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  1. you should put what the petition is for....i think more people would go to your blog if you did
  2. looks really beautiful
  3. I sent a large box of toys, books and such, so i have met my goal too!
  4. this thread made me smile! it is fun to recognize the addy on the package! i have had the same experience. Today must truly be a holiday I too got elfed twice today! first i went to the mailbox and found a package with beautiful squares for my ghan all the way from England! i think it is the first time i have ever gotten anything from overseas. Thank you so much for taking the time to make and send me the squares. i think i am getting close to being able to have a good sized afghan. i am going to lay out the squares in the near future. then while checking my emails...i got a new mail from an elf in new york. She sent me a wonder square pattern that i cant wait to try out. it is call the winter rose sampler square. thank you so much! hope everyone is having a great day and thanks again
  5. i wrote to the company about the pound of love (or whatever it is called) not pulling from the center and getting tangled and i was send replacements, and i got to keep the messed up stuff....
  6. i agree that the answer is yes to both questions. i wouldnt mind recieving them! just have fun making them
  7. i recieved the most wonderful package in the world! an elf from richmond sent me the most beautiful crochet hook i have ever seen! i am almost afraid to use it....there were also 2 skeins of tlc amore yarn which i have never used and some stickers! this has me in awe! then when i got to the regular mail....i now have a penpal and i got my first letter....cant wait to write back...this is so much fun this place is just great! thank you so much:hug
  8. i have tried to click on the link and it says i dont have access to the pattern....i wonder why? any ideas? i would love to see what the pattern is.....
  9. ive been elfed! i got three wonderful bambbo handled hooks which i am totally in love with......thank you to the clever elf who used my addy as the return address! thank you so much for thinking of me!
  10. really pretty but too mcuh for me good luck all of you who are so talented to be able to do this! it looks wonderful!
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