaters) SALE PENDING Weekend Sweaters (LA book, 6 sweaters) SALE PENDING Paton’s Designer Series: An Affair to Remember – four very classy outfits SALE PENDING Short-sleeve Sweaters to Crochet (LA leaflet, 4 designs) SALE PENDING Doll Clothing and Bed Dolls Rosie’s Crochet Wardrobe (5 outfits for 12-inch Rosie doll) Maritime Middy doll clothing for 12- and 18-inch Daisy Kingdom dolls Abby bed doll SALE PENDING Claire bed doll Eva bed doll SALE PENDING Rachel of Bismark clothing design for 11 ½ inch doll SALE PENDING Air Freshener Pillow Dolls, 6 designs SALE PENDING Heavenly Porcelains Angels (Annie’s Attic) – crochet/tatting, 8 designs with #10 thread Esther of Mobile for 11 ½ inch fashion doll using #10 bedspread cotton SALE PENDING Southern Belle, for 15-inch fashion doll SALE PENDING Multiple Projects and Miscellaneous Red & Purple Rules, ASN book, 9 designs—hat, shawl, scarfs, hats, tote, scepter (slight damage to left top cover thanks to my parrot!) Annie’s Pattern Club magazine, June-July 1983 Decorating & Craft Ideas magazine, May 1977 (sewing, needlepoint etc) SALE PENDING Today’s Woman Granny Squares magazine #1, 1975 SALE PENDING Chess & Checkers (Annie’s Attic) SALE PENDING Memo Reminder (pages from Annie’s Crochet Newsletter Nov-Dec 1986) Trolls to Crochet (LA leaflet) SALE PENDING Crochet World magazine, Dec 2002 SALE PENDING Country Handcrafts magazine, Autumn 1988 Teach Yourself to Knit (LA booklet) SOLD http://s108.photobucket.com/albums/n7/birdlady1/for%20sale%201%20dollar%20each%20and%20shipping/
  11. I wouldn't buy them anything either. Ungrateful people, that's all they seem to be......
  12. Thought I'd refresh this thread as the Mother Bear Project is still around. Here's a link to a very worthwhile cause! http://www.motherbearproject.org/
  13. Some best selling authors started off as self-publishing their work! So I'm all in favor of it though I personally have not taken the leap (yet)!
  14. There was a thread about this very doily not too long ago. There is an artist who posts her finished products on eBay and she is claiming the design as her own. The pattern is not for sale.
  15. found this: http://huangfamily.com/craftingjapanese/archives/free_patterns/ I don't think you'll find too many as they're still very popular and people are willing to pay for them.....
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