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  1. keep those tissues out! Jess, your are so very welcome .... it was the least we could do for a member of our family!
  2. Label/Receipt Number: 0306 2400 0000 2737 0835 Status: Delivered Your item was delivered at 8:14 AM on March 30, 2007 in CT 06066. Looks like jess got her package!
  3. did pa's squares ever get to you? i sure wish we could see jess when she gets her mail.
  4. mine says the dust is just a protective covering for furniture! and it is along with the yarn! krystal great job and thank you so very much!
  5. great job krystal! there should be lots of jewels coming your way.....wish i could be there when jess gets the box.....or have someone take a picture when she opens it.....i know i would cry at all the names, the work and love that it took to make this happen!
  6. you know we are oour worst critics.....i think they look great
  7. krystal looking at the times you posted did you get any sleep at all? sorry about your bad day yesterday.....we had sleet and snow for a bit but not too bad it was pretty....have a great day...
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