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  1. That is a really pretty motif.
  2. What a kind-hearted girl she is! The teacher certainly looks happy with his gift.
  3. amdm

    Easy pattern?

    A cellphone cosy or a Kindle cosy would be quick and useful. You can also make socks on 2 needles. KPC has a pattern that knits up very nicely, and you can enjoy the magic of turning a heel without waiting until you are skilled enough to knit on dpns.
  4. This is a stunning bag, and your workmanship is superb.
  5. Cute and adorable. I love your choice of colours.
  6. Very impressive, and I salute your patience.
  7. Lovely - very pretty and delicate-looking.
  8. Looks very pretty with the hearts.
  9. Very pretty! And they look like a lot of work.
  10. Absolutely amazing! And the most incredible thing is that you made it in just five days!!
  11. What a pretty pattern! And you have made them very nicely,too.
  12. Extremely lovely, your work is exquisite.
  13. Wonderful idea, and very well-made.
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