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    wish it was crafting or pc gaming
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    short term projects cause I seem to always have 3 going same time and one idea in my head.
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    about 20 years but only learned how to read pattern about 2 years ago
  1. I voted other, because I really like to see more patterns for mens slippers. Patterns for men are the hardest thing on the planet to find, I have one I like that looks like a mosican but men need more patterns... Best of luck to you
  2. I have made a couple of these I have a red one now. The pattern is a nice one. I put a folding sicssors and a darning needle and all my favorites, Its great for the travel. I have all the other stuff supplies in a little box. Plus there are hooks everywhere in projects waiting to be really done. Here is the pattern link: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/lffunt/alhookcase.htm
  3. I crochet in the car, I can't stand long car rides and always organize a project, that is mindless for the trip. It relaxes me.
  4. Hello, I had the cutest pattern got off the net years ago, I can't find it. I have searched the net. Maybe someone knows about this one Its really a simple little thing, was free and, anyhoo just thought I'd throw it out there maybe someone can help find or has it. They look like this when done. The orginal pattern had just a white string around with white slipper. An oldie but goodie.
  5. Yes, me too I have it. There are 2 projects that are mindless I do at eve, while watching T.V. There are 2 almost done in stash. There is one to be started. Then I started making crochet hooks, I bought a couple patterns, last couple days, I bought and started things I can't figure out so they got Xed off the list. Iam obsessing over a stupid pattern I really liked so I went though all my stuff looking for it and, think I gave it away. Everything I do has something to do with crochet. On the net or in the house or whatever. Then yeah Im always thinking about the next project while Im doing the project. Oh yeah and...... I bought new container bin today at Walmart they have really nice big colorfull ones for like 7bucks.. I should be getting to that organizing again.... still sitting here reading the ville ... hour now Lol
  6. I think average is about 22". Here is link for chart. http://www.thehatsite.com/measuring.html Here is link for a mannequin I bought and she measures 22", I use her for my hats, I did have to get wigs seprately but works very well. http://www.buystorefixtures.com/pages/store/skudetail.nhtml?profile=displayforms&uid=10840&returnURL=http%3A//www.buystorefixtures.com/displayforms Hope that helps
  7. That is so beautifull!:cheerI don't have any rose bushes but now sure wish I did. I did not know the rose bush branches smell too wow. I love the bark at the end too.
  8. Thanks again, EVERYONE! I ask Jimbo would it be ok I should put the link here for his orginal, Make a Jimbo Hook. He wrote this: Absolutely! I also wrote an article for Craft with a very similar tutorial for those who'd like a hard copy handy. Its at page 130 of "Craft: transforming traditional crafts" volume 4. I'm happy to help crochetiers make their own hooks. As you know its a really rewarding experience. And if you use wood that has special meaning, well it almost becomes a religious experince. Jimbo Here is that link: http://jimbosfrontporch.blogspot.com/2006/08/hook-in-progress-gone-to-crick-be-back.html To answer some question for everyone,The pattern for the shawl is here: http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=87&d_id=5〈=us The yarn is Patons SWS the color is Natural Crimson, I think the hook that I made and using is like a size I or so.. I haven't learned how to make size of hook yet. The yarn is so beautifull for this project. The colors graduate so gracefully. I use 2 balls for the project, with H and I hook. As I did the project before here below is the photo of the first one. The stitch is called the lover's knot or Soloman's knot. That one was my first one: This one with the handmade hook is almost done My hook I think is like size I that I made. ANTHRILLIEL: Thank you, I used the tools below to make the hook, Im calling them girl tools for now. I made a 45 degree cut first with my handy dandy serrated paring knife from my kitchen. Then sand paper with tape on the back (per Jimbo sugestion) so that I could roll and or fold a tiny tiney strip of sand paper to start working on the curve of the hook. When I have that pretty ok then I widdle off some of the top and start sanding that the shape of hook head. As you can see by tools below I used some emery boards as well they are very helpfull. I read Jimbo tutorial was great (link above) I got out a hook and started study it while I widdle, sand , etc. you have to shape your hook and everything litlle by little it is alot of sanding and shaping. It is very relaxing like crochet. CAROVAN: Thank-you, and I think the hook is size I or so. I did teach daughter to crochet and boy she took like duck to water. She also talked of me leaving a legacy, So I really only thought of this whole Idea of the hook and the project on friday. My other daughter she is a quilter. Yes, she will be very excited I did the hook. I'm very proud too. SAKURASKU: Thank you, hope you do get out that hook and get started, you'll really enjoy it. SPRAT605: Thank you, also and my huband thought I nuts too... But now he gets it.... Plus I think he knows that everytime I start a new project it cost him money...lol The pattern is above and the info for the stitches. Well, today I bought a woodburner pen type thing. oh my god she's going to attempt to....... I had a cupon.., I listen the voices in my head, they are always getting me in trouble.. lol Have great day or eve..
