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  1. FROM INTERWEAVE CROCHET Accessories Has anyone done this. I need help at about line 22. I cannot figure out the text or where it might match up on the partial graphic they provided.
  2. I can see it in my head. I think it was done in white. I cannot find it again on the internet. It may be a baby blanket or a washcloth. So there are rows of double crochets, but every so many dc's there is a different stitch and then the DC's resume. The effect over a couple of rows looks like flowers - tulips? interspersed on the cloth. It is all done in one color. The flowers are not raised, If any one remembers seeing this, and remembers where the pattern is please, please let me know. Thank you
  3. Thank you so much Happy New Year!
  4. Would you please describe the edc. I guess I will bite the bullet and go very slowly. Thanks for your help.
  5. I know that edgings are often done sideways so you can decide how long to make it. But I want to do a picture filet, deer in a field. It would be about 350 blocks wide and 60 tall. I know that typically you would work the pattern as you would look at it. I was wondering if it could be done sideways - rotating the graph 90 degrees and essentially working top to bottom. (Partly because catching mistakes would be oh so less frustrating! - not as much to rip out.) Any ever tried this? how does this affect the look of the piece? Any ideas.
  6. I want to make a blanket in the shape of the Ohio state O which is essentially an octagon with two corresponding sides much longer than the others like this: http://www.sportslogos.net/logo.php?id=fp0eeifoao1nkuk7v0zeuuerf I cannot figure out how to make the longer sides. I have looked for Octagons - all equal sided; I have looked for dishclothes granny style. No luck I could just do a rectangle but I really would like the beveled shaping. Any ideas? Thank you
  7. Thanks to all Should have gone with my instinct but I had a panic moment.
  8. So I waited til the last minute for this gift. Pattern says Chain 54 Row 1: dc in third ch from the hoop and in next 7 chs, ch 2 (don't skip the ch), 12 dc in next 35 chs, ch 2, 15 dc in next 35 chs, ch 2, 12 dc in next 35 chs, ch 2, 7 dc in the last 7 chs. Place 4 markers at ch 2. I do not understand the the next 35 stitches part. Do you think it is a typo? 7 +12+15+12+7 equals the starting chain. (Pattern is called AG Summer Raglan Dress http://www.abc-knitting-patterns.com/1166.html) DOes anyone have AG type doll patterns in Thread or baby yarn - not worsted. Thanks
  9. Does anyone have - know of - patterns Free or For Sale for Christmas Silverware pockets. Herschners has a mitten but the other ones are felt. I guess a mini stocking would work for this idea. But I was looking for a tree or angel. Any ideas?
  10. Sofia

    Scarf With Slit

    Keyhole scarves are great for little ones! I made a keyhole scarf for my 3 yr old grand daughter. We were afraid long ties would get caught in the car. Once she learned to stuff the end thru the whole, she was so proud that she could put her own scarf on. Wound up making some for her friends when their mom's realized how much easier they were than trying to wrap a scarf around a little neck.
  11. Am looking for a pattern that starts with a hexagon (or octagon) lacy type motif but then turns into a rectangle so the finished blanket is a large rectangle. I do not want to do separate motifs. Would like it all in one piece. Any ideas? Thank you
  12. So I would like to make a blanket that starts with a hexagon motif but then gradually becomes a large rectangular blanket. (Hexagon or octagon - either one) Does any one have any hints for how to go about squaring off the hexagon so that it becomes a rectangle?
  13. I so jealous that there seem to be many European magazines devoted to thread crochet - Polish, Moja Robotki, Robotki Reczne, and others, Ukranian, couldn't translate :-) , Spanish, French 1000Mailles..... I see them on the internet and drool. Creative Yarn Source )http://creativeyarnsource.com/) has some of the Spanish ones but I would give a lot to be able get some of the Polish ones. THe quality and designs are lovely. They are all diagrams so not speaking the language is not a barrier. OH well.
  14. I love the yarns and prices from Elann.com the bamboo is great.
  15. Thank you Kim and Cro Julee. That was a quick response! (Of course I guess if you designed the stitch you would know right away what I meant. :-) ) That is exactly the pattern I was looking for. My grand daughter wants a new blanket "with hearts and in purple" -- her words. So I am thinking I would like to try it in purple and white! Thank you again!
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