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  1. The stitch is very pretty, and I love your choice of colours.
  2. I so agree with you about waiting excitedly so see the colour effects. Also about the different results when knitting with the same yarn. I am always looking for ways of using shaded thread appropriately (i.e. ensuring the shading doesn't overwhelm the stitch pattern).
  3. Thanks for the example, I get your point.
  4. I love all the examples posted, and I love working with shaded thread, though I use it judiciously. Actually, I can't think why pooling should be considered bad at all. If you use shaded thread you are bound to get a variety of effects, all interesting. Seeing how it turns out is great fun.Those who don't like unpredictable effects can avoid them by using threads in plain colours, and working in stripes, or to a pattern of their choice.
  5. I have no useful information to add - I just want to say that this is a fascinating thread, and I have really enjoyed reading it.
  6. You are as talented as you are generous in sharing your adorable original patterns.
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