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  1. RoseRed the shawl is so beautiful!!! It will look stunning on you hon!!
  2. Thanks Addey! The little OU in the corner sounds so cool, but i don't think i am talented enough....just ask RoseRed...me and graphs...well let's just say it isn't pretty lol
  3. Hi everyone! Sorry i have been absent most of the summer. This summer has been so busy and i can't believe it's almost time for the kids to start back to school already! First i wanna say i love everyone's afghans!!! I just love this pattern. I have made two in the past and have started my third. You all have chosen very pretty colors, i don't think you can go wrong with this pattern no matter what the colors. Addey....as an AVID OU fan i have to know what colors you used and brand..i gotta, gotta GOTTA make one next. I was suppose to make an OSU (orange and black) one next yuck! for g
  4. I am sooooo excited that this thread is alive again!! I loved making this afghan. I have made two so far and can't wait to start a new one! I will decide on the colors and let you all know. Thanks RoseRed for the heads up! Happy 4th everyone!
  5. I gotta quit reading this thread, it's making me want to start my 3rd one lol. debintmns you will love it!
  6. Hi everyone! Great work on all the RR's! Lisa this is a question for you. I was looking at all your afghans you have made and noticed that you had made quite a few of the gingham ones, they are beautiful! Is there a certain pattern out there for them or book? Or do you just make strips them sew the strips together? Thanks in advance
  7. Here is my round ripple. It is big enought for what i wanted it for, but i may end up putting on another section of all the colors.
  8. Just wanted to tell everyone that their RR's are coming out great! I am on my 36th row and have 9 more rows to go, unless i decide to do one more section. I love doing them, but will have to admit when you get on about the 35th row it seems like it takes FOREVER to get around it lol.
  9. I would like to join please! I am in the middle of a round ripple right now. I am using this pattern: http://www.sewonfire.com/round_ripple_afghan.htm Using a I hook, and RH windsor blue, country blue and aran. I am sure everyone knows this by now, but if you use the same pattern i am using there is a correction for row 3, which is explained in Chrome Kitty's post: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=29245
  10. I look foward to seeing all your doll creations. You are one talented lady!
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