  9. :tyIam so way happy. I really better get back to the crochet part of the project. Have a great eve!
  10. I had written a pm to Jimbo asking advice, He sugested that the advice might be good for all here, so I will copy paste and add my finished project. Quote: Originally Posted by justwantacraft Hello Jimbo, first of all your hooks are amazingly beautiful, And you have inspired me to try a hand at this my self so all day long I been at it widdle'in a chopstick. Its wonderfull how its turning out well this is my like 3rd try but hey, Iam becoming proud of this effort. So my question is this: I have some natural bee's wax coming a small amount in the mail and I have some stain, well its a stain pen for wood. So if I decide to, should I stain and sand and stain then wax and wax. Oh I should mention I have some chops sticks that are white birtch and this one I think is bambo...that Im working on. This is going to be a gift. What Im planing to do is when I get the hook done (lots more sanding to do) then I am going to make my daughter a shawl with the hook and then give her the shawl and the hook for birthday. I think its great so excited. But if I decide to do any stain or wax. I wanted to ask you first. Thanks so very much for your time. I will surely post a picture when I get the project done. Maria His reply: Re: crochet hook advice You know, it might be informative to other whittlers to have this info made public in the Ville, if you wouldn't mind repeating the question there. But if you do, please pm me so i'll know the post is there and not miss it. Anyways, here's what i recommend. I personally don't use stains on any of my hooks, ever. But that's not to say that you can't. If you want to use a stain or dye, be sure you apply it before you apply beeswax... the stain won't absorb well through the wax. Sand, Stain, then your Beeswax. Note that some woods, Birch being one, are notorious for taking stain unevenly. So if you want to stain a blotchy prone wood like Birch (or Cherry's one that likes to blotch too), I'd suggest you apply a sanding sealer before staining. I don't use Beeswax anymore. I used to, but have found that poly-oil finishes give a harder more durable surface for some of the softer woods such as birch. The trick with either one is to rub it on till your rag gets hot. The heat, i've found causes the finish to absorb more deeply into the grain and the finish becomes VERY smooth. Hope that answers your questions. Good luck with the whittling! Jimbo my reply: Thanks so very much for the advice Jimbo, I have finished the hook and just wanted to get started with the project. So there is no stain on this one or anything. It is the white birtch wood and very soft. I have to try at many more to get the hook shape that I like the best. It is very rewarding to do it. I recomend every crocheter to try one. Feels great to make a project with the hook you also made. The hook is sorta on the square side and very lite. This yarn is amazing soft and beautiful.
  11. Thanks for your helping out darski.
  12. I have made a bunch of thoes for xmas gifts one year they were fantastic! And people still talking how much they love they I have some too and they so sturdy and wash wonderfull. I made my hanger by chaining about 15 then turned and slip stitched 15 in the chain to make it thicker and with the loose threads sewed together for loop and then sewed inside the corner before you complete the potholder.
  13. Do you have any of thoes bridge threaders around from the dentist? they would work much like a needle or to help you thread yours. I use them to thread beads when I crochet with beads they are great, better than a bead threader.
  14. Thanks your quick response I found a picture of it here the slippers are in the middle, yes I do understand about following directions of pattern is written for child and adult is in () like chain 6 (10), and so on like small med and large... well let me put the picture for U k and thanks for looking and the offer of your help http://www.e-patternscentral.com/detail.html?prod_id=3735&cat_id=2&classification_id=B
  15. Hello, I bought this pattern from e pattern central this morning. Got to be a missprint or my brain damage because I can't figure out what the person is trying to say here. I know the stitches and can read most patterns if they are step by step. The pattern is a Post Stitch Slippers # 877515 is the pattern number and the title of is Gifts to make in a day 33 projects. Row 2 is just a mess to me, and when follow in {} for adult size does that meaning only do what is written in the {} of pattern for row 2. Maybe someone else bought it? I know the fpdc I can see in the pattern what shape things should take should be pretty simple huh? I will be so gratefull if someone helps for sure. Also I did go looking for pattern corrections did not find any.
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