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  1. It's like cycling or swimming...you can't forget how to hook perfectly! And somehow my thread stuff is always neater than my yarn stuff, possibly a question of Lilliputism...Gulliver thought the Lilliputians were perfectly formed and that the Brobdingnabians were horrible, because the latter were blown up to a huge size, thus exaggerating their blemishes, while the former were too small to see in detail.
  2. Nice! How much of the yarn did you use?
  3. Got it! As far as I can make out, you can order this particular magazine for 110 roubles (inclusive of postage, I think) here: http://news.knitting-info.ru/store/magazines/duplet/783/order This page shows you all the patterns in the issue: http://news.knitting-info.ru/lib/mag_knit/rus/dpl/2006/73 (click on 2 and 3 below the pictures to see other patterns in the magazine) On the order form, these are the details you need to fill Country Surname Name City Postal address with zip (pin) code Telephone Email You could write an enquiry into the box below that. They say you can mention how many copies you want, how you'd prefer to pay and any other queries. Happy hunting!
  4. If you click through, there is a page listing all the magazines available. This one: http://news.knitting-info.ru/store/magazines For example, when you click on Diana Kreativ on that list, you are taken to this form: http://news.knitting-info.ru/store/magazines/kreativ/278/order It is an email form and not where you can pay and buy directly. I am sure if you mail them in English, they will respond. Of course, to find the exact pattern you are looking for, you might have to browse through all the magazines. You could also specify the URL of that picture and ask for more information. I hope this helps!
  5. swapnae

    Cocoon sweater

    Kimela, the rectangle has two short sides and two long ones, right? Fold the rectangle in half so that the short sides are folded in half. Now you have a rectangle which is the same length as your original one, but is half the height of it. Now you start sewing the ends together along the length, such that a tube starts appearing. Stop sewing when the tube is as long as you want your sleeve to be. Start sewing up a tube on the other side, so now you have your two sleeves. The area which is left open is your neckline, and where you will start going around in rounds for your lapels and collar. I hope that makes sense....
  6. swapnae

    UK knitting sites

    Here's the UK site of Coats: http://www.coatscrafts.co.uk/Crafts/Knitting/Projects/ Googling for more...wait, www.magknits.com is a UK-based webzine, I think. Then there is Yarn Forward, if I remember correctly. Yes, Yarn Forward has a few patterns: http://www.yarnforward.com/freestf.html There is also a magazine called Yarn Forward which has one pattern: http://yarnforwardmagazine.co.uk/freepatterns.htm
  7. swapnae

    Chart help

    It's done! The doily is up on Show-and-Tell! Thank you all so much for your help
  8. This was the doily whose chart I had a problem with last week. A very unusual shape and a nice pattern. From Burda Handicraft Series, Vol1 No3, Crochet Lace. More details on my blog. I can't thank Nightowl, magiccrochetfan and sherryzz enough for helping me figure out the last couple of rows:hug
  9. There is an ebay auction with this pattern: http://cgi.ebay.com/36-VINTAGE-CROCHET-PATTERN-BOOKS-HOUSE-MIXED-NR_W0QQitemZ110126166370QQihZ001QQcategoryZ41234QQcmdZViewItem
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