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  1. DEMET

    Between Meal Centerpiece

    Looks wonderful!
  2. DEMET

    Filet Table Runner

    This is very good looking work and pattern!
  3. DEMET

    Springtime Doily

    Very nice looking!
  4. DEMET

    Again Standard of Excellence for my C Ne 50 doilies

    Congratulations, all of your doilies are excellent!
  5. DEMET

    Vintage Pineapple doily

    Very pretty, super work as always ~~~ Demet
  6. DEMET

    Two Gütermann sewing thread doilies in aqua

    Both are beautiful~ Demet
  7. DEMET

    Sirius Doily

    Very pretty, as always~~ Demet
  8. DEMET

    My latest two doilies

    They both are very good looking~~~ Demet
  9. DEMET

    My work so far

    Very pretty~ Demet
  10. DEMET

    Filet Name Doily

    I always like these, yours is realy nice~ Demet
  11. DEMET

    Two doilies made with Guetermann sewing thread C Ne 50

    Both are very pretty~ Demet
  12. DEMET

    Butterfly Doily

    Very pretty, ~~~ Demet
  13. DEMET

    Daisy doily

    Very good one, ~~ Demet
  14. DEMET

    Oval doily

    Very nice~ Demet
  15. DEMET

    12 of my smallest doilies

    They are fabulous~ Demet
  16. DEMET

    Eye catching doilies

    They are very pretty, first one is my fav. too~ Demet
  17. DEMET

    Medium size doilies

    They are very nice looking~ Demet
  18. DEMET

    Peacock (filet crochet)

    It is fantastic~ Demet
  19. DEMET

    Motiv crochet

    These are very nice, I love them all~~ Demet
  20. DEMET

    Green doily

    Very pretty ~ Demet
  21. DEMET

    Nesting Birds

    Very pretty~ Demet
  22. DEMET

    Spiderweb Table Runner

    Very pretty, fantastic work~~~ Demet
  23. DEMET

    Five more doilies...

    All are very pretty ~~~ Demet
  24. DEMET

    Spring Flower Doily

    Very pretty doily, great job ~~ Demet