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  1. Well, it's definitely listed, but not available. Ho, hum. Thanks, though!
  2. Every flower BUT daffodils! Thanks, anyway.
  3. Hi everyone, Can anyone help me with a daffodil doily pattern? I thought I had one, but I've been searching, and for the life of me can't find it anywhere. The pattern I saw wasn't filet, but had proper 3-D daffodils all around the outside. I'd appreciate either a link, or a headsup about which publication featured such a pattern to help me go through my books and mags again. Thanks!
  4. Vibey

    Patons Karma Two

    Has anyone made any of the tops out of this book? I'm starting on the Crochet Ballet Top, and already it's looking weird.
  5. Vibey


    Ahhhh! LOVE HIM! "Fuzzy and blue!... Me fuzzy and bluuuuueeeee!"
  6. No offense meant, Elissa, but what ARE you on about? Totoro looks fantastic! I'm a huge fan of the movie and would be overjoyed to receive this.
  7. Good golly, Carol, you're my new hero! From attitude to technique, that's awesome! Thanks. I'll add your books to my list of must-haves.
  8. Great stuff! Love the beautiful bright colours.
  9. Ah! LOVE IT!!! It, and the artwork, too! Must have it. Have you thought about selling the pattern (to us or a crochet magazine)?
  10. Vibey

    Crocheted Sandals

    Ohhhh I love esparilles and I LOVE these! I was going to ask where you got the soles from, but now I see you did those, too! Great job.
  11. It wasn't just set up for the photo shoot because crochet might be seen as a "housewifely" thing to do?
  12. Woweeee! That's beautiful. You'll look so elegant and distinctive.
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