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  1. wow! that is beautiful you are very talented
  2. Hi everyone my name is bri or brianna, call me whichever you like. I used to be a member here, my user name was bricrochets. I have missed this community so much, so much has happened since i was last active here. I hope i can stay active like i used to be. I am so glad to be back
  3. Anyone know where i can find Syndee pillow dolls? I would really appreciate any and all help
  4. I have frogged two previous rr's before this and finally decided to use Aggie May's pattern. so far so good but its not laying very flat. i have to press it done and flatten it out. Is that normal? Heres what i have so far Sorry about the table,It's my craft table so its speckled with paint
  5. I GOT MY PACKAGE! Thank you sooooooo much Candi!!!!! I love EVERYTHING! You are such a great partner! I especially love the bear door stop!! She is gorgeous The Wonderful package included: Pink Glitter lava lamp night light Pack of cute pastel buttons Pink Conversation Buttons Pink Photo Album Pink Bookmark 4 Cute Pens Pink Notebook Gorgeous Bear Doorstop 3 skeins of Bernat LuLu in YoYo Yellow 1 skein of Lion Brand Baby Soft in Carousel 1 skein of Sugar n Cream in Playtime 2 skeins of Lion Brand Suede in Rose 2 skeins of Lion Brand Suede in Mountain Top 1 Ball Of South Maid Pink thread 2 spools of Pink Ribbon And a cute card! Thank you so much, Candi!!!!!
  6. Lots of People make dolls to cover them (i do). There are lots of patterns out there, it used a really simple pattern the first time, but once i got to the slip i got confused so i just made it up the way i thought would work. So now i just modify it the way i want it. http://www.creativehands.com/dofun/dollsbears/crochet_projects.asp There are some patterns there, i used the girl in yellow dress, though i didnt follow the whole pattern, just the Bodice and the skirt.
  7. Ohhh im super excited! I now have two things to look forward to, the package and my nephew( he's late, my SIL's EDD was yesterday!) This swap was is so much fun
  8. there all so cute! great job There was an episode of the "Pup Named Scooby Doo" with a ghost with a hat
  9. Thank you ladies so much! I really appreciate it, i plan to make many charity items.
  10. I've always wanted to crochet for charity,but my parents were smokers so i couldn't. My mom has quit smoking and no one is allowed to smoke in the house. I was wondering, would i be able to crochet for charity or would it not be acceptable? I would use new yarn and everything. Also i have pets, is that also not acceptable? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. Candi, you can start stalking your mail man now!
  12. ibinitch

    My first Amigurumi

    I finally was about to make amigurumi! i am very proud of myself even though it doesn't look to great but i thought i would post anyway Her name is Pinkie, i just made her up, no pattern and no plans for a pattern as i probably never be able to recreate her again as i didn't take any notes!( i know how horrible of me lol)
  13. That outfit is so adorable, now if i could only figure out how to crochet Amigurumi! i just cant figure it out, maybe i will try again later tonight hmmmm... Thanks for sharing!
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