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    Married to the love of my life Heather since August 1, 2015
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    Items for my Daughter
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  1. My Score WTD/YTD 0 didn't get any yarn used up this week! I will hopefully get some used next week though
  2. I totally forgot to post my score for last week it was +12, I will just add it to my YTD and make my WTD 0
  3. Another +4 for me, I finished Heather's scarf! I will post pics as soon as I finish it! woo Hoo!
  4. +4 for me from yesterday and today so far
  5. Another +2 for me, it is going to be a big scarf!
  6. I am in, this will give me some motivation to actually crochet more. I love making Baby blankets, I have so many patterns, but I don't have any babies in my home so I will send them to you!
  7. Today is the last day I am going to smoke! I have smoked my last cigarette and I refuse to buy anymore. My son will be very happy and My girlfriend doesn't smoke and she wants me to quit too. So I am not only quitting for myself I am also quitting for them. I will probably need some support though, So I can actually Stay "Quit".
  8. +2 finished another skein on Heather's scarf 3 or 5 to go not sure how many it will take, I have 5 left so we will see
  9. I think stopping on the 31st would be a good idea too
  10. Knitting looms are a lot of fun, thanks for the compliment
  11. I made another scarve, here is a link to the post with pictures http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showpost.php?p=1942215&postcount=5385 As for the Pink Boa Scarf, it was a yarn I purchased at Dollar Tree, just a generic Fun Fur Eyelash Yarn
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