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  1. Thanks, Rachel. Fun pattern!
  2. What a little darling! Thanks for sharing this cutie.
  3. You create so many beautiful designs. I'm delighted to have a chance to try these cute patterns out. My niece just had a baby so the timing is perfect. :2magic
  4. Hi Lou, I hope you were able to finish your blanket. Did you sew binding around the edges? I was going to suggest making your first round of sc edging into the front-loop of the stitches on the blanket ends. Then doing another round of sc as normal. These two rows would have covered up those loose loops. If not, you could have made a third round of sc before beginning your pretty edging pattern. Yes, the loose loops would still be visible on the wrong side of the blanket, but with the yarn edging behind the loops, they would not be noticable. How did it happen? I think that you may have crocheted into the back-loop of your chain when you made your first row. This might be why the loose loops were so loose. For your next project crochet under both of the two top loops in each chain. You could also use a smaller hook if you chain loosely. I need to use a larger hook.
  5. Hi Janie, I'm glad you found this discussion thread at the right time. I agree, Nexstitch videos ROCK! Thanks, Amie.
  6. To all the Crochetville members attending the CGOA Conference I want to wish you all the best. Enjoy all your classes. Have a fabulous time!
  7. Well, it's very good for your second pattern. Have fun with your crochet.
  8. Great dishcloth! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I think you could make this in a smaller size, with an acrylic yarn, and you would have a brilliant tawashi (scrubbie) to go with your dishcloth. Two patterns or a set. Why not add to your pattern?
  9. What a lovely shawl! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Fabulous! I love your little tote bag.
  11. Is this your first crochet pattern? The coasters look bright and cheerful.
  12. Lil Buster is so cute! Thanks for sharing.
  13. I love your pretty flowers! Thanks.
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