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    Crochet addict, nurse
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    Crochet, beadwork, cross stitch
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  1. Beautiful. The corners will probably straighten out with washings. I love the primary color choice
  2. Very, very beautiful! I'm impressed with the precision of the joining.
  3. Size 6 or 7 almost always!
  4. Ewwww...I hate picots, too. Did you know what? If you take some beads and put them on your thread, and replace every picot with a pretty bead...it turns out beautiful. AND its much easier!! :hook :hook :hook :hook
  5. Thank you all for your kind comments. I love sharing patterns.
  6. Its beautiful...shortcutted or not!
  7. Very nice yarn, and extra nice work! It's lovely
  8. That's so unique and creative. Excellent job!
  9. Same here, and I'm in NM. I haven't been able to get to CPC since Tuesday.
  10. marymac

    Square Rainbow

    That thing is so straight it almost looks FAKE!! What an excellent job of crocheting!
  11. That's great, I love scrap projects. It looks really big!
  12. I'm am very impressed, although I'm not surprised because you do such beautiful work. I love both bags, and I know that you will do EXCELLENT in the contest! Great job!
  13. I have a job I love, but also love lazy crochet days. However, when I take time off from work, after a week my mind tells me to go back. My body would like to stay at home and just do home things!
  14. Thats the cutest dragon I've ever seen! What an expression! Excellent work!
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