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  1. That is a really pretty motif.
  2. What a kind-hearted girl she is! The teacher certainly looks happy with his gift.
  3. amdm

    Easy pattern?

    A cellphone cosy or a Kindle cosy would be quick and useful. You can also make socks on 2 needles. KPC has a pattern that knits up very nicely, and you can enjoy the magic of turning a heel without waiting until you are skilled enough to knit on dpns.
  4. This is a stunning bag, and your workmanship is superb.
  5. Cute and adorable. I love your choice of colours.
  6. Very impressive, and I salute your patience.
  7. Lovely - very pretty and delicate-looking.
  8. Looks very pretty with the hearts.
  9. Very pretty! And they look like a lot of work.
  10. amdm

    Dragon Fly and Bobbles

    Absolutely amazing! And the most incredible thing is that you made it in just five days!!
  11. What a pretty pattern! And you have made them very nicely,too.
  12. amdm

    New Doilies

    Extremely lovely, your work is exquisite.
  13. Wonderful idea, and very well-made.
  14. If you want a portable project you have to be prepared to join the squares together by some means, sewing or crochet (though join-as-you-go is much less irritating than sewing). If you don't need it to be portable, it is quite easy to avoid all seams.
  15. It is absolutely stunning, and well worth the hard work you put into it.
  16. I made one with thread ( 2 strands held together), and am quite happy with it. No fuzzy bits in thread.
  17. Very cute cushion, and I love your choice of colours.
  18. amdm

    Footstool Cover

    What a good idea, and looks nice and bright and cheerful.
  19. Absolutely beautiful! And looks like a lot of work.
  20. They are adorable, and beautifully made.
  21. Your work is just stunning!
  22. Very pretty pattern, and the colour is lovely.
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