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    Jennifer S.
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    I am married and have 3 dogs, and a daughter
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    crocheting, Listening to audio books (itunes)
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    Special Education Principal
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    I have been crocheting since 2000.
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    Womens clothing and Baby blankets
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  1. Mrs. Principal

    Xbox Controller Graphgan

    You did a great job! I won't show my DH, he already has the XBOX logo graphghan.... he would love this too. Nice work.
  2. Mrs. Principal

    Watermelon Amada

    Your hat is beautiful!
  3. Mrs. Principal

    Time To Relax Granny Throw

    Great color choice!
  4. Mrs. Principal

    Another Divine Hat

    Really pretty. Love the devine hat, I made several as Christmas gifts!
  5. Mrs. Principal

    Kermit laptop cozy

    Super cute! I think he turned out great!
  6. Mrs. Principal

    In memory of a lost angel shawl

    It's really pretty, what beautiful colors.
  7. Mrs. Principal

    Indian Afghan

    Great afghan! Perfect for cuddling under!
  8. Mrs. Principal

    Bobble Alphabet Baby Blanket

    Your blanket looks great! Glad to hear baby Noah is doing better.
  9. Mrs. Principal

    Two Headband Ear Warmers

    They look great! Nice and warm.
  10. Mrs. Principal

    Santa Pillow

    Super cute! I am always looking for Christmas ideas to give as gifts. Santa would be great!
  11. Mrs. Principal

    Cheap and easy ornaments

    Cute idea!
  12. Mrs. Principal

    Kimmie's Baby Blanket

    Really pretty! Baby and new mommy will love it.
  13. Mrs. Principal

    Sunshine On My Shoulders Wrap Pattern

    Very pretty! Your yarn choice and name is perfect!
  14. Mrs. Principal

    Hello from the windy city

    Hi From the western suburbs.
  15. Mrs. Principal

    Moms Christmas Gift 2

    Really great! What a beautiful present!