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BeadWorks Beaded Bag Competition: See post #64 .... MY Show Results


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Thank You Everyone for your support. That means a lot to me. I am glad I only have a little over a month to wait for the final results. I really don't expect to win anything, But there is always that little part that hopes. This is a major competition and I am sure there are lots, and lots of beautiful pieces.

Wow!! What a very cool HAND bag!!!! I gotta buy this pattern when it is published and try it out!! I have been wanting to try to make a beaded bag but they look kind of difficult. The hand-bag might be one I would do and and it would be fun doing it and it would be fun actually having one!!!:nworthy

The pattern for the HANDbag is already on my website. Same with Ashley. I try and get the patterns up as quickly as I can once I complete a design.

You can find it here www.crochetnbeads.com

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Well I received an email today that listed all the winners in the Beaded Bag competition.

Guess What. My name was on it.

Apparently my purse HANDbag won an award.


Not sure what it won yet. They listed the winners in alphabetical order, so I quess I have to wait and find out what it won, when they post them in April.

But regardless of if it is only an honorable mention, I am thrilled to get so far in a competition of this caliber.

It will be going to the Bead Expo and be in June/ July issue of the Beadwork Magazine.

So as you can well imagine my feet are not touching the floor.


I will of course update again when I know my final placing........:yes

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Oh Kathy, congratulations on being one of the winners in the beaded purse contest! I can't imagine how you could ever possibly lose any contest that you enter. :think I particularly like the "hand" bag. I just wish I had the skills necessary to make it myself. :(

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:cheer :cheer :cheer :cheer :clap :clap :clap :clap :yay :yay :yay :yay


Your bags are awesome. The HANDbag is especially fun.

I have yet to try beaded crochet. I have been gathering patterns though.



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